10 Interesting Facts About the Teacup Cavapoo! (2024)


Cavapoos are a mixed breed, with parent dogs being the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and Poodle. The result is a beautiful family pet with the best traits of both parent breeds. 

You can find tiny Teacup Cavapoos in various coat colors and coat types. Despite the slightly different appearance options, they all share top-preferred qualities like intelligence.

If you’re considering getting a Teacup Cavapoo or want to learn more about these fantastic pets, you’re in the right place. Here are ten facts about the Cavapoo Teacup breed.

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1. Teacup Cavapoos Officially Came Into Existence in the 90s


This lovely crossbreed is a cuddly, friendly, and brilliant pet that features soft fur that may be curly or wavy.

400;”>Breeders bred the Cavapoo as a designer dog in Australia in the late 1900s. This isn’t to say there weren’t any of these puppies, but they didn’t have the title they have today.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are intelligent, calm, and outgoing dogs that date back to 1945 when the British Kennel Club recognized them.

Poodles, well-known for their intelligence and loyalty, go even further in history, with documentation in Europe dating back to the 14th century.

With both dogs having excellent traits, breeders wanted to produce an adorable pet, the Cavapoo, with the features of the two great breeds above.

2. Teacup Cavapoos Are Amongst the Smallest Doodle Breeds

There are currently at least 40 Poodle mixes, also known as doodles. Breeders breed Poodles with other purebred dogs like:

  • Labradors
  • Cocker Spaniels
  • Maltese

400;”>Doodles come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the breed of the parent dog.

Teacup Cavapoos average 5-15 pounds and 15 inches as full-grown dogs. So, if you want a little fuzzy dog with an excellent temperament, you can’t go wrong with the Cavapoo.

3. The Cavapoo Teacup Dog Is a Designer Breed


The term “designer breed” refers to registered, purebred dogs that are bred on purpose to create breeds that take the best characteristics of each parent.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of mixed breeds worldwide. Cavapoo Teacup dogs land among one the most popular designer breeds. Their popularity makes it difficult to find Teacup Cavapoos for sale as they’re so in demand.

The Cavapoo breed is recognized by:

  • The Designer Dogs Kennel Club
  • International Designer Canine Registry
  • Designer Breed Registry
  • The American Canine Hybrid Club

4. They’re an Intelligent Mixed Breed

With parents like Poodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, it’s no surprise that Teacup Cavapoos are highly intelligent breeds.

Cavapoos are easy to train and teach new tricks. Like other pets, the sooner you start training and socializing, the more they can learn.

These fast-learning pups enjoy performing tricks and will relish your praise (and maybe a tiny treat.)

However, it’s essential to use positive reinforcement training methods. Teacup Cavapoos are sensitive and don’t respond well to harsh training.

Ensure your beloved dog understands they have a place in your pack and will be well-trained, loving companion for life.

Although intelligent, they have tiny bladders and need to go outside frequently.

If you’re patient, they’ll catch on soon and give them plenty of potty breaks. Once they reach eight months old, they should be able to go about six hours without needing to go to the bathroom.

5. Cavapoos Have a High Life Expectancy


Generally, Cavapoos have a high life expectancy of 13-15 years. According to one study, the average mean age at death (including all breeds and causes) was slightly over 11 years.

No matter what type of dog you bring home, their lifespan will highly depend on the care they receive.

Luckily, dogs don’t require anything too fancy; ensure they have the correct portions and type of food, adequate exercise, regular vet checkups, grooming, and vaccinations. And, of course, give your dog plenty of love and playtime. 

6. Cavapoos Come in Different Allergy-Friendly Coats

Poodles have curly coats, while Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have medium-length silky coats. Depending on which parent breed the Cavapoo takes after, they may have three different coat types.

These include the following categories.


Dogs with a hair coat type will have a wiry, low-shedding cook with a terrier-like look and feel. Hair requires the least amount of grooming.


The fleece coat type is a loose, wavy coat that requires more grooming than hair. It’s less allergy-friendly than other types.


Cavapoos with a wool coat will have tight curls, similar to the Poodle parent. This coat type is very allergy-friendly and requires regular grooming.

No dog is entirely hypoallergenic, though many claim that Cavapoos are.

Dog allergies come from their dander or the dead skin cells that gather on the pet’s fur. Dogs with tight coats tend to shed less and, in return, leave behind less hair and dander.

So, while they’re allergy-friendly, there could still be a reaction for someone with severe allergies.

7. Teacup Cavapoos Can Be Many Colors, Though Black is the Rarest


Cavapoos may have white, ruby, apricot, brown, gray, black, or tan coat colors, to name a few. Teacup Cavapoos may have one, two, or three colors in their hair or fur.

Although rare, Cavapoos can be all black or black with white spots on their chest and underbelly.

Black is a standard color in both parents’ DNA, but it’s a recessive gene, making it rare for a Cavapoo to inherit.

8. A Teacup Cavapoo Makes a Great Playmate for Children

If you’re looking for a family pet, Cavapoos make great playmates for children. As a bonus, they look like fuzzy little teddy bears.

Teacup Cavapoos thrive on companionship, which is a great trait for a dog when you have little kids running around.

They’re energetic and curious, much like younger children. Kids will enjoy playing with the dog and teaching them tricks, benefiting them all.

The only issue that may arise is if the children are pre-school age, as they may be rougher with the sensitive pups than they realize.

However, as long as you ensure your kids are safe with the Cavapoo, there’s no reason a Cavapoo wouldn’t fit right in with the family.

9. Many Owners Have Teacup Cavapoos as Service Dogs


When you think of service dogs, a tiny furry animal may not be the first to come to mind. 

However, Teacup Cavapoos have many traits that can benefit people of all ages with various health conditions.

Teacup Cavapoos can adapt to various environments, are fiercely loyal, and love other humans they meet.

Because of their intelligence and loveable temperament, these little pups make suitable emotional support dogs.

For individuals with mental health issues, like anxiety or depression, or older senior citizens who feel lonely, a dose of Cavapoo love may be the best medicine.

10. Teacup Cavapoos Are Generally Healthy Dogs

Cavapoos are generally healthy animals with a relatively high life expectancy. Due to their hybrid nature, they’re less prone to genetic defects common in purebreds.

They aren’t far detached from purebred genetics as they’re almost always a first-generation hybrid, so they may inherit their parents’ unhealthy defects.

Cavapoos may be susceptible to cataracts, heart failure, luxating patella, and hip dysplasia. However, these health problems don’t arise too often.

Despite their overall healthy nature, getting the parents’ health records can be helpful. If you can’t get your hands on it, then the potential issues may be something to watch.

Because Cavapoos have large floppy ears, they may be more prone to ear infections, so be sure to check them occasionally.

Overall, Cavapoos are healthy pets as long as they receive the proper care and yearly veterinary checks.

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding facts about the Teacup Cavapoo.

How much is a Cavapoo Teacup dog?

If you’re looking for Teacup Cavapoos for sale, expect to pay somewhere between $1,000-$2,000. Look for high-quality, reputable breeders to ensure you get a healthy dog.

Do Cavapoos bark a lot?

Cavapoos are energetic and sometimes can be vocal. They’re hyper-intelligent, so you can train them to overcome excessive barking.

Are Teacup Cavapoos protective?

Cavapoos are small but very brave. They’re protective and alert and will likely bark to inform their owners if something is off.

However, Teacup Cavapoos are lovers at heart. While they make excellent watchdogs, their friendly nature (and small stature) doesn’t make them great protectors.

Are Cavapoos biters?

Cavapoos may bite during the teething stage in puppyhood. Make sure they have appropriate toys to chew on and offer those if they bite fingers.

However, don’t try to discourage them from biting at this stage.

Facts About the Teacup Cavapoo


Teacup Cavapoos are intelligent, loyal, friendly dog breeds whose parents are the Poodle and King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

These smart little dogs are generally healthy and have a higher life expectancy. Additionally, Cavapoo Teacup dogs come in many different coat colors and coat types. 

They’re an allergy-friendly designer breed and great additions to families with kids, individuals with mental health issues, and everyone in between.

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