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claudia bensimoun

Claudia Bensimoun is one of our lead writers who specializes in dog articles and other veterinary topics! Claudia also writes for other major websites like Animal Wellness Magazine, Fido Friendly, We Love Doodles, and the United States Dog Agility Association. She has ghostwritten over 50 different dog e-books.

Garrett is an animal lover and proud owner of his Goldendoodle. In his free time, he enjoys volunteering at the Humane Society and fostering puppies. When he’s not helping animals, Garrett enjoys writing and editing posts about dogs.

dr paula simons

Dr. Paula Simons received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Ontario Veterinary College. She currently works at Cornell University Veterinary Specialists where she focuses on Emergency & Critical Care animals. 

Jamie with Oliver

Jamie V. & Oliver

Jamie owns an Australian Labradoodle named Oliver. He originally started this blog as a passion project to help people learn about different dog breeds. 

Rich with Chachi

Rich & Chachi

Rich adopted a Puggle and French Bulldog mix named Mr. Chachi from The Last Resort Rescue. He’s one of the original founding members of Trending Breeds.

Our Start

We wanted to find a dog blog that would focus on all different types of breeds including purebred and mixed puppies.

Enter Trending Breeds.

What began as a blog where we shared the various things we learned while raising our dogs, quickly grew into much more. We love our pups and being able to help others by giving them a place to find helpful information.

Our Content

For us, it’s all about making good content that’s honest, to the point, and more than anything as helpful as possible. We spend a lot of time choosing and curating the content and articles that you’ll see here.

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