Yorkie Poo Haircut Ideas – 12 Cute and Adorable Haircut Types! (2024)


The Yorkie Poo is a gentle yet playful crossbreed, a mix of the poodle and the Yorkshire terrier. Yorkie Poos are, therefore, often born with unique shapes, sizes, and coat hair types. Consequently, when getting your Yorkie Poo groomed, you can choose from multiple custom Yorkie Poo haircuts based on your puppy’s coat hair type, body type, and facial structure.

Your dog’s genetic makeup is a huge influence when choosing Yorkie Poo haircuts, so your puppy should grow out for about half a year before you decide on the grooming style that suits them.

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Understanding the Yorkie Poo Coat Types


Here are some Yorkie Poo coat types that you might recognize.

Yorkie Poo Straight Coat

The straight type of Yorkie Poo coat has silky soft hair. Straight-haired pups shed very little because the Yorkshire Terrier and the poodle don’t have an undercoat.

However, this coat’s hair grows rapidly, so you need to trim it regularly. If your dog carries at least 50 percent of Yorkshire terrier genes, it’s more likely to have a straight coat.

Yorkie Poo Curl Coat


This type of Yorkie Poo coat resembles the poodle’s coat. It’s curly and mostly non-shedding, which makes it ideal for individuals with allergies.

Conversely, textures and curly hair on the curly coat tangle easily; thus, you must brush it more frequently to prevent matting.

Your pup is more likely to have a curly coat if a higher percentage of its genetic composition comes from its poodle parent.

Yorkie Poo Wavy Coat

The wavy coat combines the poodle’s curly-haired coat and the Yorkshire Terrier’s straight-haired coat. The wavy hair may be either curlier or straighter, and its texture is sometimes wiry.

You can ask your groomer to suggest grooming styles that suit your dog’s coat type, but here is a list of Yorkie Poo haircuts that will help you make a good decision.

Yorkie Poo Grooming Styles and Haircuts


Here are some popular Yorkie Poo grooming styles and haircuts:

1. Yorkie Poo Puppy Cut


The puppy cut is a popular grooming style for Yorkie Poos, regardless of their coat type.

With the puppy cut, the fur is cut evenly. As a result, your pup will have about an inch of fur left on its coat. On the other hand, its cap and topknot will have about one and a half inches of hair.

The puppy cut requires less brushing and limits the matting risk. With this style, you can also shampoo and bathe your dog quickly and easily, so it’s ideal if your Yorkie Poo enjoys an active lifestyle and exploring the outdoors.

The puppy cut is also suitable for warm weather. This cut also requires fewer trims.

2. Yorkie Poo Teddy Bear Cut


The teddy bear haircut is similar to the puppy cut, but the fur is longer. With this cut, the groomer will use scissors instead of clippers. Two-inch fur will be left on the coat.

You can easily maintain this simple haircut at home. You’ll need to brush your pup regularly. Cut the fur around the back and the genitals shorter to prevent bathroom messes.

The beauty of the teddy bear cut is that it makes your dog look puppy-like and younger. But, despite it being a simple hairstyle, it requires more frequent retouches.

3. Yorkie Poo Schnauzer Cut


The Schnauzer cut is ideal for Yorkie Poos with straight thin hair. The groomer will shave your pup’s sides and back with this haircut. Then, a skirt (hair from the tip of your dog’s tail to under its neck) is left longer, including the fur on the legs.

Next, you’ll decide the length of the skirt. But the facial and cap hair will be about 2 inches, with the hair on the face will be clipped closer, leaving a striking mustache.

4. Yorkie Poo Kennel Cut


The Kennel cut is one of the shortest haircuts. With this haircut, the groomer will cut the fur on your pup’s whole body short and tight. They will only leave about half an inch of facial hair.

The Kennel cut is especially suitable when your pup needs a lighter jacket during the warm summer. It is also ideal if you need more time to trim and brush your dog daily.

5. Yorkie Poo Lamb Cut


This popular grooming style will leave your pup with striking fluffy ears, head, legs, and paws.

6. Yorkie Poo Tight Curls Cut


This hairstyle suits Yorkie Poos that have curls. If you want your straight-haired Yorker Poo to get this cut, ask your groomer if there is a perm option.

However, the tight curls cut is ideal for giving your pup a glamorous look.

7. Yorkie Poo Lion Cut


The lion cut is popular grooming, especially for dogs that grow long fur, like the Yorkie Poo. With the lion cut, the hair on your Yorker Poo’s body will be cut very short. Only the fur on the paws and face will be left long.

8. Yorkie Poo Fluffy Cut


Your pup will first get a puppy or teddy bear cut before obtaining this cut. What follows is a blow dry. After that, a doggy hair product that scrunches curls is applied to make your puppy’s fur look soft and fluffy.

9. Yorkie Poo Summer Cut


The best summer haircut features fur that is cut shorter to ensure your pup is comfortable and cool. In addition, you’ll have an easier time taking care of this shorter hair because it hardly ever traps dirt or tangles.

10. Explosive Hairstyle


Many dog owners like experimenting and having fun with their dog’s looks. The explosive hairstyle is one of those fun looks that make your pup look like it’s just gotten out of bed.

Unfortunately, this hairstyle keeps the fur long, so you must frequently brush it. This style is, therefore, quite high-maintenance.

11. Layered Yorkie Haircut


The layered Yorkie Poo haircut can be one of your dog’s most stunning grooming style choices.

If the groomer maintains short layers, your pup will look well groomed. Besides, your dog will be comfortable, and the haircut doesn’t require much maintenance.

12. Patchy Cut


You can choose a patchy cut to give your pup a distinctive look. Your Yorkie Poo will stand out from the crowd because your dog will have asymmetrical parches instead of linear layers.

Trendy Designs


Besides shaving your Yorkie Poo, you can style your dog’s hair differently. Here are some of the most trendy designs for Yorkie poos.


Ask your groomer to add patterns if your puppy’s fur is closely shaved.

You can give your pup a dinosaur look with a simple hair design. Opt for designs that are easy to create. Doing this is important so that your dog is relaxed during the grooming.

Colored Layers


Many Yorkie Poos sport differently colored patches of fur on their coats. You can help give your dog a distinctive look by letting the hair grow long and then cutting each colored patch a different length.

Furry Paws

You can give your pup an impressive look by having the body shaved closely, leaving the paws furry.

This grooming style is especially suitable if yours is a male dog because it’ll make your pup look like it’s donning the bell-bottom pants that were a hit in the 70s.

Simple and Quick


If you want a quick and simple grooming style, you can ask the groomer to cut the fur all over the body to be the same length. This simple hairstyle will make your dog happy and requires very little maintenance.

The Yorkie Poo Topknot

If you decide to keep all of your pup’s hair long, or if you choose only to keep the forehead hair long, you’ll realize that the hair in this part grows quickly.

You can hold the hair back using a bow to keep the long hair from getting wet when your dog drinks or accumulating debris when eating. The bow can also ensure the hair doesn’t fall into the dog’s face and obstruct its vision.

A top knot can help ensure the hair is neatly held back from your pup’s face and eyes. It’s also a fantastic way of making your dog look beautiful, the only accessory you can add to your Yorkie Poo, apart from the collar.

It can add flair and color to your Yorkie Poos look.

Helpful Dog Grooming Tips


To help you groom your dog, here are some tips on the most popular Yorkie Poo haircuts and styles.

Which Haircut Suits My Dog?


Your choice of haircut should hinge on several factors. Here are the top considerations:

Climate or Season

Thicker and longer cuts are better if you live in an area with a colder climate. These types of cuts are also better during the colder seasons. Conversely, shorter cuts are better in hotter climates and during hotter seasons.

Hair Texture


A shorter cut might be better if your dog has unruly and curly hair because it’s easier to groom this type of hair when it’s shorter. On the other hand, however, if the hair is straighter, you can opt for a longer cut.

Besides, if your dog enjoys exploring the outdoors, where it can easily get dirty, a shorter cut may be ideal for the outdoorsy lifestyle.

Time to Groom

If you don’t have the time to groom your Yorkie Poo regularly, you should opt for a shorter cut that requires less maintenance. However, all Yorkie Poos’ haircuts require maintenance because their fur is prone to matting.

Your Budget

If you have a limited grooming budget, a lower-maintenance style is ideal.

How Often Should I Groom My Yorkie Poo?


You should have your Yorkie Poos groomed at least once a month. Besides, these dogs should be trimmed more frequently (over once monthly) around their eyes and face.

Does My Dog Enjoy Being Brushed?


Only some dogs enjoy getting brushed. Dogs that didn’t frequently interact with a brush when they were puppies are especially wary when you first try to brush them.

Therefore, to ensure the grooming routine is smoother for you and your dog, you should start by brushing them slowly and ensure the interaction is non-threatening and positive.

Before the grooming routine, let the dog get used to the brush.

Then, place the brush near the dog and throw treats to encourage the dog to interact with the novel object. It would help if you then started brushing the dog gently.

A treat should follow each brush stroke. Once the dog gets comfortable, you can start brushing it more firmly. You should couple each stroke with a reward. Over time, your dog will get used to the brushing.

Should I Work with a Professional Groomer?


Unless you have experience grooming dogs and are comfortable, you should ideally get a professional groomer.

However, you can ask family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers for recommendations. You should also check out reviews.

A common problem when you take your pup to be groomed is that the groomer may shave the hair shorter than you wanted. So you should show them photos of the haircut you want.

Importantly, when choosing a grooming style, you should base your decisions on something other than what looks good. You should also consider if the Yorkie Poo haircuts suit the climatic conditions and your budget.

In addition, consider your dog’s hair texture and whether you have time to maintain the grooming style.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should a Yorkie Poo get their first haircut?

Yorkie Poos are ready for their first haircut when they are about 20 weeks old. You will need to get them adjusted to getting a haircut so that they aren’t uncomfortable with it.

Should I shower my dog before or after a haircut?

You should shower your dog before giving them a haircut, since you will need to remove dirt and debris first.

How can I make my Yorkie’s hair softer?

An oatmeal bath can help keep fur soft, as well as help itchy skin if your dog has eczema.

Find The Best Yorkie Poo Haircut Ideas


You can give many styles to your Yorkie Poo, each with its own style and flair. Therefore, you’re sure to find Yorkie poo haircuts that fit your dog’s personality for any time of year.

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