9 Best Cavapoo Haircut Ideas! (2024)


Today we are going to talk about Cavapoo haircut ideas. Cavapoos are a hybrid dog breed with versatile hair that makes them perfect for adorable and creative haircuts.

Cutting your Cavapoos hair can let you try out stunning, elegant, and fun looks that can be perfect for any season.

Cavapoo haircut styles are often fun and engaging, and these haircuts will offer the owner something to talk about with friends and family who love their Cavapoo.

Cavapoo haircuts can have different purposes, and get your dog ready for holidays or summer break. For example, a shaved Cavapoo will have a much easier time in the summer than one with a long and luxurious coat.

Whether you want your Cavapoo to look like a Poodle, a Shih Tzu, or a teddy bear, there is a haircut that can work for your dog.

Cavapoos are calm dogs who enjoy haircuts and spa treatments, making them ideal companions for dog owners who like manicuring their precious pups.

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Best Cavapoo Haircuts


Whether you want a Teddy Bear Cavapoo or a Cavapoo with a Puppy Cut, there is something for you and your Cavapoo. These haircuts can keep your Cavapoo cool in the summer or maintain a stylish coat in the winter.

Many of these haircuts are used for other designer and doodle dogs like Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles. Keep your Cavapoo calm with training, praise, and gentleness as you trim their hair.

1. Kennel Cut


Kennel Cuts are one of the best since they can help keep fleas, ticks, and other nasty parasites at bay.

A Kennel Cut is done by giving your Cavapoo an even trim along its body. This haircut is most often done for dogs boarded in a kennel for a few weeks while their families are vacationing.

However, this cut can be helpful for those who want to ensure their Cavapoo is safe from bacteria and parasites from other dogs.

2. Poodle Cut


A Poodle Cut will have your Cavapoo looking like their Poodle parent, right down to the full and elegant face.

Although a Cavapoo comes from a Poodle, these two dog breeds have different characteristics. However, a Poodle Cut can make your Cavapoo nearly unmistakeable from their parent breed.

A Poodle Cut is done by shaving the body while leaving the hair around the legs and head fuller.

3. Dinosaur Cut


A Dinosaur Cut is fun – especially around Halloween. This haircut can double as a costume and make your Cavapoo look like an adorably vicious prehistoric beast.

A Dinosaur Cut is simple and requires a little shaving around the body while leaving some bumps on the back to double as spikes.

Your Cavapoo will look just like a Stegosaurus with this cut. Just be sure to leave the hair around the face a little symmetrical and full to combat any chill.

4. Teddy Bear Cut


This haircut is also called the Puppy Cut. A Cavapoo Teddy Bear Cut is one of the best haircuts for Cavapoos because it makes this adorable puppy look like a stuffed animal.

A Teddy Bear Cut is one of the most popular and gets the most attention from those passing by during daily walks.

This haircut means trimming an even layer of hair, making your Cavapoo look more like a stuffed Teddy Bear.

This haircut is best used for puppies since it can keep the hair out of their faces while making them picture-perfect for some of the best photoshoots.

5. Summer Cut


A Summer Cut is a perfect haircut for your Cavapoo during warm months when you and your pup will be outside often. This haircut can offer them plenty of breathing room without compromising the vital oils on their skin and hair.

A Summer Cut is an easy and simple design that can be done easily at home in less than 30 minutes.

6. Lamb Cut


A Lamb Cut will make your Cavapoo look innocent – even if they have a penchant for mischief. A Lamb Cut will mimic the way a lamb looks, making your Cavapoo look like they are an entirely different animal.

This haircut is done by shaving most of your Cavapoos hair down to create an even shape.

7. Shih Tzu Cut


Just like the Poodle Cut, a Shih Tzu Cut will make your Cavapoo look like an entirely different dog breed. This haircut can make your dog look like a small Shih Tzu, with plenty of hair on their snout and head while the rest of their body is shaved.

Consider a Shih Tzu Cut for your Cavapoo during warm months when they aren’t outside often, or if you simply find it fun to confuse the neighbors!

8. Bell Bottom Cut


A Bell Bottom Cut is bringing back 70’s fashion, except on dogs!

A Cavapoo with a Bell Bottom Cut will have a flare of hair on each leg that mimics the iconic pair of bell bottom pants from the 70s. This haircut is ideal for those with a penchant for the dramatic and a love for soul and disco music!

9. Pom Pom Cut


A Pom Pom Cut is simple and can offer your Cavapoo an air of elegance.

This haircut is done by leaving two poms on each of your Cavapoos four legs. The rest of their hair will be shaved shorter, except for some of the hair around and on their head. This haircut will make your Cavapoo look regal and stunning.

Cavapoo Grooming Needs


A Cavapoo has a luxurious coat that will grow rather quickly. This dog breed will likely need a haircut every two months or less, depending on how fast their hair grows.

Fortunately, a Cavapoo comes from two dog breeds that don’t shed much, making them perfect for clean homes.

Cavapoo grooming may be difficult if your dog isn’t trained to sit still and enjoy the haircut. Whether you want a Teddy Bear Cavapoo, Puppy Cut, or other haircut, they will have plenty of training and adjustment to the tools.

However, starting Cavapoo grooming styles and schedules while they are puppies can help acclimate them to the process.

When Should a Cavapoo Have Their First Haircut?

A puppy Cavapoo should have its first haircut between six to eight weeks old. However, this will depend on how well the puppy behaves, how long they can sit still, and if their hair obstructs their view.

Cavapoo hair quickly grows, and your puppy will need a haircut to prevent obstructed view. Start by introducing your Cavapoo to your groomer or the grooming tools you’ll use two weeks in advance.

You may also want to train them to sit still and wait for your verbal command to move.

How To Groom a Cavapoo

Grooming a Cavapoo can be challenging, but with the right time, patience, and practice, you and your Cavapoo will get the hang of it easily. Start by introducing your Cavapoo to the tools and materials you’ll use to trim their hair.

The types of tools you may need include some of the following:

  • Hair clippers
  • Scissors
  • Nail clippers
  • Nail file
  • Brush
  • Clips
  • Mild shampoo and conditioner
  • Grooming shears

Carefully take your time to trim your Cavapoo and be gentle around their eyes. Cutting their hair can help strengthen your bond and build trust.

Tips for Cavapoo Cuts


A Cavapoo haircut can be challenging for many owners when the Cavapoo isn’t trained, familiar with the grooming tools, or acts uncooperative.

Fortunately, plenty of methods and rewards can help keep your Cavapoo calm and collected during a Cavapoo haircut, before and after.

With Cavapoo hair, cuts are unique and can offer you and your Cavapoo plenty of fun and excitement.

Train Them for Grooming

You can use training treats, plenty of praise, and verbal indicators to help train your Cavapoo to sit still and remain calm during grooming.

Training treats and verbal praise will require plenty of patience but will result in an engaging and fun experience, as opposed to a scared and helpless one.

You may consider training your Cavapoo to sit still, lift its head, lay down, stay put, and follow only verbal commands. These commands are the most useful during grooming and can ease the process.

Familiarize Them With Tools

Take plenty of time to get your Cavapoo comfortable with the tools you’ll be using to trim them. This may mean turning on the hair clippers and letting them adjust to the sound and feel of them on the skin.

Be gentle and careful with the tools to ensure you don’t harm your Cavapoo. This process may need weeks of adjustment before your Cavapoo is ready for a full haircut.

Reward Them for Being Cooperative

When your Cavapoo cooperates with your attempts to groom them, offer them a reward.

A reward could be anything from love and affection to training treats. Ensure that your Cavapoo understands what is expected of them during the grooming process by offering them plenty of incentives.

Playtime outside, a walk, or an outdoor adventure are good ideas to help your Cavapoo remain motivated to be on their best behavior during grooming.

Bundling these activities with verbal praise and training treats can get the best behavior from your Cavapoo.

What Is a Cavapoo?


A Cavapoo is a hybrid dog and a designer dog breed. This dog is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle.

Mixing these two breeds produces a dog that is gentle, loving, and perfect for companionship. A Cavapoo is ideal for therapy and emotional support.

Cavapoos often have strong attachments to their favorite people and will want to spend all of their time with these people. Cavapoos are sweet dogs but need many friendships to stay healthy and happy.

Cavapoos are prone to separation anxiety, and owners should watch out for symptoms impacting their Cavapoo’s physical and mental health.

Conclusion For “Best Cavapoo Haircut Ideas”


Cavapoos often have some of the cutest haircuts and can be decorated with different patterns and styles.

Cavapoos are generally calm and enjoy haircuts, making them a perfect companion for someone who loves styling dogs.

There are dozens of cuts to choose from, but Kennel Cuts and Teddy Bear Cavapoo haircut styles can be the best for warm months.

Cavapoo hair cuts are stunning and offer Cavapoos plenty of personality and style. Ensure that your Cavapoo is agreeable during haircuts by training them and familiarizing them with the tools used to cut their hair.

You may also want to give them plenty of praise for following instructions and engaging in training.

Browse these haircut styles to find the best style that fits you and your stunning Cavapoo. While it may be challenging to stick to one haircut, Cavapoo hair grows so quickly that you can easily try them all!

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