Best Dog Grooming Scissors – Give Haircuts Like a Pro! (2024)

A curly-coated dog waiting on a grooming table for a trim.

Regular trips to the groomers can soon become a costly expense. Some dogs require frequent grooming to maintain a tidy coat.

While clippers provide a viable option in instances where you wish to shave their whole coat, grooming scissors can be used for a quick trim or cutting the fur surrounding more delicate areas, such as the paws and face.

A good quality pair of grooming scissors can provide a useful long-term investment, meaning that you always have a pair of scissors on hand when you need to cut your dog’s coat.

These are some of our favorites!

If you are uncertain as to what you should look for in a high-quality pair of grooming scissors, not to worry as we have selected and reviewed our top 5 picks of the best options available.

Below, you will also find a handy buyer’s guide where we have highlighted our top tips for selecting the best product for you and your canine’s needs. 

If you are in a hurry, we have selected our top pick for you below.

Review of The Best Dog Grooming Scissors

#1 Chibuy Professional Pet Grooming Scissors

Chibuy Professional Pet Grooming Scissors with...
  • 【SAFETY SCISSOR 】This is a safe round-tip pet grooming scissors. Dogs and cats are sentive when...
  • 【Ergonomic Grip】Our dog grooming scissor comes with a comfortable TPR handle and extra finger...

As a professional-grade grooming tool, you can be sure that the Chibuy grooming scissors are going to achieve an excellent cut.

The rounded tip of the blade ensures that they are safe to use to cut around your dog’s eyes or any other sensitive areas, such as the paws.

Aside from this, they are also an ideal choice for pets who are typically wary of being groomed.

Impressively, these grooming scissors are available in a range of sizes, so you can make your selection according to the size of your dog.

The design of these scissors also incorporates an adjustable screw that allows you to alter the looseness of the blades to suit the thickness of your dog’s coat.

As for user comfort, these grooming scissors have TPR (thermoplastic rubber) handles along with an additional finger grip, which ensures that they are comfortable to hold and you can maintain a secure grip during lengthy grooming sessions. 

Constructed using high-quality stainless steel, these grooming scissors are likely to see you through many uses before beginning to deteriorate in quality.

Thanks to the high-quality construction, you can also be sure that these scissors are going to cut your pet’s fur without tugging or inflicting pain upon them.


  • Affordably priced, these scissors are excellent value for money.
  • As professional standard scissors, you can be confident in the quality.
  • They are available in a range of sizes to accommodate different fur types.
  • With ergonomic handles, they are comfortable and easy to handle.
  • They have high-quality blades that achieve a high standard cut.


  • The mechanism to open the scissors is a little stiff which may make them difficult to use.

Other Great Dog Grooming Scissors Options 

Runner-Up: Pet Magasin Round Tip Dog Grooming Scissors

Pet Magasin Japanese Stainless Steel Grooming...
  • 【PAIR OF TWO SCISSORS】The longer scissors has smooth blades for trimming body fur, while the...
  • 【PET'S SAFETY】These grooming scissors are designed with rounded tips to completely avoid...

With raving reviews, the Pet Magasin Dog Grooming Scissors are a worthy contender.

The set provides you with two pairs of scissors. One pair measures 6.5 inches and features smooth blades that are great for cutting body fur.

The other pair measures 6 inches and features serrated teeth that are better suited to cutting sensitive areas of your dog’s body where you are working closely to their skin.

In regards to construction, the blades have been made from stainless steel while the handles feature a polymer covering.

As this steel is deemed to be surgical-grade, you can be sure that they are going to achieve a high-quality, precise cut.

When it comes to the safety of these scissors, each pair features a rounded tip that makes them suitable for use to cut around the delicate areas of your dog’s body, such as their eyes and paws.

Should dogs move suddenly, this reduces the risk of them becoming hurt.

As for comfort, these scissors incorporate a soft, cushioned handle along with an additional finger rest.

This makes them much more comfortable to hold and maintain a secure grip over prolonged periods.

They are also suitable for those of right- and left-handed orientation.


  • With two per pack, you have different pairs available to suit the style of the cut you want.
  • They are quiet when in use, which is ideal for pets who are weary of being groomed. 
  • They have good quality blades for a precise trim. 
  • Retailing at an affordable price, these scissors are great value for money.
  • The material used to coat the handles is soft and comfortable.


  • They are small in size so some people may find them unsuitable for their needs.

Gladog Professional Grooming Scissors

GLADOG Professional 5 in 1 Dog Grooming Scissors...
  • ★Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Kit★-The kit includes 1 × 6.5-inch thinning shear, 1 ×...
  • ★Round-end Tips for Maximum Safety★-Never need to worry about poking your pet's skin, because...

If one pair of scissors isn’t enough, why not opt for the Gladog Professional Grooming Scissors which provides you with three pairs along with a grooming comb.

Included in this set are one 6.5-inch curved scissors for cutting the delicate areas of your pet’s face, a 6.5-inch straight scissors for an all-over trim, 6.5-inch thinning scissors for creating a blended look, and also a grooming comb.

You are also provided with a carry case and a cleaning cloth to help maintain the quality of your scissors.

Just like our previous picks, each pair of scissors has rounded tips that makes them safe to use when cutting around the delicate areas of your pet’s face and paws, etc.

Some dogs find grooming a stressful experience, and so if they happen to flinch or jump, you don’t have to worry about harming their skin.

The scissors feature an adjustable screw that allows you to alter the bite to suit the thickness of their coat.

The handles also feature soft rubber inserts that allow you to hold the scissors comfortably without developing wrist fatigue.

Aside from this, the design of the scissors prevents them from clamping and catching your fingers.

In regards to the build quality, these scissors have been made from high-quality stainless steel for professional results.

Thanks to the quality of the blades, these scissors are going to cut your pet’s fur without causing any pain by tugging.


  • These grooming scissors come in a four-piece kit so you have all you need to begin grooming your pet. 
  • The leather carry case allows you to store the pieces safely in between uses. 
  • The stainless steel construction creates high-quality durable scissors. 
  • As lightweight scissors, they are easy to handle.
  • They are made with high-quality blades that allow for a precise and accurate cut.


  • The adjustable screw is prone to loosening when the scissors are in use.

Healsell Dog Grooming Scissors

No products found.

The Healsell Dog Grooming Kit comes in a five-piece set.

You are provided with four pairs of scissors: one pair for thinning, one pair of curved scissors, and two pairs of straight scissors that allow you to choose according to the thickness of your pet’s fur.

Additionally, you also receive a grooming comb and a carry case for convenient storage and portability.

As for construction, these scissors are made from 4CR titanium-coated stainless steel, and as high-quality, tough scissors, they are very durable and likely to see you through many uses.

These scissors have high-quality blades that allow you to cut the fur without tugging.

Similar to our previous picks, these scissors have rounded tips that make them safe for cutting the fur on your dog’s face and paws.

This eliminates the worry of accidentally poking your pet should they move suddenly.

As for comfort, these scissors have an ergonomic handle that reduces the likeliness of you developing wrist fatigue.

The soft rubber inserts also allow you to maintain a secure grip so that you can hold the scissors comfortably without having to worry about them sliding out of your hands.


  • As a five-piece set, you are provided with all that you need to begin grooming your pet.
  • Affordably priced, this kit is great value for money.
  • The ergonomic handle makes them comfortable to hold over prolonged periods.
  • The choice of sizes allows you to choose according to the length and thickness of your dog’s coat.
  • The quality of the blades achieves a precise and accurate cut.


  • The quality of these scissors could be improved to ensure that they deliver long-lasting use.

Gimars Titanium Dog Grooming Scissors Kit

Gimars Titanium Coated Professional 6 in 1 4CR...
  • 【Professional Dog & Cat Grooming Essential Tool for Groomers】Gimars dog grooming scissors are...
  • 【Sharp Convex Edge & Safety Round Tip】The sharp convex edge makes the cutting of these dog...

To complete our selection we have another multiple-quantity grooming scissors kit.

This set provides you with four pairs of scissors: one pair of thinning scissors to achieve a blended look, two straight blade scissors that are available in different sizes, and a curved pair for cutting the delicate areas of your dog’s coat.

To blend the final look, you are provided with a grooming comb and a pouch for storing the tools in between uses.

Each pair of scissors and the comb are constructed from stainless steel which creates tough and hardy tools that are likely to see you through many uses.

They also have rounded tips that ensure your pet isn’t harmed by the blades if they move during the process of being groomed.

Ergonomically designed, your comfort has been accounted for. The soft rubber grips make them comfortable to hold over prolonged periods.

For those with larger hands, you will be pleased to know that the inserts can be removed to make them more spacious.

The pouch ensures that you have a convenient place for storing your tools in between uses.

For those who are professional groomers where their service is required in different locations, the Gimars set has you covered with storage.


  • The different sizes allow you to choose the best option for cutting different length fur.
  • As they have sharp blades, you can cut your pet’s fur without worrying about tugging against their skin.
  • Thanks to the ergonomic design, they are comfortable to hold over prolonged periods.
  • They are quiet when in use, which is ideal for pets who are nervous about being groomed.
  • You are provided with all that you need to begin grooming your pet.


  • The blades are particularly sharp so it is necessary to be cautious of this before beginning to cut your pet’s coat.  

Buyer’s Guide

With there being many different varieties of dog grooming scissors on the market, it can be difficult to know which pair is best suited to the grooming requirements of your dog.

Below, we have identified some factors to consider and what to look for when browsing the market for the best pair of grooming scissors. 

The Type of Scissors

There are different types of grooming scissors available that can be identified in the three following categories: straight, curved, and thinning.

You may likely develop a preference for a particular style of scissors in which you feel to be the most effective in grooming your pet’s coat.

Straight grooming scissors tend to be the most commonly sought after as they are versatile and can be used on most areas of your dog’s body.

Curved scissors are the preferred option for achieving a rounded cut.

Due to the style of the blade, they are the best choice for cutting around the delicate areas of your pet’s face and paws.

As suggested by the name, thinning scissors are used to thin out the fur removing a small amount at once. They blend the fur to create a softer look. 

Fur Type

Before investing in grooming scissors it is necessary to consider the fur type of your canine to ensure that your chosen scissors are going to achieve the best cut.

You may find one style to be the most effective in cutting your pet’s coat.

If you have a pet with a longer and thicker coat, like a Labradoodle for example, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the scissors to ensure that they are effective.

The Size

Grooming scissors can vary in size. Consider the size of the scissors that you require to coincide with the size of your dog.

When grooming smaller dogs, like Cavapoos or toy Poodles, larger scissors are likely to appear intimidating and can also make it more difficult to groom a specific area.

Likewise, if you are grooming a larger dog using shorter scissors, it is likely to make the task much more time consuming. It may also affect the final results of the cut. 

The Quality

The quality is an important factor to consider and can often determine how long the grooming scissors are going to last.

When considering the quality, the blades are important. Scissors with a blunt blade are going to make the task much more challenging as you are going to struggle to achieve a professional-looking cut.

It can also make it a painful experience for your pet too, as blunt blades are more likely to tug at the fur.

Ensure that your chosen grooming scissors boast high-quality grooming blades. 

Ergonomic Handle

Whilst it is important to ensure that the grooming process is a comfortable experience for your pet, it is important to consider your comfort too.

Grooming scissors with ergonomic handles are going to be much more comfortable for you to hold and will also prevent the onset of wrist fatigue, particularly important for lengthy grooming sessions.

The quality of the handles is going to affect how easy they are to hold while preventing them from loosening from your grip. 

The Material

The material used to construct grooming scissors tends to be stainless steel as this is a strong and robust material.

While there are some scissors on the market that have plastic components, those that are of the highest quality are likely to be made from stainless steel. 

The Cost

Grooming scissors can retail at varying prices, some seemingly more affordable than others.

While it’s worth having a budget in mind, it is important to remember that the price is often a reflection of the quality.

Those that retail at a higher price are likely to boast a higher quality construction than those made using cheaper materials.

Despite this, you will find cheaper examples that are high quality too.

Be sure to check out our Complete Grooming Supply Guide to make sure that you have everything you need before you begin grooming.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should dog grooming scissors be cleaned?

You should aim to clean your dog grooming scissors in between each use.

Regular cleaning helps to remove a buildup of dirt and debris that can become a risk if these scissors are going to be used to groom multiple dogs.

For those using their grooming scissors for professional purposes, they should be cleaned thoroughly at the end of each working day.

How do you groom a dog with scissors?

If your dog has a thick coat, you are likely to find it easier to use thinning shears to thin out the fur before attempting to cut it using grooming scissors.

You should use a comb to blend the fur more effectively.

While holding the scissors parallel to the skin you should then aim the scissors down, ensuring that harsh contact with your pet’s skin is avoided.

Do you groom dogs when they are wet or dry?

When grooming a dog you should use the scissors on a dry, but clean, coat.

When cutting the hair around the face, feet, and tail you should use the tips of the scissors as this will help to avoid any accidents should they move quickly.

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