9 Most Popular Rhodesian Ridgeback Mixes! (With Pictures) (2024)


Rhodesian Ridgeback mixes are some of the best hybrid mixes in the dog world. These dog breed mixes get the best traits from their parent breeds and get the size and temperament of a stunning Rhodesian Ridgeback.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback always carries down their affectionate and dignified traits to create a stunning hybrid that maintains an even temper and remains relaxed with their loved ones.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback mix will likely adopt many qualities from this parent, particularly regarding size, weight, and a calm temperament.

Thankfully, a Rhodesian Ridgeback is perfect for families and loves to spend time playing with young children.

This quality can counteract some of the territorial nature of other dog breeds and make a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix a perfect addition to a home with small children who need a vigilant protector.

Read on to learn about Rhodesian Ridgeback mixes and how they change depending on the other parent breed in the genetic makeup.

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What Is a Ridgeback Mix?


A Rhodesian Ridgeback mix is a dog breed that comes from one Rhodesian Ridgeback parent and another parent breed.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback often gives offspring many positive and lively traits and can counteract poor characteristics like territorial behavior or aloofness.

This dog breed is dignified and affectionate, preferring to spend their days curled up with loved ones.

400;”>Rhodesian Ridgebacks are very calm and even-tempered, meaning they are perfect in households with small children who are still learning the boundaries they must maintain with a dog in the home.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback is a medium-large dog, growing about 27 inches tall and weighing up to 85 pounds, giving families a good balance between size and adoration.

This dog breed can shed a lot and may require owners to vacuum after them to maintain a clean household.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are vigilant, watchful, and patient, perfect for keeping young ones in the home healthy and safe. Many times, a Rhodesian Ridgeback’s offspring will maintain this nurturing side.

How Big Does a Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix Get?


The size of a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix depends on what dog breed the Rhodesian Ridgeback mixes with and their stature.

If the Rhodesian Ridgeback breeds with a smaller dog, the resulting hybrid dog breed will likely be much smaller than the Rhodesian Ridgeback parent. However, when mixed with a heavier dog, the mixed breed will be heavyset.

For example, a Rhodesian Ridgeback Poodle mix will be smaller than a Rhodesian Ridgeback Mastiff mix. The sizes of a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix vary but average around 25 to 30 inches tall and 70 to 90 pounds.

Owners who want a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix will likely need to prepare for a large dog in their home.

Preparations may include investing in more food, a bed for a bigger dog, and a large crate. Purchase toys for large dogs to prevent the risk of choking on small toys.

What Are the Best Rhodesian Ridgeback Mixes?


The best Rhodesian Ridgeback mixes are those that mix the Rhodesian Ridgeback with other equally-sized dogs to produce a stunning size. Other good mixes will result in intelligent, rich-colored, or adventurous dogs.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks mixed with Poodles, Mastiffs, Huskies, and Hounds are some of the best mixes.

1. Rhodesian Ridgeback Pitbull Mix


The Rhodesian Ridgeback Pitbull mix is a strong, large, powerful dog breed. This dog breed is usually loving and adoring, preferring to spend all its time with its owners and loved ones.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback Pitbull mix will be happy to cuddle, play, and go for daily walks. These dogs take all the best traits from their parent breeds, being smart, devoted, loyal, and watchful.

However, Pitbulls can be territorial, and this trait can sometimes pass down to a Rhodesian Ridgeback Pitbull mix. Most of the time, this trait isn’t very apparent in this mix since both breeds are loving, protective, and smart.

This mix will have no problems protecting their loved ones when they spot danger.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback Pitbull mix will likely be loving and grow up to 30 inches tall and weigh over 100 pounds in some cases.

This dog breed will need to be kept on a leash at all times to prevent any flares of territorial instincts, and owners are encouraged to ensure this dog breed receives full training.

What Do You Call a Pitbull/Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix?

Most Rhodesian Ridgeback mixes don’t have a unique name or designation. A Pitbull Rhodesian Ridgeback mix will likely just be called a Rhodesian Ridgeback Pitbull mix, but owners of this dog are welcome to come up with personal names for this dog breed.

Most mixes with specific titles like Goldendoodles and Cockapoos derive their name from mixing the two titles of their parent breeds.

Potential names for a Rhodesian Ridgeback Pitbull mix include the following names:

  • Rhodesiabull
  • Rhodesian Ridgebull
  • Ridgebull
  • Rhodesian Pitback
  • Pitback
  • Rhodesian Pittie

Whatever name you choose to designate your Pitbull Rhodesian Ridgeback mix will work well since most people will understand that the dog is a mixed breed.

2. Rhodesian Ridgeback Mastiff Mix


A Rhodesian Ridgeback Mastiff mix is a dog breed hybrid that comes from one Rhodesian Ridgeback parent and a Mastiff parent.

Combining the two dog breeds may result in a large, heavyset dog that can easily weigh more than 100 pounds and grow more than 30 inches. However, this dog breed is one of those gentle giant types with the best intentions and never gets territorial.

These dogs are dignified, loyal, and always willing to protect their loved ones. A Rhodesian Ridgeback Mastiff mix adores children and will gladly spend their day playing outside with children all day.

However, children under ten should be supervised when playing with this large dog breed. Although a Rhodesian Ridgeback Mastiff mix won’t harm a child intentionally, their size can pose a threat and may cause accidental injury.

3. Rhodesian Ridgeback Husky Mix


Mixing a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Siberian Husky is not for the faint of heart or those who like a calm and non-adventurous life. This combination of dogs results in a breed that loves adventure and must constantly be on the move to be happy.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback Husky mix will prefer to spend all their time outside, playing with any small children in the home, or adventuring on the property.

This dog breed will likely be lean and grow no taller than 26 inches tall. Your Rhodesian Ridgeback Husky mix may need to be brushed and have its common areas cleaned weekly to prevent any allergy flare-ups.

Brush your Rhodesian Ridgeback Husky mix daily to prevent any tangles or matting in their coat, and consider taking them to be trimmed every few weeks.

4. Rhodesian Ridgeback Boxer Mix


A Rhodesian Ridgeback Boxer mix comes from breeding a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Boxer together. The resulting hybrid dog breed is an active and fun-loving dog who is big on affection.

This combination of dogs will ensure that your Rhodesian Ridgeback Boxer mix is good with children and will be devoted to protecting the whole family. These dogs are aloof from other dogs but likely won’t mind their presence much.

This mixture of dog breeds may have you cleaning up drool and hair often, and you’ll likely need to brush your dog to prevent the buildup of hair and dander.

Additionally, this dog breed will constantly be on the lookout for dangers and will alert you to any potential threats in the area.

5. Rhodesian Ridgeback Hound Mix


A Rhodesian Ridgeback Hound mix is any Rhodesian Ridgeback hybrid that has come from a parent in the Hound group. A Rhodesian Ridgeback can be mixed with any of the following Hounds to create a loving, adventurous, and happy dog breed:

  • Deerhound
  • American Foxhound
  • Afghan Hound
  • Basenji
  • Basset Hound
  • Bloodhound
  • Borzoi
  • Daschund
  • Greyhound
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Whippet

The Bloodhound is the most closely related to the Rhodesian Ridgeback in size, stature, and personality. Meshing these two dog breeds will result in a hybrid dog that will love being outside, chasing others, and hunting pests on the property.

6. Rhodesian Ridgeback Golden Retriever Mix


Mixing a Rhodesian Ridgeback with a Golden Retriever can produce a dog that is adoring and will follow on your heels wherever you go.

These dogs will never want to leave your side, snuggle onto your lap regardless of their size, and will be eager to please you during training sessions.

This dog breed comes from two dog breeds that shed a lot and will likely need plenty of cleaning up, brushing, grooming, and vacuuming. You may need to have this designer dog breed groomed regularly and trim their hair every couple of weeks.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback Golden Retriever mix will likely remain somewhere between 24 and 27 inches tall and weigh no more than 85 pounds since both parent breeds are relatively the same size.

Monitor how these dogs behave with children to prevent any accidental injuries.

7. Rhodesian Ridgeback Beagle Mix


A Rhodesian Ridgeback Beagle mix composes of one Rhodesian Ridgeback parent and one Beagle parent. This hybrid breed is curious and friendly but will remain on guard around new people.

Because the Beagle is a medium-small dog breed, combining the two will result in a smaller dog who will likely not be taller than 20 inches and will be around 30 pounds.

This dog is perfect for family homes since Beagles, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks both thrive when around small children.

Mixing the two will also make the resulting breed adoring toward other animals in the home and make them want to play with any other dogs, cats, or hamsters you may have.

This hybrid dog breed sheds moderately, and you may need to brush them every couple of days to expel any excess dander or hair. Also, consider vacuuming weekly to rid your home of possible allergens.

8. Rhodesian Ridgeback Terrier Mix


A Rhodesian Ridgeback Terrier mix is a dog breed that comes from one American Staffordshire Terrier parent and one Rhodesian Ridgeback parent.

This dog breed mix is good-natured and highly intelligent but can get a little territorial due to its Terrier genetic makeup.

This mixture is a medium-large dog breed that will grow about 23 to 26 inches tall and may be anywhere from 50 to 80 pounds. This dog breed will likely enjoy spending time with young children but may be aloof with other animals in the home.

Children under 10 should be supervised when interacting with a Rhodesian Ridgeback Terrier mix to prevent injuries due to the dog’s size and monitor any territorial flare-ups.

This hybrid dog breed will likely need to be brushed once every couple of days to remove excess dander and hair. Owners will also need to vacuum their area to prevent the buildup of allergy-causing hair.

9. Rhodesian Ridgeback Poodle Mix


A Rhodesian Ridgeback Poodle mix will have one Rhodesian Ridgeback parent and one Poodle parent. This unique combination produces a designer dog hybrid with an active and dignified temperament.

These dogs are highly-intelligent and prefer to spend their time playing outside with young children or spending time with other dogs at home.

This dog breed is perfect for a home with those prone to allergies since they won’t shed much.

Poodles are famous for not shedding, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks are only mild shedders, meaning that mixing the two will result in a dog breed that has very little shedding.

Families may have to vacuum once weekly to ensure that any dander and hair are cleaned off the floor.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback Poodle mix will likely need to have daily brushing, however. This dog’s Poodle parent will pass down their stunning coat and make brushing and hair trimming necessary components of their care.

Conclusion For “Most Popular Rhodesian Ridgeback Mixes”


A Rhodesian Ridgeback mix can be a perfect addition to any home and family who wants a stunning and vigilant protector on the property.

These dogs are intensely loyal and loving, happy to spend their time and attention on those they love. These dogs especially adore young children and love playing with them as much as they can.

Mixing other dog breeds with a Rhodesian Ridgeback can create loving, vibrant, and lively dog breed hybrids who love spending time with family and going on exciting adventures. It’s rare for a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix to become aloof.

For example, Rhodesian Ridgeback Pit Bull mixes will make the hybrid dog breed lose some of its territorial nature and allow them to be more loving toward everyone, including strangers.

Consider adopting a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix into your family home if you’d like a hybrid dog with the best possible traits from both their parent breeds.

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