Types Of Aussiedoodle Colors – With Tons Of Pictures! (2024)


Aussiedoodles are highly intelligent, fun-loving dogs who thrive on playtime and love from their owners. This dog breed seems to have gotten all the best traits from the loyal and happy parent breeds.

Aussiedoodles hail from Australian Shepherds and Poodles. Miniature Aussiedoodles will have Miniature Poodles and Miniature Australian Shepherds as parents. Because Australian Shepherds and Poodles have many different coat colors, their offspring can have tons of different coat colors, from merle to red. Keep reading to learn about all the different types of Aussiedoodles colors.

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Types Of Aussiedoodle Colors


Aussiedoodles are adorable dogs that are sought-after due to their temperament and size. These dogs are ideal for families and make for a perfect traveling companion. Aussiedoodles love having work and tasks to complete but will stop to engage in plenty of playtimes.

Aussiedoodles have a wide array of colors on their coats. Usually, Aussiedoodles have a mixture of many colors. Solid-colored Aussiedoodles are rare but not impossible to come across. Browse our list of Aussiedoodle colors to see all the stunning combinations this dog breed offers.

Aussiedoodle Colors


Aussiedoodles have a wide range of stunning colors on their coat that make them stand out from other dog breeds. Because this dog breed is a mixture of other purebred dogs, there are many color variations.

Aussiedoodles can be bi-colored, tri-colored, or have a unique coloration like apricot or sable coloring. There are also solid-colored Aussiedoodle, although these are rare and don’t often occur without intervention in breeding.

Aussiedoodle puppies will also change color slightly after they are born, making it difficult to tell what color they will be in adulthood.

View all the Aussiedoodle colors below to get an idea of how Aussiedoodles look and what stunning colors can land on their coat.



It’s uncommon to find a sold black Aussiedoodle. Although rare, this coloration on an Aussiedoodle is possible. These dogs will be solidly black and often have a coat of curly hair, similar to their Poodle parent.

Aussiedoodles with black hair often have mixtures of other colors within. Many black Aussiedoodles will have white patches or smudges of brown.

These brown smudges will occur above their eyes and across their chest. Sometimes, their paws may present with small patches of brown.

Black Aussiedoodles with white patches may be referred to as a Black Tuxedo Aussiedoodle. A black and white Aussiedoodle will have white patches on its chest and neck, making it look like the Aussiedoodle is wearing a tuxedo.



White Aussiedoodles will be mostly white but may have some other color splotches mixed in. If most of an Aussiedoodle’s body is white, they are considered white instead of bi-colored.

White Aussiedoodles will likely have splotches of tan, beige, and champagne mingled into its coat.

White Aussiedoodles may also have a patch of another coloring around one eye, but this is usually small and doesn’t draw much attention away from their stunningly white hair.

Solid white Aussiedoodles are not common and it may be hard to get one that doesn’t have other colors mixed in.



Apricot-colored Aussiedoodles may be one of the most sought-after types. This color in an Aussiedoodle coat is stunning and offers a vibrant view. Apricot Aussiedoodles likely will have other colors mixed in.

These colors include dark brown and black, but mostly white. Other colors blend into the apricot coloring, making a smooth and uniform look.

Apricot Aussiedoodles may also have a patch of white hair on the front of their chest, making them look regal. This color combination is reminiscent of a tuxedo pattern familiar with cats or Black Tuxedo Aussiedoodles.

Apricot Aussiedoodles are rare and usually have various shades mingled within, so finding a solid-colored apricot Aussiedoodle may be challenging.

Red Merle


Red merle Aussiedoodles are stunning. This color combination offers plenty of colors and gives Aussiedoodles a hyena-looking pattern. Thankfully, your Aussiedoodle won’t act like a hyena, they’ll simply look similar in color to one.

Growing out an Aussiedoodle’s hair can create a vibrant gradient of colors that will have strangers pausing to fawn over the dog.

Red merle Aussiedoodles usually have a patch of white that extends across their chest with other, alternating stripes of brown and black going down the rest of their body.

The colors will become more vibrant as time passes, and an Aussiedoodle grows from a puppy to a mature adult dog.

Blue Merle


Blue merle Aussiedoodles have a more marble look that can make them seem more wolfish. This color combination includes gradients of white, gray, and black.

The mixture of these colors gives an Aussiedoodle a grayish-blue look similar to that of a Siberian Husky.

Blue Merle Aussiedoodles usually have black ears. Sometimes, their ears may be a dark gray color instead of completely black.

This coloration on dogs also may have mingled spots of dark gray and black all over the body, like freckles on a human.

Sable Merle


Sable merle Aussiedoodles look mostly brown with a white patch across their chest. This color on an Aussiedoodle is stunning and makes them look more like their Australian Shepherd parent.

An Aussiedoodle with a sable merle coloring will have white patches on the paws, which offer them a dainty and elegant look.

A sable merle coating color may offer you a touch of trouble when your Aussiedoodle goes for a run outside. Dirt and mud may blend in with your dog’s hair.

Take careful note of what your dog does outside before letting them in to prevent a mess!

Chocolate Merle


A chocolate merle Aussiedoodle has chocolate brown and light brown colors mingled together.

This color on a dog is reminiscent of a marble cake with chocolate and vanilla swirls. A chocolate merle Aussiedoodle will have splotches, spots, and stripes of dark brown and light brown.

There will also be alternating, if random-looking, patterns all over the Aussiedoodle’s coat of hair.

Chocolate merle Aussiedoodles may have some places on their bodies where solid colors are present and others that are a wild mixture of tones.



A phantom Aussiedoodle is mostly one solid color with clear markings on specific parts of their bodies. Phantom Aussiedoodles can come in a wide variety of colors, including reddish, ruddy tones, and black with brown.

Phantom Aussiedoodles have color schemes similar to other dog breeds and can easily trick those passing by into thinking they are completely different dogs.

Red Phantom


A red phantom Aussiedoodle has a dark brown, almost reddish, coat of hair. There are also patches of amber coloring on their legs and either side of their chest.

Red phantom Aussiedoodles will also have a strip of light brown or white going down the middle of their chest and toward their bellies.

Red phantom Aussiedoodles are some of the most unique Aussiedoodles and can range in coloration. The pattern is always the same, but they can be dark brown or a lighter brown with a gradient pattern on their bodies.

Black Phantom


A black phantom Aussiedoodle has a color pattern that looks eerily like a Rottweiler. Black phantom Aussiedoodles will have light brown spots about their eyes and on the sides of the snout.

This coloration will also include brown patches on the legs and a strip of brown across their chest.

The boldness of these colors can vary from rich brown to a dull and light tan. This color pattern may also include a light tan color on their back legs while the rest of their body remains a deep black color.



Bi-colored Aussiedoodles have two colors in their coat of hair. These colors can be anything. There are plenty of Aussiedoodles with gray and white colors, tan and brown colors, and black and white colors.

Bi-colored Aussiedoodles will usually have more than a few splotches of other colors mixed in but instead, have a lot of space that contains both colors.

Bi-colored Aussiedoodles can have uniform coats but are more likely to look like they’ve fallen into a vat of mixed paint.

Their ears may have different color patterns, and the sides of their coats may contain spots and splotches of various sizes.



A tri-color Aussiedoodle will have three colors in its coat. These colors are usually black, white, and brown. Black tri-colored Aussiedoodles may have darker colorations than those with lighter colors.

Some black tri-colored Aussiedoodles may even resemble Rottweiler coat patterns.

The tri-color pattern can include light colors, as well. Light colors like white, gray, and apricot can appear on a tri-colored Aussiedoodle and give them a regal look. These colors likely come from a parent with a light-colored coat.

Australian Shepherds are known for their sometimes wolfish-gray coat, which may contribute to this coloration.

Aussiedoodles that are tri-color may not have only three shades but instead many gradients and shades of colors on their coat.

Mini Aussiedoodle Colors


Miniature Aussiedoodles usually have the same types of colors that standard-sized Aussiedoodles can have. Mini Aussiedoodles can be tri-colored, bi-colored, or contain a full range of other colors.

The only difference between a Miniature Aussiedoodle and a standard Aussiedoodle is that a Miniature Aussiedoodle comes from a Miniature Poodle and Miniature Australian Shepherd.

This genetic trait means that a Miniature Aussiedoodle is much smaller and maybe more vocal.

Miniature Aussiedoodles will only grow about 18 inches tall and weigh no more than 25 pounds, making them perfect for a family who loves to take their furry friend on adventures.

Standard Aussiedoodles will tower over a Miniature Aussiedoodle by nearly 10 inches and weigh as much as 70 pounds, making them ideal for chores and laborious work.

However, they may be harder to take on family adventures and require more training.

Conclusion For Types Of Aussiedoodle Colors


Aussiedoodles are ideal family dogs and often inherit traits from both of their fun-loving and excitable parents. This dog breed comes from Australian Shepherds and Poodles – two dogs who enjoy having tasks to do and having fun.

Aussiedoodles have a lovely temperament, especially around other dogs and young children. This dog breed will often spend their time sitting in your lap, leaning against you, or helping you with chores around the house.

Aussiedoodles are perfect for training and will be receptive to verbal commands and instructions they learn.

Aussiedoodles come in many colors, including rare shades like apricot and blue merle. These colors can be random, but many breeders will attempt to use specific breeding to get a litter with stunning and unique colors.

Our list of Aussiedoodle colors only showcases a few of the most common possibilities for coloration within Aussiedoodles.

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