Is A Goldendoodle A Good Family Dog? Good with Small Kids? (2024)

Is A Goldendoodle A Good Family Dog

For those looking for the perfect furry family member to join the family, you might want to consider the Goldendoodle. This mixed breed is one-half Golden Retriever and one-half Poodle with all of the intelligence and friendliness of both.

Is A Goldendoodle A Good Family Dog? Yes!  Goldendoodles can be a great family dog provided that owners know what kind of dog they want. The Goldendoodle has a lot of energy, is extremely friendly, and doesn’t require a lot of grooming. With proper socialization, it’s great for all members of the family.

If you’re looking to add to your family, a Goldendoodle is an excellent and popular choice.  Dogs of any breed have a variety of things to consider when you’re bringing them into a family with kids though.  I know my dog Chachi is a great addition to our family!  However, puppies will jump, mouth (nip) and get the “zoomies” from time to time!  Zoomies are basically the urgent need to run at full speed all over the place for a few minutes, and for no apparent reason.  It’s quite comical but again with small kids, you need to be aware of it. 

Read on to find out if the Goldendoodle will get along well with other members of your family like kids, other dogs, and cats.

The Right Temperament

Both Golden Retrievers and Poodles are extremely popular choices of dogs for families. This is because both breeds are intelligent and friendly. The Goldendoodle is just as intelligent and friendly, and that makes them a great family pet. This breed bonds quickly with its owner and family. They don’t typically like to be left alone for long periods of time because they’re highly social.

Goldendoodles are also active. The Golden Retriever in them, especially, likes to play fetch and run around with their family. Also, because the Poodle is a water dog, you shouldn’t be surprised if your Goldendoodle also has an affinity for the water. They can make excellent partners for families who like to go swimming or camping.

Because of their keen intelligence, the Goldendoodle is ripe for training. Whether it’s obedience training or even just fun tricks, the Goldendoodle is ready to perform and loves learning.

The important aspect to consider when choosing a dog for your family is what kind of temperament best fits your family. For example, if you want a dog that is friendly and likes to play, then you need an active dog. The Goldendoodle is a great example of this kind of dog. If you want a guard dog who can alert you to trouble or take down an intruder, then you may not want a Goldendoodle as they’re a bit too friendly. Or you may want a dog that’s independent or not as active. First, you need to decide what best fits your family and what you’re prepared to offer your dog.

The Goldendoodle is the perfect choice for families who love a dog that they can cuddle with, play with, and can accompany them on adventures outside the home.

Goldendoodles and Small Children

A family with small children might wonder are Goldendoodles good with small children? They can be. First, it’s important that your children understand how delicate a puppy is if you’re bringing in a Goldendoodle puppy. Children should be taught to be gentle with puppies as they have a tendency to play rough instead.

On the side of the Goldendoodle, as they grow, they might start jumping on people. That includes jumping on small children. While your child might not mind it at first, it could lead to potential injury. The good news is that Goldendoodles can be trained not to jump on people. As long as you train them early, this shouldn’t be a problem that arises.  Again my dog Chachi gets that urge to run around, and my 7-year-old laughs when he does it, but gets a bit nervous when he is running at her top speed!  We’ve never had a serious problem at all, but be aware with really small children you need to supervise and get that training going.

Like all puppies, Goldendoodles also have a tendency to nip. They typically do this affectionately or because they’re teething. You can teach your children dog safety and offer your Goldendoodle teething toys to help focus their needs. As they grow older and the nipping continues, then it’s time to have it trained out of them.

Finally, Goldendoodles are great with small children because of their hypoallergenic coats. Small children can be especially sensitive to dog fur. The Goldendoodle, thanks to its Poodle parentage, has a coat that doesn’t typically shed a lot. This makes them great for small children who suffer from allergies.

Are Goldendoodles Good with Other Dogs?

If you have other dogs in the home, then you may wonder if your Goldendoodle is going to be a good fit. Luckily, Goldendoodles are extremely friendly towards other dogs provided they are introduced to them in an open and safe way. Socializing your dog is a key part of this. Dogs are naturally curious when they’re young. By opening them to new experiences, new dogs, and new people when they’re a puppy, you’re able to make them more comfortable in new situations with people and dogs.

To ensure that your Goldendoodle gets along well with the other dogs in your home, you should introduce them while the Goldendoodle is still a puppy if possible. You shouldn’t be surprised if the Goldendoodle latches onto the older dogs immediately. Their need for social interaction makes them quick to make friends with other dogs and humans.

To help with the success of your first meeting, you should introduce the dogs in neutral territory. Dogs are territorial creatures. Your older dog has already claimed your home as their territory. For the Goldendoodle to be accepted into the pack, they need to keep from threatening the territory. Both dogs should be leashed at first but the leashes should be kept loose.

Allow your dogs to sniff each other for a short while, then pull them away and distract them with playtime. Then allow them to sniff and interact again. Do this a few times until they seem to grow comfortable with one another. Treats are also a great way to reward dogs when they’re getting along. You should ensure that you are relaxed and speaking in a positive tone to keep the atmosphere light and happy.

Once both dogs have ceased in sniffing one another and seem relaxed, you can take them back home. First, take a walk with them around the neighborhood. Then you can enter the home and, still leashed, walk each dog together room to room. All toys should be hidden away to prevent any conflicts that might arise. If they appear to be getting along, then you can take them off the leash. Continue to encourage good behavior when they appear to be getting along.

Are Goldendoodles OK with Cats?

Goldendoodles are quite friendly and should be able to get along with cats well. However, it also depends on the temperament of your cat. Certain cats take on better to dogs than others and it all has to do with their temperament. For a Goldendoodle, because they’re so friendly and playful, it’s best if you also have a playful cat. A cat that prefers solitude and silence likely won’t get on well with a Goldendoodle.

To help ensure peace in your home, your introduction should go as follows. First, the two animals should be kept separated when in the home. Alternatively crate each, so that they can explore each other’s scent without rousing too much excitement. Once the dog is calm around them and once the cat is usually their litterbox normally, you can progress to the next step.

Your dog should be leashed over the next few days but they should be able to roam the home together outside of their crates. Keep the dog leashed until they’re comfortable around the cat and the cat is using the litterbox normally. Finally, help your dog by giving them treats.

Related Questions

Are Goldendoodles cuddly?

If you want a dog who loves to be cuddled and given physical affection, then you’re going to love the Goldendoodle. They are extremely social dogs and love their owners. Nothing makes them happier than receiving affection and being praised. It’s not uncommon for a Goldendoodle to follow you around the house seeking affection.

How much exercise do Goldendoodles need?

You can call Goldendoodles active. They have a lot of energy and like to play. At the very least, you should exercise your dog for thirty minutes. However, if you want to make them truly happy and worn out, then you should try to play with them for at least an hour. Mix up their play to keep them mentally stimulated.