6 Best Bernedoodle Haircut Ideas! (2024)


Bernedoodles are sweet, intelligent dogs that are perfect family companions. These dogs are known for having easy-going personalities but not for low-maintenance coats

Because Bernedoodles are a mix between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle, two dog breeds known for their fluff, they have lots of hair. Whether they’re a standard size or even a Mini Bernedoodle, these dogs have impressive manes. 

These dogs are also popular because, like other poodle mixes, they pose only a small allergy risk to humans.

But being hypoallergenic means they don’t shed much. Therefore, they have thick coats that often require regular upkeep and professional grooming. 

However, a thick coat also means that the world is your oyster when it comes to styling your dog’s hair.

We’ll give you six Bernedoodle haircuts to help you maintain your puppy’s beautiful coat. We’ll include styles that work for various seasons and looks.

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The Best Bernedoodle Haircut Ideas


Choosing a Bernedoodle haircut is tough, especially if it’s their first time going to the groomers. In general, we recommend that you give your Bernedoodle a kennel cut in the summertime to help them stay cool. Otherwise, we like to give our doodle the teddy bear haircut.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can give your Bernedoodle a lion haircut or even a mohawk.

1. The Kennel Cut


The kennel cut is one of the basic, low-maintenance Bernedoodle cuts.

It is sometimes also referred to as a puppy cut and is a basic, short trim where all the fur is the same length, except for the ears. It’s important to note that this cut is not a full shave, as the fur will still have some length.

Because the fur is so short, you will not have to put too much effort into grooming your Bernedoodle until their coat grows back.

An occasional brush and bath will keep your furry friend’s coat looking nice with this cut, so it is ideal if you want to save some time grooming.

This haircut is also ideal if your furry friend is prone to getting tangles or matting in their fur.

These issues are prevalent in Bernedoodles that have longer, straighter fur or spend much of their time outside. The kennel cut will make it easy for your dog to run around and play comfortably.

2. The Teddy Bear Cut


One of the classic Bernedoodle haircuts, the teddy bear cut is a favorite among doodle owners.

It’s a common haircut for all types of pets, including most fluffy dog breeds and even some cats. It gets its name because it will make your pet resemble a cute, cuddly teddy bear.

This cut is similar to the Bernedoodle puppy cut, as a groomer will cut the fur around your dog’s body short. However, it leaves the coat slightly longer than a kennel cut would.

Additionally, the fur on your dog’s face is left at its original length, giving them the teddy bear look. It’s particularly fitting for mini Bernedoodle haircuts since they will actually look like a teddy bear!

Aside from being a cute style that will bring lots of attention to your furry friend’s face, the Bernedoodle teddy bear cut is very practical as they have heaps of fur. Like the kennel cut, this is an ideal style if your Bernedoodle is prone to matting.

You may have to do occasional upkeep on the face to ensure none of their fur tangles.

But, your dog’s body will be fairly low-maintenance as the fur will be shorter. This is important if your dog likes to swim because it will lessen drying time and the amount of fur that can tangle in the water.

3. The Lion Cut


If your Bernedoodle has curly hair, you may consider a lion cut. If you have ever seen a poodle in a cartoon, a 1950s poodle skirt, or a poodle at a dog show, you’re familiar with this style. This one is less standard but can look stylish on many dogs.

This haircut consists of closely trimming or shaving your dog’s legs and backside while leaving hair on its front half, including its head.

The lion cut also traditionally leaves fur near the feet and end of the tail, making them look like they have pom poms on them.

Groomers refer to this trim as the lion cut because the longer hair around the dog’s face resembles the mane of the king of the jungle.

This style is unique, and you will not see too many pups sporting it at the dog park. It can also take a while for the fur to grow back, as it is cut extremely short in some places. But, it will make your Bernedoodle look like a Best in Show.

Because groomers commonly give this style to very curly-haired poodles, it will look best if your Bernedoodle also has curly, poodle-like hair. However, the hairdo is becoming more and more popular on straight-haired dogs.   

4. The Summer Cut


Some people misinterpret the Bernedoodle summer cut as a full shave. However, because a dog’s fur helps to regulate their body temperature and protects them from sunburn, most groomers do not recommend shaved Bernedoodles in the summertime.

Instead, you might consider a trim specifically for the summer. An experienced groomer can recommend the perfect cut to keep your specific dog nice and cool. It will usually entail taking off some length or layers.

By keeping most of the hair in place but removing extra length and thickness, your dog will have a lighter coat that prevents them from overheating but will still have fur to shield them from the sun.

This cut may differ between dogs, as they all have different coats.

If your Bernedoodle has a coat that is closer to a Bernese Mountain Dog than a Poodle, they will likely benefit greatly from a summer cut. Humans bred Bernese Mountain Dogs to withstand cold weather, so summer months in a hot place can be difficult for them.

Even if your dog’s coat is more poodle-like, though, it is worth having a conversation with your groomer about a summer cut. This is especially true if you live somewhere that gets extremely hot in the summer months.

5. The Lamb Cut


If you want to make a statement with your Bernedoodle’s coat but don’t want to go as far as the lion cut, one of the excellent Bernedoodle haircut styles is the lamb cut.

Like the lion cut, this style will make your dog stand out, as it is not as common as some of the other ones on this list.

With this style, your pup will have their hair trimmed all over their body except their legs, face, and sometimes the end of their tail.

Many consider this hairdo an updated version of the lion cut, as it gives your dog a unique look but with fewer harsh lines than the lion style.

Many dog owners enjoy this style because it gives a pup short, manageable hair but does not leave their legs looking skinny. Because of this, it has become an increasingly popular style for those looking to trim their pup’s hair short.

Because the hair is short over most of your dog’s body, you won’t have to do as much intense brushing with this style.

Additionally, because the shorter hair fades naturally into long hair, you won’t have to make many trips to the groomer to keep your dog looking fresh.

Another similarity this style shares with the lion cut is that groomers often give it to dogs with curly hair. However, the style’s natural-looking fade can look good on straight hair, too. So, Bernedoodles with hair of any texture can look fashionable with a lamb cut.

6. The Hygienic Cut


If you want to keep your Bernedoodle’s coat pretty much the same but need a quick clean-up, one of the great Bernedoodle grooming styles for this is the hygienic cut.

This cut is sometimes referred to as a neaten because it is a simple clean-up of areas of your dog that often get dirty.

With this cut, your groomer will leave your Bernedoodle’s fur mostly the same.

However, your groomer will take off some fur around your dog’s paws, areas where they relieve themselves, and their face. That way, they are less likely to track germs around your house or get sick.

The hygienic cut can be a great option if you like how your pup’s hair naturally grows, but you want to clean them up a little bit. This look is universal, so any Bernedoodle can benefit from the cut, no matter their size or hair texture.

Additionally, you can ask your groomer for the hygienic cut alongside any other style. For example, you can ask for a teddy bear cut plus a neaten.

This request will tell your groomer that you want a fashionable trim but also want to clean up the areas that attract dirt and germs.

Conclusion For “Best Bernedoodle Haircut Ideas”


When it comes to Bernedoodle haircuts, the options are endless. Whether you want your dog to have a short or long coat, or whether your pooch’s fur is on the curlier or straighter side, are plenty of Bernedoodle hairstyles to fit what you’re looking for.

If you’re still unsure about the right hairstyle for your furry friend, speak to a licensed groomer.

A groomer will know everything about doggy hairstyles. They can help you pick a haircut that meets the exact needs of you and your dog and can style your dog to look its best.

We hope our list of the six best Bernedoodle haircuts has given you ideas for your dog’s new hairdo.  

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