Popular Aussiedoodle Haircuts With Pictures! (2024)


The Aussiedoodle is classified as a designer breed, a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle.

They have a coat that can range from straight to curly; and all things in between. It can make it challenging to decide what Aussiedoodle haircut you should get for your dog! 

Thankfully, we’re here to help. We’ll talk about coat types, how to groom an Aussiedoodle at home, and the most popular Aussiedoodle haircuts and Aussiedoodle grooming styles. 

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Popular Aussiedoodle Haircuts


There are so many popular Aussiedoodle hair cuts that it can be hard to pick one. But we’re here to help guide you through the most popular Aussiedoodle cuts.

Your Aussiedoodle’s haircuts before and after transformation will be more rewarding if you consider your dog’s coat type.

Aussiedoodle Summer Cut and Shaved Aussiedoodle Hair Cuts


The Aussiedoodle summer cut or shaved Aussiedoodle hair cuts are simple. Your dog’s hair is clipped very short, leaving them with a minimal amount of hair. You’ll be able to go longer between trips to the groomer, saving you time and money! 

Aussiedoodles all have thick coats, be they curly or straight, and losing that hair can be much more comfortable for them during the summer months.

They’re also prone to matting and tangling if not maintained, which is a strong reason to go with this short hairstyle for your pet. 

The downside is that all that fluffy curly hair will be gone, and your dog may not have that desired teddy bear look without it.

Aussiedoodle Teddy Bear Cut


The teddy bear cut for an Aussiedoodle is probably the most popular cut for this breed. The Aussiedoodle teddy bear cut is more common on smaller dogs, but it’s perfectly acceptable on larger dogs.

A teddy bear cut Aussidoodle has its coat left at a medium length (about one to three inches), which makes it easier to detangle and reduces matting.

The length of this Aussiedoodle grooming style is still long enough that you can enjoy all the bouncy curls and waves that make this dog particularly adorable.

This Aussiedoodle haircut is rounded around the snout and top of the head. It’s this that gives the teddy bear cut its name because your pet will look like an adorable teddy bear that you just want to give a big warm hug!

Getting your teddy bear cut Aussiedoodle groomed is no harder than with other Aussiedoodle haircut styles.

Aussiedoodle Puppy Cut


The Aussiedoodle puppy cut is very similar to the teddy bear cut. Both hair cuts are short, only about three inches in length at their longest style.

Your dog may need more frequent clippings to keep the Aussiedoodle puppy cut length, but it’s beneficial overall because you’ll need to brush and comb your Aussiedoodle less often.

The difference between this and the teddy bear cut is that the face isn’t rounded. Instead, your dog is given a chunky hairstyle around the face. It gives them a youthful and fresh appearance!

Aussiedoodle Terrier Cut


The terrier cut is the ideal Aussiedoodle haircut style for those dogs with a straight or flat coat.

This breed may not have any terrier blood, but the haircut can give your dog a shaggy appeal! This option is also one of the best blue merle Aussiedoodle haircuts.

The length is short and ideal for the summer months, but it’s the beard that sells it. Modeled after a Cairn Terrier or Westie, they’ll have that mischievous terrier look in no time.

Aussiedoodle Coat Types


The Aussiedooldle has several coat types due to its mixed breed heritage. The Australian Shepherd has a thick wavy coat, while the Poodle has tight curls. Because of this, the Aussiedoodles coat can land anywhere in between. 

This fact doesn’t apply to only their coat type, but color also. From blue merle to chocolate brown, Aussiedoodles are as unique as they come.

Straight Coat


An Aussiedoodle with a straight coat is more common than a wool or fleece coat. The coat marks them as much more closely resembling their Australian Shepherd side, a breed known for their thick fur.

Typically, breeders prefer curlier coats. It gives the Aussidedoodle the appearance of a teddy bear. However, this is the most manageable coat type to maintain as it doesn’t mat as easily as the curly coats. 

With the straight coat, you’ll only need to brush your Aussidedoodle down once a week to maintain their groom style.

Flat Coat


The flat coat is similar to the straight coat, but lies flatter and with fewer waves than the straight coat.

Unfortunately, this coat also tends to shed more than the wool or fleece coats, making them a less ideal pet for someone who is choosing this breed for health reasons.

Wool Coat


The wool coat is what breeders refer to as the curly coat. It’s the most desired of all the Aussiedoodle coats as it gives them a cute teddy bear appearance. This fur is soft and fluffy, coming together in hollow spirals with a playful bounce.

Every dog is different, and so is its curl type. Some will be a loose spiral, while others will be tighter; you won’t know what you have until your puppy is older.

Whichever coat your dog grows into, be aware that you will need to brush them down daily to prevent matting. 

Your curly-coated Aussiedoodle will need an intense grooming regime if you decide to keep their hair long. In addition to haircuts for Aussiedoodles, you’ll need to implement the following into your routine:

  • Regular baths
  • Detangling
  • Brushing
  • Combing

This level of care often results in most owners opting for the teddy bear cut or summer cut for their curly-haired Aussiedoodles.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the wool coat Aussiedoodles are light shedders. Because of this, they’re more popular among allergy sufferers who appreciate less exposure to pet dander.

Fleece Coat


The fleece coat is the best of both worlds for Aussiedoodle lovers. The Aussiedoodle will still have that cute teddy bear appearance, but they won’t be as prone to matting or tangles.

The Aussiedoodle with a curly coat will require daily brushing, but those with the fleece coat may only need to be brushed once or twice a week.

This amount is significantly less time spent on grooming. They remain light shedders also, so allergy sufferers may rejoice and enjoy this breed and their delightfully shaggy appearance. 

How To Groom an Aussidoodle 


There are many popular haircut styles for an Aussiedoodle, and you can even practice some at home. But to do that, you’re going to need the right tools. Thankfully we have some great tips on what you need!


A high-quality is a must-have for every Aussiedoodle owner, no matter your Aussiedoodle’s haircut. The Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Bush is the best brush for Aussiedoodles.


Like human hair, it’s much easier to wet your Aussiedoodle hair and attempt to comb out the tangles. A large steel comb will enhance your grooming efforts, no matter if you have a teddy bear cut Aussidoodle or a flat coat dog.

Dog Clippers

You’ll want a versatile dog clipping kit for your Aussiedoodle. Electric clippers are readily-available and come in various sizes.


Scissors will likely come in your clipper kit, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a high-quality backup.

Thinning Shears

Thinning shears are a special type of scissors; used to cut your dog’s hair but not remove as much as the traditional pair of scissors. They’re included in many scissors kits.

Detangler Spray

A detangler spray is a must-have, especially for the Aussiedoodles with curly coats. There are many reliable brands, but Burt’s Bees Natural Detangling Spray is a fantastic option.


If you want your dog’s coat to look its best, opt for a gentle dog shampoo with detangling properties.

Ear Cleaner 

Because an Aussiedoodle is prone to ear infections, it’s imperative to maintain proper ear hygiene and ensure they’re not getting gunked up. Their ears fold over, which unfortunately means that it’s easy for debris to become trapped there.

You can purchase a solution or wipes to help you clear blockage. But if you’re concerned about the state of your pet’s ears, you should always contact a veterinarian. 

These products are all widely available. So you can keep them at home, and with practice, you can do most of your Aussiedoodle’s grooming yourself.

But if you can’t, you should seek a professional groomer familiar with this adorable breed. 

Whatever you decide, it’s just hair and it will grow back! You’ll always be able to choose a different and more appropriate style for your Aussidedoodle in the future.

Final Thoughts on Popular Aussiedoodle Haircuts


There’s no denying that the Aussidedoodle is a fantastic breed. With all the curiosity, personality, and joy of the Australian Shepherd and Poodle, what’s not to love? Their shaggy, curly coats are what draw dog enthusiasts to them.

The care for these coats can be complex, making choosing a haircut style a challenge!

From the shaved Aussiedoodle to the ever-so-popular teddy bear cut, there are plenty of ways to give your Aussiedoodle the adorable grooming style that you’re looking for with these popular Aussiedoodle haircuts.

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