Cavapoo For Adoption – Top 7 Rescues in The USA! (2024)

Cavapoos are a popular hybrid dog breed that makes excellent companions and therapy dogs because of their gentle personalities, low-shedding coats, and moderate energy levels.

They’re the result of breeding a Poodle with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

If you’re interested in adding one to your family without paying thousands for a puppy from a breeder, consider reaching out to rescues that offer Cavapoos for adoption.

Don’t know where to start your search for Cavapoo puppies for adoption? We compiled this list of the top rescues across the United States that can help anyone looking for a Cavapoo for adoption.

The Best Cavapoo Rescues in The USA


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1. Cavalier Crazy Rescue


First up on our list of the best Cavapoo rescues is Cavalier Crazy Rescue, a non-profit organization in Salt Lake City County.

Although they primarily focus on rehoming and fostering purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, they also rescue Cavalier mixes, so you’re bound to find a Cavapoo for adoption if you ask them.

Before a Cavapoo goes to their new home, they get tested for heart and knee issues, microchipped, receive up-to-date vaccinations, and get spayed or neutered. Interested applicants must have a fenced yard and undergo a home visit if they live in Utah.

Adoption fees vary based on a dog’s age and breed. For example, if you want to adopt a Cavapoo puppy less than a year old, you can expect to pay significantly more than one older than eight years of age. 

Cavapoo Rescue Information:

2. Doodle Rock Rescue


If you live near Southern Texas, one Cavapoo rescue you shouldn’t skip while searching for the perfect pet is Doodle Rock Rescue.

Since 2017, this non-profit rescue has saved over 1200 abandoned, neglected, and abused Poodles and Doodles from high-kill shelters and the streets.

Each dog gets placed in foster care before going to an eligible home. Volunteer-operated foster homes observe a dog’s health and temperament before deeming them adoptable to the public.

Doodle Rock Rescue will list any issues on their profiles, such as whether or not they have separation anxiety or are good around children, other canines, or cats.

All pups get groomed, vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed or neutered before going to their new homes.

Adoption fees range from $150 to $650, depending on age, size, and breed. Consider checking their website, Facebook, or Instagram often to get updates about new dogs up for adoption.

Cavapoo Rescue Information:

3. Poodle Rescue Connecticut


Poodle Rescue Connecticut is one of our top options for finding a new Cavapoo.

This non-profit is the best place to ask about Cavapoo adoption in New England. They prioritize rescuing and rehoming hundreds of Poodles and Poodle mixes every year.

All their charges are placed in foster homes and evaluated for potential temperament issues before being placed into a new forever home. They also get tested for health issues, groomed, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered.

PRC’s adoption form asks applicants about their home environment, fencing, and overall daily schedule before arranging a home visit to ensure they’re the ideal fit. Adoption fees range from $350 to $600 per dog, depending on size, age, or breed.

Cavapoo Rescue Information:

4. Poodles and Pals


You can find Poodles and Pals in Southern California. This small non-profit prioritizes rescuing Poodles of any size in the Western Riverside and Northern San Diego counties.

They also rescue Poodle mixes, so you can expect to find a Cavapoo for adoption once in a while.

After evaluating their health and behavior, the rescue’s foster homes review each application to see if families are eligible for their dogs.

They also get vaccinated, undergo extensive health tests, and get spayed or neutered before going to their new homes. All family members must be present for the rescue’s mandatory house visits if you want to adopt a Cavapoo or other Doodle.

Adoption fees start at $200 to $300 for young Toy and Miniature Poodles and up to $500 for a Standard Poodle. Lower adoption fees are available for older dogs, Poodle mixes, and special needs dogs.

Cavapoo Rescue Information:

5. Florida Poodle Rescue


If you’re searching for “Cavapoo puppies for adoption near me” on the Southern East Coast, consider reaching out to Florida Poodle Rescue.

Since its inception in 1994, this rescue has found homes for over 10,000 purebred Poodles and Poodle mixes of all sizes. Rescues stay with their foster homes for several weeks or months before being rehomed.

Every dog rescued by the organization gets spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, undergoes dental checks, and gets tested and treated for heartworm, displaced hips, and cataracts.

The time frame for each adoption process may vary from dog to dog, lasting anywhere from a month to a year to narrow down applicants.

Applicants who want to adopt a Cavapoo rescue dog must be at least 21 years old. FPR’s adoption fees typically range between $150 to $800. 

Cavapoo Rescue Information:

6. Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue


Another excellent option we recommend for anyone who wants to adopt Cavapoo puppies and give them a second chance at life is Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue, located in Monterey County.

Although this volunteer-operated rescue specializes in rescuing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, they help Cavalier mixes with any medical conditions, regardless of age.

Since this rescue’s inception, they have rescued over 2,000 abandoned and neglected dogs.

All get placed in foster homes before they become available to adopt. The pooches also undergo health checks for heart, skin, ear, heart, patella, teeth, and gum issues.

The average adoption fee for most of LSCR’s Cavaliers, Cavapoos, and other mixed breeds is about $500.

If they have younger puppies available, the adoption fee starts at around $600. These fees decrease if you’re interested in adopting a senior or special needs dog.

Cavapoo Rescue Information:

7. Doodle Rescue Collective


Doodle Rescue Collective was founded in 2008 and has rescued, fostered, and rehomed over 4,000 Doodles.

Although this rescue primarily focuses on rehoming Labradoodles and Goldendoodles, they are an excellent choice for finding a Cavapoo for adoption. They have over 800 volunteers stationed across the United States and Canada.

The rescue incorporates strict adoption policies to ensure their dogs go to an appropriate home.

For example, they only adopt Cavapoo rescues and other Doodles to applicants over 21 years old who’ll keep them as indoor pets and have an enclosed, physical fence on their property.

DRC won’t accept applications from families with children under ten or first-time owners.

Adoption fees range from $300 to $1000, depending on a dog’s age, temperament, and health. All dogs get spayed or neutered before going to their new homes. 

Cavapoo Rescue Information:

Things To Expect When Adopting a Cavapoo


Before searching online for a “Cavapoo rescue near me,” there are several things you’ll need to consider if you’re ready to adopt a Cavapoo.

Adoption experiences can differ from person to person, so it’s essential to get some insight before considering taking a dog home.

Potential Health Issues

Although Cavapoos are a generally healthy Doodle breed, they can be prone to some diseases passed down from their Poodle and Cavalier parents.

Although many rescues test their dogs for health issues before adopting them out to eligible families, they can still develop issues as they age.

Some health issues that Cavapoos can become susceptible to include:

  • Mitral Valve Disease (heart valve thickening that disrupts blood flow)
  • Addison’s Disease (low hormone production in a dog’s adrenal glands)
  • Progressive Retinal Disease (gradual vision loss)
  • Displaced hips
  • Luxating kneecaps
  • Epilepsy
  • Hernias
  • Cataracts
  • Entropion (inward-rolling eyelids)

Strict Adoption Prerequisites

Cavapoo rescues always evaluate every application for their dogs. However, they may have strict adoption policies to ensure that the dogs they rehome are best-suited for them.

For instance, some rescues won’t adopt their dogs out to families with younger children, typically less than ten years of age, to reduce biting incidents.

Others choose applicants who own property with sturdy fencing, are over 21 years old or have previous owning experience. So, consider these factors when searching for “cavapoo for adoption near me.”

Shipping Services Are Not Always Offered 

Most rescues prefer applicants who live in the same state. If they approve out-of-state adoptions, they recommend picking them up if they live within a two to three-hour radius from one of their foster homes. However, many won’t ship their dogs across the country.

Cavapoos Are a Long-Term Commitment

If you’re looking for “Cavapoo puppies for adoption near me,” you’ll need to decide if you’re ready to care for a new pet. Most Cavapoos live up to around ten to 15 years, so you’ll need to be prepared for a lengthy commitment.

Should adopting and training a younger Cavapoo sound daunting, consider asking rescue organizations if they have senior dogs available.

Your Dog Might Have Unknown History

Many rescue organizations don’t know the origins of their dogs, especially ones from high-kill shelters or who have lived on the streets.

Consider giving your addition to the family plenty of time to get used to their new surroundings, especially when taking them into a home with older kids, other dogs, or cats. After all, you might not know how they’ll respond to them.

You’ll Need To Set Up a Budget

If you’re interested in adopting a Cavapoo, it’s important to remember that they are a long-term investment with an immediate expense.

Adopting a Cavapoo puppy from a rescue generally costs more than adopting an adult or senior dog, but is still less expensive than buying one from a breeder.

In addition, you’ll need to stock up on several supplies every few weeks to keep your Cavapoo happy and healthy, including dog food, grooming supplies, toys, waste bags, portable water bottles, and food dishes.

You’ll also spend plenty of money if you take your dog to obedience training classes or annual trips to the vet, especially if they need to prescribe your Cavapoo medication.

How Long Does It Take To Adopt a Cavapoo?


The length of a Cavapoo adoption process can vary from rescue to rescue.

For example, suppose you want to reach out to a breed-specific rescue instead of a local shelter or humane society that houses several breeds. In that case, this process can take several weeks or months, depending on their policies.

It can take several weeks for a rescue’s volunteers to evaluate each submitted application for a specific dog in foster care.

The dogs also remain in their care for several weeks or months to ensure they have sound health and temperaments before going to a home that matches their needs.

If a rescue doesn’t have Cavapoos available for adoption, you’ll need to check their website every few weeks for updates on their availability.

What Are the Benefits of Adopting a Cavapoo?


Besides giving unloved dogs another chance, reaching out to a rescue organization and asking them if they have a Cavapoo for adoption is a great way to avoid puppy mills. 

Pet shops that sell designer breeds typically get their puppies from unethical commercial breeders. So, going down the adoption route is a positive means of fighting against unethical breeding practices.

Moreover, you’ll spend less money adopting a healthy Cavapoo from a rescue than from a puppy mill selling Cavapoos who don’t get tested for health issues.

Conclusion For “Cavapoo for Adoption – Top 7 Rescues in The USA


If you’re looking for a Cavapoo for adoption, several rescue organizations across the United States offer this lively, friendly designer breed.

Rescuing a Cavapoo is a cost-effective way that gives surrendered dogs another chance at life as a family pet.

So, if you’re searching online for “Cavapoo adoption near me,” use our list of the top rescues to simplify your efforts to find a new pet.

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