8 Best Cockapoo Haircut Ideas! (2024)


Cockapoos are a stunning dog breed that is outgoing and highly intelligent. This dog breed is loving and friendly and adores activity.

Cockapoos are famous for their luxurious coat of hair. This hair comes from the mixture of their parents, who have stunning coats.

A Cockapoo is a hybrid dog breed that many call a designer breed. This dog is in high demand, and many want it for its small stature and friendly nature.

Cockapoos come from Poodle and Cocker Spaniel parents, making them happy-go-lucky family dogs.

However, one challenge to having a Cockapoo in the family is regular grooming, hair trimming, and other hair care needs.

Your Cockapoo will likely need routine hair trimming and brushing. Thankfully, there are tons of Cockapoo haircut styles and cuts for Cockapoos to choose from.

Cockapoo grooming can be simple and can be done at home with minimal tools and equipment.

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Best Cockapoo Haircut Ideas


Cockapoo haircut styles are versatile and can have your lovable pup looking cute, chic, or dangerous within just a few minutes.

Several Cockapoo haircuts can give your Cockapoo the relief they need in summer and the warmth they need in winter. You may also want to try a fun and exciting haircut in the spring or fall.

Cuts for Cockapoos are fun and can surprise everyone in the family—especially your Cockapoo when they look in a mirror.

1. Teddy Bear Cut


The Teddy Bear Cockapoo Cut can have your Cockapoo looking exactly like a little Teddy bear.

This haircut is the same as a puppy cut and is most often given to puppies because they’re small and look the most like teddy bears when given this haircut.

Teddy Bear Cockapoo haircut styles are common and help keep your Cockapoo from having an obstructed view.

Consider using a Cockapoo Teddy Bear Cut until your Cockapoo is older than three months old. However, the Teddy Bear traditional Cockapoo haircut is perfect for any age and will make your pup look innocent and young.

2. Summer Cut


Summer Cockapoo haircut styles are common, but the Summer Cut is the most common. This haircut can provide your Cockapoo with less hair and more breathability during the hot weather.

A Summer Cut will also provide Cockapoo owners with a break from constant brushing and detangling.

Use a Summer Cut on your Cockapoo to help them stay cool during summer and keep their view unobstructed.

3. Poodle Cut


Because your Cockapoo comes from a Poodle parent, they can get a similar haircut and be nearly indistinguishable from their Poodle parent.

This haircut can play tricks on those passing by on a walk or even make the neighbors think you’ve gotten a new dog.

A Poodle cut will maintain the hair your Cockapoo has around its head, face, and eyes, but it will have a uniform trim around its body. This haircut is another style that will work well for your Cockapoo in summer.

4. Lamb Cut


The Cockapoo Lamb Cut is one of the best cuts for Cockapoos. This haircut will make your lovable pooch look fantastically innocent while maintaining its luxurious coat of hair.

A Lamb Cut on a Cockapoo is a uniform haircut that will make your dog look more like it belongs on a pasture than on your couch.

A Lamb Cut can also help keep your Cockapoo cool since its hair will be trimmed close to its body.

5. Dinosaur Cut


A Dinosaur Cut is inspired by dozens of dinosaurs. Most often, these styles have spikes reminiscent of the Stegosaurus. A Dinosaur Cut is a clever idea that works perfectly for costume parties or events where your dog gets to dress up.

This haircut entails cutting your Cockapoo to have a uniform look but leaving patches of hair on its back to simulate spikes. This look can go all the way down your Cockapoo’s tail.

6. Pom Pom Cut


A Pom Pom Cut is a fancy and chic look that will have your Cockapoo look like it’s dancing while it runs or walks.

This haircut looks elegant and consists of shaving down your Cockapoo’s coat of hair but leaving one or two poms of hair on each leg. This pom of hair should be rounded to look almost like a manicured hedge.

This haircut also works well in summer and can be very simple for beginners to achieve at home.

7. Full Shave


A Full Shave is simple and uniform. This haircut entails shaving your Cockapoo down until it has a consistent look.

Your Cockapoo might not like the first time it gets a full shave, especially if it has never received one. The initial haircut can be uncomfortable because they may be used to the warmth of their coat.

After a few haircuts, a Full Shave will come easy to them.

8. Kennel Cut


Kennel Cuts are most common in boarding kennels. This haircut is easy to maintain and prevents the spread of pests like fleas and ticks.

Your dog may come home from a kennel with a Kennel Cut if they’ve spent a few weeks in one. Although this uniform cut may seem dull, it can help keep your Cockapoo tangle-free and healthy.

Other Fun Grooming Ideas


400;”>Grooming your dog doesn’t just involve a Cockapoo haircut. You can also dye your dog’s hair or parts of your dog’s hair to have a stunning and fashionable design.

Cockapoo grooming styles are versatile, and there is no shortage of fun ideas to employ when you’re taking your Cockapoo to the groomer.

Consider one of these fun ideas to get the most out of your Cockapoo’s stunning coat of hair.

Tie-Dye Coat


One of the most exciting and fun things to do with your Cockapoo’s coat of hair is to tie-dye the locks. This can be done with nearly any color and shape.

Many specialty groomers might do this job for you, but others don’t like to use dyes on their dog clients.

However, this can be done at home by buying temporary, dog-safe hair dye that will fade in a few days.

You can then take your Cockapoo’s hair and tie up small sections in hair ties. Apply small, swirling sections of your dog-safe to create a fun and exciting pattern on your dog’s hair.

Avoid doing this often since many hair dyes are not derived from natural sources and, when consumed, can cause canine cancers.

Dyed Ears


You may not want to tie-dye your Cockapoo’s whole coat, but you can dye just a few sections to create a stunning display. One of the most common things to dye is your Cockapoo’s ears.

Dying your Cockapoo’s ears can help create a wonderful and surreal look. Choosing the right color can make your Cockapoo look like a mermaid, a lion, or another creature.

When dying your dog’s ears, be mindful not to dye the area under your dog’s ears or get any dye within their ear canal.

Zig-Zag Designs


Another fun and exciting thing to do with your Cockapoo’s hair is to create a zig-zag pattern. This can be done with naturally-sourced hair dyes or by creating a zig-zag pattern with a hair clipper. 

Use a hair clipper; you can trim the hair on your Cockapoo’s body until only a zig-zag pattern remains. Using a hair clipper to create a zig-zag pattern may take more time to complete but can create a captivating look.

Using hair dye can have your dog looking like a zebra or other safari animal.

Cockapoo Grooming Needs


Your Cockapoo may need plenty of grooming since they come from two parents with luxurious coats of hair. You may need to trim their hair every few weeks. You may also need to brush their coat every several days.

You and your family can save money on hair trimming costs by doing your Cockapoo’s hair trimming at home. With the right tools and patience, you can cut your Cockapoo’s hair exactly how you want it, at a fraction of the cost.

Required Tools

You’ll need the correct tools when trimming your Cockapoo at home. Some of the best equipment includes the following:

  • Hair clippers
  • Deshedding brush
  • Combs
  • Gentle Scissors

Your Cockapoo may need some time to get acclimated to the look and feel of your equipment. You may need to allow your Cockapoo time to get used to how hair clippers feel, for example.

Taking time to ensure your Cockapoo feels safe and secure with the equipment is the first step to grooming your pet at home.

How Often Should Your Cockapoo Be Trimmed?

Your Cockapoo will likely need a haircut every six to eight weeks. The time between your hair trimmings will depend on how fast your Cockapoo’s hair grows. Some Cockapoos grow hair slowly and can go three months without a trim.

Your Cockapoo will need a trim when its hair starts to obstruct its view.

Obstructed views—especially in small dogs—can increase the number of accidents and injuries a small dog can have. Your Cockapoo may run into furniture or hurt themselves on objects they won’t be able to see.

Train Your Cockapoo for Grooming

Training your Cockapoo for grooming can make the process easier on everyone and allow your Cockapoo to feel more secure and safe with whoever is grooming them.

Use verbal commands to have your Cockapoo sit still, remain where they are, and adjust their paws and head as needed.

Training your Cockapoo for grooming will also aid in keeping them from harm. For example, if your Cockapoo is trained to be still, it will be less likely to get hurt by tools like scissors when unexpectedly moving during the grooming session.

Conclusion For “Best Cockapoo Haircut Ideas”


Cockapoos are stunning dogs who love to have fun and spend time with those they adore.

This dog breed is friendly and will gladly jump out of the car for a trip to the groomer. Cockapoos are active and thrive on attention from others, meaning grooming time is one of their favorite times.

Not only does your Cockapoo get a fresh haircut or grooming style, but they also get to try something new and thrilling. Meanwhile, Cockapoos will spend tons of time with people they love and cherish.

There is no shortage of cuts for Cockapoos. Whether you want curly Cockapoo haircut styles or a Cockapoo Puppy Cut, there are dozens of haircut styles for cockapoos.

You can also try to achieve one of these stunning haircuts at home with a few pieces of equipment, patience, and a block of free time.

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