Cane Corso Adoption – Top 13 Rescues in The USA! (2024)


The Cane Corso breed is a majestic animal that is an excellent pet for many homes. However, not all people understand the commitment these large breed dogs require, and many of them end up in shelters and rescues and need rehoming. 

If you are searching for free Cane Corso puppies near me, the results may not be abundant, depending on your location.

However, exploring one or more of these rescue agencies can put you in touch with some shelters with Cane Corso dogs of all ages that require a loving, stable forever home. 

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Why Do Cane Corsos End Up in Shelters? 


Unfortunately, large dog breeds, like the Cane Corso, often end up in shelters and rescue centers across the United States. Like other dogs, the reasons for this can include: 

  • Behavioral problems 
  • Grown too large for owner expectations 
  • Financial stress of owning the dog
  • Owner surrenders 
  • Strays 
  • Neglected or abused pets 
  • Owner died 
  • Change of family situation, such as divorce or a new baby
  • Owner moving 

The animals in a shelter or rescue are usually there due to no fault of their own. They are terrific dogs that want to belong to a family and live happily with their owners.

Any Cane Corsos that have behavioral problems or come from abusive or neglectful homes will receive the proper training and care they require from expert handlers before being ready for adoption. 

The Top 13 Cane Corso Rescue Options in the USA 


Finding your next best friend is a journey that may take some time and effort. Reputable rescue agencies and shelters will require potential owners to fill out a Cane Corso adoption application and be available for vet and reference checks or home visits. 

This way, you are sure to be matched with a Cane Corso that is best suited for you and your lifestyle.

In addition, the volunteers and staff at the shelters and rescue agencies work tirelessly to ensure that each dog is rehabilitated and is healthy to go to its new forever home. 

Here are the top 13 places to find a Cane Corso for your next pet. 

1. About Time Cane Corso Italiano 


Since 2004, About Time Cane Corso Italiano has been striving for optimal breeding standards for dogs with exceptional temperaments and optimal health.

Loving this exquisite breed is what drives them to help dogs who are surrendered, rescued, or need rehoming in the area. 

They strive to find the best homes possible and match a dog with its forever home. They only want what is best for the animal and do not judge or condemn anyone for surrendering a dog or needing to rehome their pet. 

About Time Cane Corso Italiano Details:

2. Adopt-a-Pet


The Adopt-a-Pet website is a community platform where potential dog owners can search for available Cane Corsos from rescue agencies, shelters, and owners who need to rehome their pets. 

You can modify a search to your local area or expand to include many states if you are willing to travel.

There are also parameters to narrow down a possible pet based on age if you have a particular pet in mind. If outside the US, such as Ontario, you can find Cane Corso Ontario shelters and rescue agencies.

Adopt-a-Pet Details:

3. Cane Corso Puppies for Rehoming 


Facebook is an excellent community to search for many things, including Cane Corso puppies for adoption.

However, potential owners must research any place where they are getting a Cane Corso for adoption. You want to ensure that the animal comes from a healthy environment and bring home the dog you intended. 

These Cane Corso puppies come with up-to-date vaccinations, and potential owners must apply for a pet to ensure they can provide a suitable home. 

Cane Corso Puppies for Rehoming Details:

  • Location: USA
  • Phone Number: 707-234-7206
  • Social Media: Facebook

4. Cane Corso Rescue Inc. 


Cane Corso Rescue Inc. is the national rescue agency in the United States for this popular breed. They have successfully rescued and adopted over 1,500 Cane Corsos in desperate need of help and rehoming. 

This agency is more than just a rescue for this particular breed. They provide transportation, veterinarian care, foster homes, rehabilitation, and education for potential owners.

They want to ensure everyone who adopts a Cane Corso dog knows their needs and that each dog will go to its forever home. 

Cane Corso Rescue Inc Details:

  • Location: 3300 Bee Caves Rd, Ste 650 #194, West Lake Hills, Texas 78746
  • Phone Number: 814-682-6776 
  • Website: Cane Corso Rescue Inc

5. Cane Corso Rescue of NC 


If you are in North Carolina, the Cane Corso Rescue of NC is a terrific agency that offers help and support for large breed dogs, like Cane Corsos, Mastiffs, and breed mixes.

This privately-owned rescue takes in these dog breeds that are displaced, surrendered, or need rehoming. 

They focus on finding the most suitable forever homes for Cane Corsos that require their rescue services. Like searching on a Cane Corso Craigslist page, potential dog owners should research any place they consider when adopting a new pet.

You want to discuss potential health problems, dietary restrictions, and behavioral issues so that you know what the dog requires for a happy and long life. 

Cane Corso Rescue of NC Details:

6. East Coast Gentle Giants Rescue Inc. 


East Coast Gentle Giants Rescue Inc. is an organization that specializes in rescuing abused, neglected, and abandoned Cane Corso dogs. They also cater to saving animals in high-kill shelters on death row. 

They require all potential dog owners to complete an adoption application, provide references, and be available for a telephone interview and home visit.

East Coast Gentle Giants Rescue Inc. provides the rehabilitation these dogs need to move into their forever home as a more suitable environment. 

East Coast Gentle Giants Rescue Inc Details:

7. Must Love Corsos Rescue 


Must Love Corsos Rescue is a non-profit organization that aims to help save abandoned or neglected Cane Corsos.

With many volunteers’ help and generous donors’ funding, they work nationwide to make a difference with Cane Corsos and their owners. 

This agency is devoted to rehabilitating and restoring all dogs’ physical and emotional health in their care. Must Love Corsos Rescue uses rigorous screening, education, and advocacy to ensure that each animal goes to their forever home. 

Must Love Corsos Rescue Details:

8. Pet Adoptions Network 


The Pet Adoptions Network is a virtual platform that connects potential dog owners with current owners who need to rehome their Cane Corso.

They help screen owners and the animals on the site, so everyone has the correct information and education to find the most suitable home for the dog.

Potential dog owners can search for Cane Corsos in their area or elsewhere, complete an adoption application, and pay their adoption fees for their new pet. The entire process is secure and private for the safety of everyone, including the dog. 

Pet Adoptions Network Details:

9. PetCurious


PetCurious is an easy-to-use platform where potential dog owners can search for Cane Corso dogs available for adoption and rehoming.

You can narrow down the results by selecting a location, age, gender, size, and if you want a full or mixed-breed Cane Corso. 

Hundreds of dogs across the United States are looking for new suitable homes, including purebred Cane Corsos and mixes.

If you do not find the perfect pet immediately, you can set an email alert to notify you when more dogs are added to the platform. 

PetCurious Details:

10. PetFinder 


PetFinder is another free online platform that provides dozens of profiles of Cane Corsos available for adoption and rehoming across the United States.

Potential dog owners can narrow down their search by breed, location, age, gender, and more attributes. This way, it makes it simpler to find the Cane Corsos and mixes that you want in your next pet. 

You may find Cane Corso rescue dogs, shelter animals, or pets needing rehoming for various reasons. Anytime you add a dog to your home, adequate research is helpful to know any existing health conditions, behaviors, or dietary needs.

PetFinder makes it easy to have this open dialogue with the person you are getting your next Cane Corso from. 

PetFinder Details:

11. Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso 


Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso has been active with the Cane Corso breed since 2003. With the inclusion of their pet, they soon added more Cane Corso dogs to the family, then became a reputable breeder for the area.

In addition, they offer support for anyone who needs to surrender their Cane Corso or requires help to rescue an animal. 

If you are in the Las Vegas region, you can contact the Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso staff for assistance in finding and adopting a rescue or shelter dog that requires rehoming.

In addition, they can provide the education and guidance in selecting a Cane Corso that will suit your lifestyle and home. 

Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso Details:

12. Texas Cane Corso Kennel, Rescue, and Rehome 


The Texas Cane Corso Kennel, Rescue, and Rehome agency works tirelessly to ensure that each dog receives the proper care and rehabilitation before being adopted to its forever home.

In addition, they offer transportation for Cane Corsos in distress within Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. 

They also help to educate potential owners and others about the Cane Corso breed and find suitable placements for every dog in their care.

The Texas Cane Corso Kennel, Rescue, and Rehome agency also help encourage spay and neuter clinics and microchipping opportunities to keep unwanted dogs out of shelters and prevent strays. 

Texas Cane Corso Kennel, Rescue, and Rehome Details:

13. West Coast Cane Corso Rescue 


The West Coast Cane Corso Rescue is a referral website that connects potential dog owners with various sources for dogs. Some places on the platform offer shelter dogs, rescue animals, or Cane Corso pets that need rehoming within the western states.

They are a non-profit agency and work with anyone looking for or needing to rehome their Cane Corso. 

They understand the need for education and training with this large dog breed. Therefore, West Coast Cane Corso Rescue lists some local dog trainers that have experience with this breed for potential owners. 

West Coast Cane Corso Rescue Details:

Conclusion For “Cane Corso Adoption – Top 13 Rescues in The USA!”


Bringing home a new pet is a big commitment, especially when the animal is a Cane Corso. These dogs are intelligent and loyal and can be intimidating without proper training and guidance from an experienced owner. 

When you choose a dog from a local rescue or shelter, you are helping to give an animal a second chance at a happy life while keeping the pet population from expanding.

Take the time to research and explore the many Cane Corso adoption posts at these rescues throughout the USA, and you will undoubtedly find your new best friend. 

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