Rabbit Adoption – Top 7 Rabbit Rescues in Los Angeles! (2024) 


Pet rabbits are intelligent creatures who show affection and add value to any home. These adorable animals are popular as first pets but require training, space, and care.

Unfortunately, rabbit parents don’t often realize their pets can live for over ten years and must surrender the animal to someone who can provide better care over the long term. 

People who adopt rabbits open spaces in shelters so rabbit rescue centers can continue doing the work of caring for animals in need. 

If you’re committed to caring for a fluffy friend by adopting or fostering a rabbit, hop over to one of these top seven rabbit rescues in Los Angeles.

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Why Do Rabbits End up in Shelters?


Pet rabbits often end up in shelters because their owners neglect their needs or because someone rescues them from the wild. However, there are many reasons why rabbits end up in shelters, including the following: 

  • The animal displays aggressive behavior
  • Owner moves
  • Owner loses interest
  • Cage maintenance is too much 
  • The pet rabbit gives birth 
  • Abuse and abandonment 

Small and exotic animals, like pet rabbits, are called pocket pets. However, the recent popularity of owning a pocket pet has influenced the levels of small animals, like rabbits, needing a rescue home. 

Top 7 Rabbit Rescues in Los Angeles


Rabbits are amazing creatures that will provide companionship for over a decade. However, pet rabbits are bred by humans, not from natural selection, making them dependent on humans to survive.

When an owner surrenders a pet rabbit, it cannot be released to the wild because it hasn’t developed survival instincts. 

During the global pandemic, many people accepted new pets into their homes. However, now that big cities like Los Angeles are returning to the office, the number of rabbits and pets needing adoption is skyrocketing. 

Rabbit adoption is a solution that provides rescued and surrendered pet rabbits with a happy home.

All of these rabbit rescues in Los Angeles screen adoptive pet parents to ensure you have the space and understand the care requirements for your new furry friend. 

If you’re interested in adopting or fostering a pet rabbit, check out these seven amazing rabbit rescues in Los Angels. Each location listed below has adoptable rabbits that deserve the care and attention you can provide. 

1. Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation


The Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation is one of the best places to adopt rabbits in Los Angeles. This rescue center focuses its efforts on educating the public about animal care, spaying and neutering animals, and engaging the community in volunteer projects. 

Anyone interested in bringing a rescue rabbit home can submit an online adoption application form to begin the adoption process. The LA Rabbit Foundation also has a fostering program for those who can provide short-term rabbit care. 

The Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation has a variety of rabbit breeds, bonded pairs, and single rabbits available for adoption. All rabbits are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and litter-trained before finding a forever home. 

Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation Details:

2. Bunny World Foundation


Bunny World Foundation is a volunteer-based organization committed to rescuing rabbits and finding them loving homes since 2008.

This animal rescue center works hard to combat animal cruelty, exploitation, and illegal animal sales in LA. Since its founding, the Bunny World Foundation has rescued and rehomed more than 9,000 rabbits. 

The Bunny World Foundation offers rabbit adoption and fostering for interested pet parents. Adoptive parents must first undergo a screening process that includes home visits and follow-up appointments. 

This rabbit rescue center in LA hosts adoption events instead of allowing walk-ins. Visits are by appointment only, and adoptions are first come, first served.

Bunny World Foundation Details:

3. BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center


BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center is an amazing animal rescue center in North Hollywood.

The BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource began rescuing rabbits into their no-kill facility in 1996. As of 2015, this impressive animal sanctuary joined forces with the House Rabbit Society serving as their LA chapter.  

Anyone interested in adopting rabbits from the BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center must first download and complete the rabbit adoption form.

After getting in touch, someone from the shelter will visit your property to ensure you have the proper space and discuss ways to bunny-proof the place. 

Interested pet parents can adopt single rabbits, bonded pairs, or trios of rabbits. 

BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center Details:

4. Rabbit Rescue Inc.


Rabbit Rescue Inc. is one of the amazing rabbit rescue centers in Los Angeles. Volunteers rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome adorable bunnies in this no-kill shelter. 

Head to the Rabbit Rescue Inc. official website to browse the many adoptable rabbits they have available.

Next, fill out the adoption form and email it to [email protected]. A friendly staff member will get in touch with the next steps and schedule a site visit. Site visits are by appointment only. 

Rabbit Rescue Inc. also offers boarding options for pet parents who need someone they trust to pet-sit their furry friend. 

Animal lovers who aren’t ready to commit to long-term rabbit care can sponsor a rabbit to help pay for necessary medical supplies and food. 

Rabbit Rescue Inc. Details:

5. South LA Animal Shelter


The South LA Animal Shelter is one of the many LA Animal Shelter locations where interested pet parents can adopt rabbits. 

This professional animal shelter finds forever and foster homes for dogs, cats, and small pets like rabbits and rodents.

The South LA Animal Shelter accepts surrendered bunnies, provides affordable spaying and neutering services, and rescues lost pets. 

People interested in rabbit adoptions can search through adoptable rabbits and filter the results based on gender, size, care needs, and more. After finding the rabbit you want, make an appointment to start the adoption or fostering process.

The South LA Animal Shelter’s website has resource guides for different pets, information about rabbit care, and volunteer opportunities available to all animal lovers. 

South LA Animal Shelter Details:

6. PetSave Foundation 


The PetSave Foundation is a no-kill organization that has been rescuing rabbits in Los Angeles since 2000. This rabbit rescue center dedicates itself to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming bunnies in California. 

Interested rabbit owners must complete the adoption application and answer questions about their experience with rabbit care, home environment, and bunny enclosure areas.

All rabbits from this rescue center are spayed or neutered before arriving at their forever home to help slow down the over-breeding of these magnificent animals. 

Alongside rabbit adoption, PetSave offers community service hours to high school kids for an animal care experience that also looks great on a college application. 

Animal lovers who want to help rescue rabbits without bringing one home can offer their time as a volunteer, donate supplies, or donate money. 

PetSave Foundation Details:

  • Location: 14009 S. Crenshaw Boulevard #C, Hawthorne, CA 90250
  • Phone Number: 310-349-0310
  • Website: PetSave Foundation

7. Bunny Bunch 


Bunny Bunch is an incredible small animal and rabbit rescue center with two locations in California, in the Mont Claire and Orange County areas.

This animal rescue shelter focuses on recusing chinchillas, guinea pigs, and rabbits and placing them into caring homes. 

Anyone interested in adopting a rabbit from Bunny Bunch must complete the adoption form and screening process.

Keep in mind that while many rabbit rescues require owners to be at least 18, Bunny Bunch requires adoptive pet parents to be over the age of 21. 

Bunny Bunch Details:

Conclusion For “Rabbit Adoption – Top Rabbit Rescues in Los Angeles!”


Enjoy the company of a pet rabbit by adopting rabbits from a rescue shelter. Head to any of these amazing rabbit rescues in LA, where they make adopting rabbits a fun experience. 

If you’re ready to take the leap and adopt a pet rabbit, ensure you have the proper space for rabbits to hop around happily and are prepared to care for your new friend for over ten years.

Then, head to one of these top seven rabbit rescues in Los Angeles and begin the adoption process; you and your pet rabbit will be glad you did! 

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