The 10 Best Horse Rescues in Pennsylvania (PA)! (2024)


Many young children yen for a horse of their own. Horses are noble animals and one of mankind’s best friends.

However, horse owners often find themselves no longer desiring the animal anymore due to a variety of factors. When that happens, they need to turn to a horse rescue nearby to put the horse up for adoption.

If you live in the Keystone state and are looking for a new horse to add to your family, we will show you some of the finest horse rescues in Pennsylvania.

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Why Do Horses Need Rescuing?


Owners give their horses up for adoption for several reasons, including:

  • Lack of desire to care for the horse
  • Lack of money to properly care for the animal
  • Lack of space for the pet to live outdoors

While horses are a popular pet idea for young children, many of them do not realize the difficulties involved with caring for a pony. Owners need to give a horse plenty of attention and care throughout the animal’s life.

Many new owners are not prepared for this investment and decide to abandon the horse and put it up for adoption.

Horses are incredibly expensive to take care of and house. If a family has a horse and their financial situation changes dramatically, it may no longer be tenable to care for the animal anymore.

In these situations, the family is left with no choice but to give the horse up for adoption.

Unlike dogs and cats that can live inside most houses, horses require plenty of room to run around and live. If a family has to move to a city or another house without adequate outdoor space, they may not be able to keep their equestrian friend.

The 10 Best Horse Rescues in Pennsylvania


We will list some of the best places where you can find a horse for adoption in the beautiful Keystone state.

1. All Animal Protection, Inc.


All Animal Protection, Inc. began its life as a horse rescue but has also expanded its service to taking care of cats and dogs as well.

Regardless of the group’s expanded view, it continues to house horses and find new homes for them in the Armstrong County area.

The group does not take in unwanted animals but rather rescues animals from neglect and abuse.

All Animal Protection, Inc. has served its community for several years and strives to increase the public’s understanding of horses and how owners mistreat them.

All Animal Protection, Inc. is always looking for volunteers and funds to keep its services operational.

All Animal Protection, Inc. Details:

2. Bright Futures Farm


Located in Venango County, Bright Futures Farm has served its community as a 501(c)(3) charity since the dawn of the new millennium.

Not only does the rescue attempt to rehome horses with new owners, but they also take care of disabled or elderly horses and see them through the final stages of life.

The charity also hosts regular events to showcase its horses and encourage adoption from locals.

The Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance has accredited Bright Futures Farm, and the charity typically takes in racehorses who no longer participate in the sport.

If you are looking for a racehorse who gave it its all on the track and now needs a new life, this is a quality rescue to check out.

Bright Futures Farm Details:

3. Second Chance Equine Association


Getting horses out of life-threatening situations is the name of the game for the Second Chance Equine Association.

The association rescues horses from neglectful or abusive situations to nurse them back to health and help them find a new owner and lease on life.

In addition to rescuing horses from abuse, the organization strives to educate the public about proper equestrian care and how horses differ from other animals.

Second Chance Equine Association sells memberships that help keep the lights on and give benefits.

If you are looking to adopt a horse in western Pennsylvania, Second Chance Equine Association is a worthy organization to look toward.

Second Chance Equine Association Details:

4. Bigfoot Horse Rescue


It is easy to focus on larger rescues in the state, but smaller ones are important as well, such as Bigfoot Horse Rescue.

Though a relatively small operation, it serves the western and central Pennsylvania areas and regularly runs events and promotions.

If you want to help take care of equestrian pets in rural Pennsylvania, Bigfoot Horse Rescue is an excellent place to find a horse or donate.

Bigfoot Horse Rescue Details:

5. Last Chance Ranch


Last Chance Ranch hosts a bevy of animals for adoption including dogs, cats, birds, and guinea pigs. But one of its most common rescues is horses, and they regularly take in unwanted, neglected, or abused horses into the group’s care.

Aside from helping house horses and running adoption events, the ranch runs several activities to aid the pet owners of the community.

It hosts drives to get animals vaccinated and showcases the animals in its care with frequent parades and other events.

Last Chance Ranch is one of the premiere charities to find a horse for adoption in the eastern part of Pennsylvania.

Last Chance Ranch Details:

6. New Vocations


New Vocations is a nationwide organization but it has a local chapter in Pennsylvania. The group takes racehorses who have participated in their last loop around the track and attempts to give them a new life.

As a larger organization, New Vocations has access to resources that other rescues may not have. Because of this larger pool of resources, they can better match horses with new owners and have a larger supply of horses sheltered at any given time.

New Vocations Details:

  • Location: Hummelstown, PA
  • Phone Number: 717-329-0567
  • Website: New Vocations

7. Liberty Acres Equine Rescue & Sanctuary


Dayton is famous for its yearly fair that draws people from all across Pennsylvania. Many farmers show off their livestock at the fair and compete for the blue ribbon.

The town is also notable for hosting Liberty Acres Equine Rescue & Sanctuary, one of western Pennsylvania’s finest horse rescues.

Dayton has a proud farming tradition, and if you want to join in with a horse, this should be one of the first sanctuaries you check out.

Residents who live as far as Pittsburgh visits Liberty Acres to find the horse of their dreams and help rescue an unwanted animal in the process.

Liberty Acres Equine Rescue & Sanctuary Details:

8. Central PA Horse Rescue


Those not living in the state often overlook Central Pennsylvania, as many immediately think of Pittsburgh in the west and Philadelphia in the east.

But the central part of the state has many fine towns and services, including Central PA Horse Rescue. As the name implies, the group services the middle part of the state, and it has several adoptable horses at any time.

While the main highlight may be the organization rescuing horses from abuse, it also takes in working equines ready to enjoy retirement.

This is a group of horses who are sadly overlooked, so it warms the heart to know that Central PA Horse Rescue is taking care of them.

Central PA Horse Rescue Details:

9. MountainView Horse Rescue


If you are near the Allentown area and looking to foster a horse, MountainView Horse Rescue may be a match made in heaven.

The organization seeks to rescue horses from abusive and dangerous situations to give them a better and safer life on its property.

The rescue is available through appointment, so ensure you call ahead if you are interested in adopting horses from the organization.

MountainView Horse Rescue:

10. Omega Horse Rescue


You can find Omega Horse Rescue just north of the border with Maryland, and the organization services clients in Maryland, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Delaware in addition to Pennsylvanians.

While it may not have the same resources as a national organization, Omega Horse Rescue is one of Pennsylvania’s larger horse rescues.

Founded in 1997 by Kelly Young Smith, Omega Horse Rescue works with more than 100 horses yearly and strives to give them a better life.

Many of the horses the organization takes in are from people who no longer have the means of caring for the animal.

If you live near the southern border of PA, Omega Horse Rescue should be one of your first stops when attempting to adopt a horse.

Omega Horse Rescue Details:

Conclusion For “Best Horse Rescues in Pennsylvania”


Pennsylvania has a proud farming tradition and horse owners across its large swatch of rural land. Unfortunately, some equine owners are unable to take care of their horses or, worse yet, abuse those wonderful animals.

Taking in a horse is an important commitment, and you should ensure you are prepared for the full responsibility of owning a horse before adopting one.

But if you are up to the challenge, we hope you find one of these horse rescues near you and become the newest member of the state’s proud horse owners.

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