Cavapoo Colors Guide – With Tons Of Pictures! (2024)


Cavapoos are stunning, small dogs who are playful and intelligent. Cavapoos are a hybrid breed born from miniature Poodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Cavapoos have a vibrant coat that can be in multiple colors.

Cavapoos have many different colors on their coats. However, most Cavapoos have solid-colored hair or may have small patches of white or tan hair.

Some Cavapoos have rich coat colors that include unique variations and combinations.

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Cavapoo Colors


Cavapoos usually have traditional colorations, like black, white, tan, gold, and brown. However, many Cavapoo-lovers prefer Cavapoos with apricot, tri-color, or bi-color coats.

There are even some Cavapoos who have blue hues in their coat of hair. Many Cavapoo puppies will change, and the color of their hair will evolve.

Taking care of your Cavapoos coat of hair can be a challenge. If you use the correct material, you can retain the color and shine of their coat while keeping them from shedding all over the house!


black cavapoo

Black is a rare color on a Cavapoo. This color lies in recessive genes and doesn’t usually make an appearance. Black Cavapoos cost more money because their color is so rare. Lighter colors are much more common, like white, tan, and brown.

Black is typical for Poodles, the parent dog for a Cavapoo. However, this color doesn’t appear much in Cavapoos, especially when the parent Poodle is a light color.

Black is a unique color for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the other parent of the Cavapoo, making black an unlikely color for a Cavapoo.

Black Cavapoos are some of the most expensive because this color is rare. Usually, whenever black appears in a Cavapoo, they are mingled with other colors or seseemsightened.


white cavapoo

White is one of the most common colors for a Cavapoo. Although solid color Cavapoos are rare, white is the most likely color for a solid-colored Cavapoo.

White Cavapoos are not usually totally white. Most Cavapoos with a white coat of hair have cream-toned ears that flop over.

This cream tone may look dirty at times, but upon closer inspection is just a darker shade than the rest of their body. Most of the time, a white Cavapoo inherits dominant genes from the white Poodle parent.

A Cavapoo can be completely white, but it is unlikely. Usually, there are other light colors like tan, apricot, and soft brown mingled within the coat.

Even red or ruby colors can appear in a white Cavapoo, creating a stunning splash of color on your puppy. Black and white Cavapoos are common, as well.


tan cavapoo

Cavapoos in solid colors arisind of rare. However, tan is a likely option for solid color Cavapoos.  This color likely comes from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent, as this color is more common in that breed than in Poodles.

Many shades of tan appear in Cavapoos, but the most common is a lighter shade. Deeper shades are rare and closer aligned with gold.

Most tan Cavapoos will have patches of white on their noses or under their eyes. Some may have a strip of white going up their head, between their eyes.

Black and tan Cavapoos can be frequent in this dog type and may have plenty of black patches on their body, similar to freckles.

Another common feature is a white patch under its mouth. Other colors can appear in patches, notably light apricot colors, red, or brown.



Cavapoos can include a stunning red or ruby color. Similar in color to the gemstone of the same name, this color gives a Cavapoo a deep, royal look that will have every stranger pausing to fawn over them.

Ruby Cavapoos usually have plenty of other colors mixed into its coat.

Ruby red Cavapoos are already very rare, but a solid-colored Cavapoo is nearly impossible to find. Usually, Ruby Cavapoos have white patches mixed in, similar to those who are tan.

However, Ruby Cavapoos will include white patches on their bellies, chests, legs, and paws. Red and white Cavapoos can be stunning and create a stir with strangers while walking.

A ruby coat of hair on a Cavapoo may make it harder for the owner to tell when they are dirty or muddy since the colors can blend.

Monitor your Cavapoo’s outdoor adventures to ensure they aren’t trailing in mud and dirt. Bathe your ruby Cavapoo weekly to keep them hygienic and healthy.


apricot cavapoo

When you think of a Cavapoo, you might envision a deep golden or apricot-colored dog who is happy, playful, and loving. Apricot coloring is a staple of this dog breed and is one of the most common colors.

A fufull-grownpricot Cavapoo is unlike a ruby or tan Cavapoo. Apricot is a stunning, deep color that looks more peachy than red. This color is vibrant, giving your Cavapoo a regal look. 

This color comes from the combination of peach and gold tones inherited from Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s parents. Peach and gold colors are typical in these parent breeds, making apricot Cavapoos common.

Apricot Cavapoos often have patches of white, tan, and beige mixed in with their coat and may have cute white spots on their paws, legs, head, nose, and belly.


brown cavapoo

Brown is another classic color for Cavapoos, and they are called chocolate Cavapoos. This ruddy, brown color is typical and holds a vibrancy that other brown dog breeds don’t typically have.

Brown Cavapoos will likely have tan, white, and black spots and patches on their bodies.

Black and brown Cavapoos can have unique patterns, but this color combination can be typical. Cavapoos with black and brown colors in their coat are called sable Cavapoos.

Multi-Colored Cavapoos


Cavapoos are unique because they can have various colors and combinations. This dog breed is notorious for having multiple shades and rare coloring, making them one of the most sought-after dog types on the market.

Many Cavapoo breeders will specifically breed their Cavapoo litters for solid colors and combinations of colors that potential dog owners look for in their new dog.

Some combinations are rare and unique, but regardless of the color, Cavapoos are high in demand.


Bi-Colored cavapoo

Many dogs have more than one color, but dogs with two tones on their body are considered bi-colored. Cavapoos with two colors are usually full-grown and include a combination of light colors or dark colors.

Apricot Cavapoos that are full-grown typically hahased, white, and beige tones. Black Cavapoos who are full-grown might have brown, dark red, or gold tones.

When dark colors and light colors mingle in a Cavapoo coat, they usually include more than two colors, making them tricolor dogs.



Cavapoo tri-color patterns include black, brown, and white. These shades of these tri-color patterns can vary and may include more tan, beige, or champagne tones.

Tri-color dogs are not very high in demand because many prospective dog buyers think this coloration may indicate weaker genes.

Regardless, tri-color Cavapoos have stunning colors that are deep and vibrant. This color combination will have you and your family swooning with cuteness overload.

Special Colors


Cavapoos come in dozens of colors and shades. However, there are two special colors that other dog breeds can’t achieve or struggle to achieve.

Cavapoo breeders have a difficult time getting these colors in their Cavapoo litters, but when they do pop up, puppies sell for extremely high prices.

Cavapoo puppies can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000, or more, depending on the unique coloration and the extent of potty training.


blue gray cavapoo

Gray is normal in dogs when they grow older, but a blue-gray Cavapoo puppy is uncommon. This special combination can also include white tones but rarely includes darker shades like black or brown.

Deep Gold

deep gold cavapoo

Deep gold Cavapoos can easily be mistaken for tan or ruby Cavapoos. However, deep gold Cavapoos are a perfect middle ground between the two other colors.

This color doesn’t often occur in Cavapoos. This color is similar to the iconic color of a Goldendoodle.

Goldendoodles are a deep gold color, and it may come as no surprise that Cavapoos and Goldendoodles share a parent: Poodles!

Blenheim Cavapoo

Blenheim Cavapoo

This color combination in Cavapoos is inherited from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent. These colors are chestnut and white and usually appear in the same pattern that they appear on the parent dog.

Cavapoos Have Other Special Traits


Cavapoos not only have special colored coats, but they also have some of the most stunning eyes. Cavapoos usually have brown eyes that can range in tone and color.

Most of the time, Cavapoos have amber, brown, or chocolate eyes. However, sometimes this special dog breed can inherit blue eyes from their Poodle parent.

Blue-eyed Cavapoos can make your heart melt in your chest. Blue eyes in a Cavapoo are rare and may make your Cavapoo more expensive to purchase.

Do Cavapoo Coats Change Color?

The color of your Cavapoos coat will largely remain the same for most of their life. Although your puppy may experience some color changes within the first few weeks of its life, its coat color will settle in and remain that way for years. 

For example, red Cavapoo puppies may lose a touch of their vibrance and can settle into a lighter shade. White Cavapoo puppies may have a similar issue, where their coat darkens by a shade or two.

A Cavapoo may experience a change in its coat color only when they get older and start to develop gray hairs. This is common and indicates that your Cavapoo is nearing its senior years.

As your dog gets older, you may notice other signs of seniority in your Cavapoo, like oral problems, lumps, and joint pain.

However, a Cavapoo born with a certain color will retain that color for the majority of its life. The older your Cavapoo, the grayer their color becomes.

Your Cavapoo won’t turn completely gray, but it will have highlights of gray within its original color.

How To Care For a Cavapoo Coat

Your Cavapoo will have a beautiful coat of hair and it must be maintained routinely. Grooming your Cavapoo can be a challenge, but there are plenty of professional pet grooming services that can take care of that for you.

If you choose to groom your Cavapoo by yourself, you will need some special equipment to make the process easier. These tools include:

  • Hair Trimmer
  • Blow Dryer
  • 400;”>Puppy Wash or Shampoo
  • Conditioner or Hair Softener

Other grooming items may include nail trimmers, nail files, and paw butter. These items will help you keep your Cavapoos nails short and prevent any pain from neglecting their nails.

Filing trimmed nails will also keep your Cavapoo from hurting others with recently trimmed, jagged nails. Paw butter is essential to keeping your Cavapoos paws soft and healthy.

Use a gentle formula shampoo and conditioner on your Cavapoo to keep their coat of hair clean, healthy, and shiny. A sensitive formula can battle rashes, excessive itching, and allergic reactions.

Bathe your Cavapoo once a week and brush out their coat with a gentle brush. Brushing out its coat will prevent knots or matted sections that can attract pests, fleas, or bacteria.

Conclusion For Cavapoo Colors


Cavapoos are a loving, affectionate, and fun dog breed. This dog comes from the classic Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodles, making Cavapoos regal and adorable.

This dog breed comes in many stunning colors that will give your dog plenty of affection and attention.

Although it can be impossible to tell what color coat your Cavapoo puppy will have as it grows into an adult, you can tell whether or not it will shed much.

Cavapoo puppies who have wavy hair like their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent will shed more than their Poodle parent will.

Taking care of your Cavapoos coat of hair is essential to maintaining its color and shine. Use a puppy wash or dog shampoo that will help your dog’s hair stay intact, healthy, and clean.

Plant-based, natural shampoos are ideal for this and should be used over those that include artificial colors and fragrances.

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