10 Best Rabbit Rescues in Pennsylvania (PA)! (2024) 


If you live in Pennsylvania and would like to adopt a rabbit, a rabbit rescue is the best place to start. There are several rabbit rescues in Pennsylvania to choose from, and chances are, the perfect companion might be waiting for you at one of them. 

Rabbits are intelligent animals that can make excellent pets, but they require a lot of time and work. So before you contact any of these rabbit rescues in Pennsylvania, ensure you have the means to care for these high-maintenance pets. 

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Why Do Rabbits End Up in Rescues? 


There are several reasons why rabbits often end up at rescues. One of the most common reasons is their owners struggled to care for them.

Many people adopt rabbits believing they are low-maintenance pets, and upon realizing how much work they are, they decide to surrender them to a shelter. 

Other common reasons rabbits end up in shelters include: 

  • Accidental litters 
  • Caring for them was too expensive 
  • Behavioral issues 
  • The owner moved to a new home 
  • The owner passed away 

Regardless of why they’re in a rescue, rabbits deserve to live in loving homes. So if you believe they might be a good pet for you, consider meeting some adoptable rabbits at these rabbit rescues in Pennsylvania. 

The Top 10 Rabbit Rescues in Pennsylvania (PA) 


One of the essential parts of adopting a rabbit is choosing a trustworthy rescue. Adopting from a reputable source can help ensure you get a healthy rabbit.

Additionally, when you give money to trustworthy rescues, you can help their staff better care for the animals under their care. 

Here are ten of the best places to adopt rabbits in Pennsylvania. 

1. Erie Area Rabbit Society & Rescue 


Since 2014, Erie Area Rabbit Society & Rescue (EARS) has been working to provide homes for stray or abandoned rabbits in Northwestern Pennsylvania. They rehabilitate sick and injured rabbits and help them find safe, loving homes. 

Adopting a rabbit through their service is pretty easy; all you need to do is fill out an application and make an appointment to visit their adoptable rabbits. 

EARS offers helpful services for rabbit owners, such as overnight boarding and spa days. And if you’re having trouble getting your hands on some fresh hay or pellets, they can provide those for a small donation as well. 

Erie Area Rabbit Society & Rescue Details: 

2. Bunny Hops Farm 


Bunny Hops Farm in Western Pennsylvania provides many helpful services for rabbit owners. If you’d like to learn how to take better care of your rescue rabbit, consider joining their hands-on educational program.

Additionally, you can take your rabbits to this farm for grooming or nail trimming services. 

If you’re interested in any of their adoptable rabbits, you can message Bunny Hops Farm on their Facebook page or give them a phone call. 

Bunny Hops Farm Details: 

  • Location: Pittsfield, Pennsylvania 
  • Phone Number: 814-406-5626 
  • Website: Bunny Hops Farm 

3. Bunny People 


Founded in 1992, Bunny People is a non-profit rabbit rescue center in Pennsylvania. They’re a no-kill shelter that helps foster sick rabbits back to health. They neuter all rabbits before finding new homes, so you won’t have to worry about unexpected baby bunnies. 

The staff at Bunny People can help you determine which of their rescue rabbits are the best fit for you. Each rabbit has a unique personality, so whether you’d prefer a relaxed rabbit or one with endless energy, Bunny People can help you find the perfect match. 

Bunny People Details: 

  • Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 
  • Phone Number: 717-469-0125 
  • Website: The Bunny People 

4. Trailways to Heaven Animal Rescue 


Trailways to Heaven Animal Rescue is a shelter that accepts several types of domestic animals, including rabbits. Every animal in their shelter receives neutering, vaccinations, and microchips before they’re up for adoption. 

To check whether this rescue has any rabbits up for adoption, you can send them a message on their contact page. Or, you can simply stop by when they’re open and see what animals are currently available. 

Trailways to Heaven Animal Rescue Details: 

5. House Rabbit Society 


The House Rabbit Society is a rescue that helps rabbits find forever homes and educates the public on rabbit care.

They prioritize sending rabbits to safe homes, so there are specific guidelines you’ll need to meet before the House Rabbit Society accepts your application. 

They provide plenty of services for rabbits, such as grooming and overnight boarding.

When you visit their shelter, you can shop at their L.L. Bun Shop for some rabbit care supplies. All proceeds go toward supplies and medical care for the rabbits under their care. 

House Rabbit Society Details: 

6. PAWSibilities Animal Rescue 


While it has a reputation for being a cat rescue service, PAWSibilities frequently takes in abandoned rabbits who need new homes. If you’re looking for a place to adopt rabbits, consider contacting the PAWSibilities staff online or over the phone.

Alternatively, you can visit their shelter to see what animals are available. 

Even after adopting rabbits from PAWSibilities, you can come back for some of their helpful services.

For instance, you can take your rabbit to this center for grooming or nail trimming. They also host birthday parties, which could be a fun idea for animal-loving children. 

PAWSibilities Animal Rescue Details: 

7. Peaceable Kingdom 


The Peaceable Kingdom is a no-kill shelter that’s been helping animals find homes since 1998. Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and rabbits are all available for adoption at this rescue center. 

The Peaceable Kingdom helps provide affordable neutering and other veterinary care for your rabbit. So if you’re interested in rabbit adoption but are struggling with a tight budget, Peaceable Kingdom may be the perfect rescue rabbit service for you. 

Peaceable Kingdom Details: 

8. Bunny Brigade Inc.  


Bunny Brigade Inc. is a non-profit rabbit adoption center in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Their staff can help match you with a rabbit compatible with your lifestyle and personality.

Every rabbit is unique, so there’s a good chance at least one of the options in their shelter will click with you. 

If you’d like to take home one of their rescue rabbits, you’ll need to fill out a pre-screening application online. Once they approve it, a staff member will contact you with more information about the adoption process. 

Bunny Brigade Inc. Details: 

  • Location: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 
  • Phone Number: 570-231-4084 
  • Website: Bunny Brigade PA 

9. Berks Animal Rescue League 


Berks Animal Rescue League has been serving the Berks County community since 1952. Their service provides a variety of animals who need homes, often including rabbits.

Contact Berks Animal Rescue League over the phone or head over for a visit to check whether they have any rabbits available. 

All rabbits you adopt at their shelter receive vaccinations, neutering, and microchips before you take them home. Their adoption process is relatively simple and does not require any complicated applications.

Additionally, their staff can consider the needs and personalities of the rabbits in their shelter to help you find a rabbit that’s compatible with you. 

Berks Animal Rescue League Details: 

  • Location: Birdsboro, Pennsylvania 
  • Phone Number: 610-373-8830 
  • Website: Berks ARL 

10. Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh 


If you’re planning on rescuing rabbits in the Pittsburgh area, the Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh is a perfect place to start. They’re one of the largest animal rescue centers in Pennsylvania, so you will have a lot of options to choose from. 

Humane Animal Rescue’s team of adoption counselors can introduce you to their adoptable rabbits and help you determine which one is the perfect match for you.

If you’d like to adopt a rabbit from this rescue, you can walk in while they’re open or send them an email to schedule an appointment. 

Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh Details: 

Conclusion For “Rabbit Rescues in Pennsylvania”


With so many adorable rabbits to choose from, you may feel eager to bring a furry friend home today. But before you start the adoption process, you should ensure that you have everything you need to care for a rabbit. 

Rabbits need a spacious enclosure, plenty of food, and frequent vet visits. They’re very social animals, so they will need a lot of time and affection.

You should also consider getting two rabbits—keeping multiple rabbits may be extra work, but it can prevent them from getting lonely when you’re unable to give them attention. 

Adopting rabbits from a reliable source is essential, too. Fortunately, when you’re searching for a new pet rabbit in Pennsylvania, you have a lot of trustworthy rabbit rescues to choose from.

So if you’re ready to adopt a new pet, consider visiting one of these rabbit rescues in Pennsylvania. 

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