Types of Cockapoo Colors – With Pictures! (2024)


A Cockapoo is a mixed dog breed: the offspring of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle, especially miniature Poodles. There are many types of Cockapoo colors.

One of the oldest designer hybrid breeds, Cockapoos are adorable because of their small size, fluffy fur, and charming eyes. They are also very friendly, great with kids, and love socializing, making them great family dogs.

If you’re interested in getting a Cockapoo or are intrigued by this breed, you may wonder how many different versions of Cockapoos there are in terms of color. 

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Common Types of Cockapoo Colors


The color of a Cockapoo will depend on the coat of the cocker spaniel parent and the poodle parent. The two main types of Cockapoo colors are particolored and phantom, a mix of solid colors.

In terms of solid colors alone, here are the main colors you will likely see on Cockapoos:

  • Black
  • White
  • Tan
  • Cream
  • Apricot
  • Beige
  • Brown

However, seeing a Cockapoo with only one solid color is rare. Therefore, we’ll focus on combining the most common types of Cockapoo colors.

Color combinations are so common for Cockapoos that there’s even a specific name: particolored coats.

If a Cockapoo has a particolored coat, they are a bi-colored or tri-colored Cockapoo, sporting two or three distinct coat colors, respectively.

Black and White Cockapoo


Black and white Cockapoos are a common type of particolored Cockapoo. Usually, the base color is white, and the secondary color is black, with patches of both colors appearing all over their body.

The shape and size of the black patches can differ from Cockapoo to Cockapoo. Some will have big black patches that occupy a large area of their body, while others may have tiny black specks on their heads or faces.

The black-and-white color combination is among the most popular for Cockapoos. Many people think it’s a very stylish look and can be quite striking.

If you want a black and white Cockapoo, be aware that their coat will require extra care to prevent the black patches from fading.

To do this, avoid over-exposing them to direct sunlight and use a coat-specific shampoo when bathing them.

Tan and White Cockapoo


Like the black and white Cockapoo, the tan and white Cockapoo is a prevalent type of particolored Cockapoo.

The tan and white Cockapoo coat will be mostly white with light brown or “tan” fur patches. These tan patches are usually located around the ears, face, and paws but can be scattered anywhere on the body.

Also the black and white Cockapoo, the size and shape of the patches can differ. Many people find this Cockapoo color combination less aggressively striking and more subtle, thus more appealing.

Black and Tan Cockapoo


A black tan Cockapoo looks similar to a Cockapoo with black and white fur, although with a little less contrast than some people prefer.

Tan and black Cockapoos look like they have a black base coat with tan patches instead of white.

The tan patches’ size, shape, and location are similar to those of black and white Cockapoos, but the tan looks more bear-like, which some people love.

Brown and White Cockapoo


Brown and white Cockapoos may have a brown base coat with white fur on the bottom or white fur with brown patches.

There are numerous white Cockapoos with brown patches over their eyes, which is an adorable look many people love.

Like all particolored Cockapoos, the brown and white ones need extra care to prevent their coats from fading.

Brown and Cream Cockapoo


Cream color is another common type of Cockapoo color, and it typically pairs with brown on this dog breed’s fur.

A cream and brown Cockapoo is similar to a brown and white Cockapoo, although the patches tend to be more spread out and less defined.

The cream color is also very popular for solid-colored Cockapoos, although they are less common. Even a Cockapoo with completely cream fur on its body will usually have brown patches on its nose or at the tips of its ears.

Red Apricot Cockapoo


Red and apricot are two other common types of colors, which are very similar in appearance.

When a Cockapoo is red, it’s not a glaring bright red but more of a subtle, reddish brown. And when a Cockapoo is an apricot color, they tend to be a lighter shade of red.

The two colors are trendy for Cockapoos, and many people love the way they look, as they stand out and are unique while still not looking out-of-the-box.

Because the colors are similar, you’ll usually find a bit of red in an apricot Cockapoo or vice versa, making this another bi-colored type of color.

Phantom Cockapoo


Phantom Cockapoos are Cockapoos with a dark color as their base coat and a lighter color on their ears, eyes, nose, paws, or other smaller body parts.

The dark colors of phantom Cockapoos are usually black, dark brown, or dark red, while the lighter shade is usually white or light cream.

Many people appreciate the look of phantom Cockapoos because they have a strong solid color with enough “highlight” spots to be appealing without looking too contrasting overall.

Tuxedo Cockapoo


Like a phantom Cockapoo, a tuxedo-colored Cockapoo can be two various colors.

It’s called a tuxedo because the lighter color, usually white, lines the underside of their bodies, usually beginning with their face but sometimes starting with their neck or belly.

This is one of the best Cockapoo colors for a stylish dog.

Sable Cockapoo


A sable is a barrel-chested antelope with brownish-red fur that usually has lighter brown markings.

Thus, sable is also a type of coloration for Cockapoos, with shades of lighter and darker browns throughout the body and face, although this is not as common as other colors.

When a Cockapoo has a sable color, it might have a dark reddish-brown base coat with light brown spots on its eyes, nose, or ears tips. They may also have lighter brown feet or bellies.

Cockapoo Tri-Color


Many Cockapoos are bi-color, but there is such a thing as a tri-color Cockapoo. As the title suggests, tri-color Cockapoos have three distinct colors or shades instead of just two.

Tri-colored Cockapoos might be:

  • White, brown, and black
  • Brown, black, and cream
  • Brown, tan, and white
  • Red, brown, and black
  • Light brown, dark brown, and reddish-brown

And a variety of other color combinations.

Tri-color Cockapoos are beautiful because of their wide array of colors, and they are definitely a unique type of Cockapoo.

Merle Cockapoo


Merle is a rare Cockapoo pattern with white or light color as the base and darker spots littered throughout the coat.

Merle coats are usually found in other breeds, such as Great Danes and Australian Shepherds. If a Cockapoo has a merle coat, it might be because there is another breed outside of a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel in their genetics.

Roan Cockapoo


Last but not least for types of Cockapoo colors are roan Cockapoos. Roan-colored Cockapoos are also bi-colored, but instead of having district sections for each color, the individual hairs of each color are more mixed throughout the fur.

This mixed combination of colors usually has a white base with either black, blue, or brown tips.

They look slightly similar to the merle coats mentioned above but have a more even mixture than a spotted pattern.

Roan Cockapoos are very pretty and have a distinct look that sets them apart from other Cockapoos.

Frequently Asked Questions


As you can see, there are several different types of Cockapoo colors, combinations, and patterns that you may be interested in for your Cockapoo.

If you have more questions, our answers to these commonly asked questions might help you.

What is the rarest Cockapoo color?

Merle is the rarest color coat for a Cockapoo. This is because the merle gene is a mutation or a mix with another dog breed, and not every Poodle or Cocker Spaniel carries this gene or genetic background.

What are the colors of Cockapoos?

The most common colors found on Cockapoos include but are not limited to white, cream, brown, red, tan, black, and apricot. Cockapoos usually have some bi- or tri-color combination, which makes them all the more unique and attractive.

What is the best color Cockapoo to get?

Because there are so many different types of colors for Cockapoos, there is no one answer for the best color to get. It will depend on your personal preferences.

However, many people especially appreciate apricot-color Cockapoos because they look sleek, stylish, and unique but not overbearing lay striking.

Types of Cockapoo Colors


In conclusion, there are many Cockapoo colors to choose from if you want to get this type of dog.

Different types of Cockapoo colors and patterns will give your dog a specific look and require a specific type of care and maintenance from the owner.

Finally, each color has its distinct beauty, and it is ultimately up to you to decide which color you think is the best.

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