Most Common Basenji Mix Breeds! (2024)


Basenjis are graceful and clever dogs who love to go outside and play with their owners. They’re nonaggressive in most cases but don’t usually concern themselves with strangers.

Many people love most qualities of a standard Basenji, but if you want to throw another breed into the mix to have a slightly different kind of Basenji, there are many hybrids to choose from.

If you want to know what Basenji mix breeds exist, below are descriptions of the 20 most common Basenji hybrids and some recommendations for the best homes for them.

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1. Basenji Akita Mix


The Basenji Akita mix is one of the most common and popular Basenji breed mixes. These dogs can range in size from 30 pounds to 120 pounds, and they often have a Basenji head with the thick fur of Akitas.

This mix is fiercely independent but also loyal to its caregivers. They are great with children but can become overprotective of their family at times.

Overall, you can expect an energetic and affectionate dog that’s always ready for adventure. Basenji Akita mixes make fantastic guard dogs, as they’re very alert and wary of strangers without being too aggressive.

2. Basenji Fox Terrier Mix


Fox Terriers are generally a toy breed, so a Basenji Fox Terrier mix is likely to be smaller than a standard Basenji. Both breeds are super high-energy, so they do best when they have plenty of space to frolic and tire themselves out.

They’re also smart breeds, making this mix one of the most intelligent. Basenjis are loyal and loving, and Fox Terriers tend to be obedient and trainable.

With a firm hand, a Basenji Fox Terrier mix can be a well-behaved, lifelong companion for a devoted owner.

3. Basenji Greyhound Mix


Basenji Greyhound mixes are exceptionally beautiful dogs with majesty about them.

They tend to be smaller than Greyhounds, but skinnier than Basenjis. Most look like small, lean Basenji, and they exemplify the gentle and reserved nature of the speedy Greyhound.

Greyhounds tend to get along well with other animals, so bringing a Basenji Greyhound mix into a household with other pets should be no problem.

However, some mixes will take on the Alpha attitude of a Basenji, while others take on the calm demeanor of a Greyhound. But both are high-energy breeds that love to run!

4. Basenji Bloodhound Mix


A Basenji Bloodhound mix, sometimes just called a Basenji Hound mix, is extremely sweet and smart. Like Bloodhounds, this mix makes an excellent member of a family with small children.

They become very attached to their owners and can get lonely easily. So this mixed breed is not ideal for people with busy schedules.

Bloodhounds and Basenjis both exhibit loyal behavior, but Bloodhounds are often not aggressive in any way; they’re typically docile animals.

With a Bloodhound Basenji mix, you’ll likely have to put more effort into training and socializing them, as they can get easily distracted or nervous around other animals.

5. Basenji Husky Mix


A Basenji Husky mix is sure to be an independent and tough dog, ideal for someone who loves to take their dog places and explore. Something many notice about this Basenji mix is how stunning they are.

They have the smaller frame of the Basenji parent paired with the thick fur of a Husky and piercing blue eyes. Many have heterochromia, meaning two different-colored eyes, which is an endearing trait for most dog lovers.

Both breeds are fiercely affectionate with owners but more aloof and standoffish around strangers. Huskies can be aggressive toward other animals if not socialized properly.

6. Basenji Italian Greyhound Mix


One of the most popular Basenji mix puppies is Basenji Italian Greyhounds. Italian Greyhounds are a much smaller version of standard Greyhounds. This Basenji mix is small, weighing between 25 and 50 pounds.

With a slender body and face, this is one of the cutest mixes, and they have a soft temperament, ideal for houses with children or other pets.

This Basenji mix is one of the most playful, so make sure you have tons of toys and give them lots of fun attention, so they don’t get restless and unhappy.

7. Basenji Bull Terrier Mix


Basenji Terrier mix is another common mixed breed, however, it refers to several different Basenji mixes. This mix label refers to many Basenji mixes with ambiguous origins, but it generally refers to Bull Terriers.

Basenji Bull Terriers mixes are interesting because they usually look almost entirely Basenji. Sometimes their faces are slightly larger, but their body size is typical of a Basenji. This combination of breeds results in a super social and curious dog.

As a puppy, they can be too inquisitive for their own good, but they’re also lovable and trainable once they grow out of their silly puppy phase.

8. Basenji Chihuahua Mix


As one might guess, a Basenji Chihuahua mix looks like a mini version of a standard Basenji. But these little dogs are super hyper, as both parent breeds are high energy and love to play and run around.

The personality of this Basenji mix can be hard to characterize, as Basenjis are friendly and bold dogs, while Chihuahuas tend to be more nervous and hesitant to engage with strangers and other animals.

9. Basenji Retriever Mix


The Basenji Retriever mix, either Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever, takes on more physical characteristics of the retriever parent. They are bigger than standard Basenjis and sometimes have longer hair if their parent was a Golden.

They love to run but have calm energy when it’s time to relax indoors. This Basenji mix breed is clever but loyal, so although they may resist training at first, they’ll do whatever it takes to make their owners happy.

10. Basenji German Shepherd Mix


Another common Basenji mix dog is the Basenji German Shepherd hybrid. This mix has a lot of energy and is bigger than normal Basenjis, so they can be a handful.

They’re insanely loyal and affectionate toward their owners but can be aggressive or aloof toward strangers.

They also love to play hard. A gentle dog with decent training could fit into a family with small children, but generally, this breed mix is too energetic to play safely with young kids.

And while Basenjis are light-colored with beige, reddish, and brown fur, you may get a black Basenji mix thanks to the German Shepherd parent breed.

11. Basenji Beagle Mix


Beagles are not nearly as energetic and smart as Basenjis, so the Basenji Beagle mix is a more relaxed hybrid. They tend to be cuddly and loving, getting attached to their owners. So they don’t do super well if left alone often or for long periods.

Beagles appreciate constant attention and company, so this mix likely won’t have the independence of a Basenji. This Basenji mix will be gentle and kind with children and other dogs and pets.

A Basenji Beagle mix is ideal for a big family with lots of love and time to give.

12. Basenji PitBull Mix


Basenji PitBull mixes are agile and incredibly intelligent. They can be stubborn and protective, but with the right owner, they can be trained impeccably and be loyal and well-behaved dogs.

Because PitBulls can sometimes be territorial and aggressive toward other dogs, it’s important to socialize these mixes from an early age.

This dog will be snuggly and affectionate toward owners but likely wary and aloof toward strangers. But they’re a fun breed to bring on adventures and outings.

13. Basenji Boxer Mix


A Basenji Boxer mix is another Basenji mixed breed that people seek out for their energetic but kind temperament.

This Basenji mixed breed takes on the energy and excitement of a Basenji and pairs it with the friendliness and affectionate behavior of a Boxer.

Boxers are fabulous family dogs because they can be gentle and loving toward children and other animals. These hybrids also love to have other dogs around, so they’re perfect for a household with other pets already.

14. Basenji Poodle Mix


Poodles are the most crossbred dogs because people love their mild temperament and trainability.

So it’s no surprise that the Basenji Poodle mix is a highly sought-after breed. This mix can take on many different combinations of characteristics.

They can have longer fur with curls like a poodle and look like a taller Basenji.

Their size also depends on what kind of poodle their parent was, whether a toy, miniature, or standard. A Basenji Poodle mix is another excellent dog for a family with small kids.

15. Basenji Border Collie Mix


Basenji Border Collie mixes are one of the sweetest dogs, but they require a lot of effort to care for adequately.

Because both parent breeds are athletic and full of energy, they need loads of exercise every day compared with other Basenji mixed breeds.

They’re best suited to homes with backyards and owners willing to walk them every day if not more than once a day.

They’re also highly intelligent, so they need lots of attention and interactive toys to keep them entertained and stimulated.

If you don’t entertain and exercise a Basenji Border Collie mix, they can start to act out, destroying furniture or personal items out of boredom.

16. Basenji Corgi Mix


A Basenji Corgi mix often looks like a short, stumpy Basenji, making them one of the more distinct Basenji mixes. Their personality combines the intelligence and attentiveness of a Basenji with the herding mentality of a Welsh Corgi.

So they’ll feel more relaxed and content when all household members, humans, and pets, are in one room.

Corgis are high-energy but have low endurance, so they won’t need excessive exercise to be happy. But they do love outdoor time, so owners with a backyard are ideal.

17. Basenji Jack Russel Mix


Basenji Jack Russel mixes come in a range of sizes. They can be as small as 20 pounds or as large as 75 pounds, so it’s hard to know what to expect when they’re still Basenji mix puppies. This mix is brilliant, loyal, and stunning.

They have a strong appearance but a graceful gait, making them wonderful dogs for adventures, whether you love hiking, boating, or cycling.

Don’t get any Jack Russel Terrier mixes if you aren’t prepared to spend lots of time outside and go on many walks, as this mix seems to have endless supplies of energy.

18. Basenji Great Dane Mix


A Basenji Great Dane mix typically looks like a massive Basenji. Great Danes, despite their intimidating size, are extremely sweet and caring. They love their owners and take every chance to snuggle and enjoy pets.

They love quick bursts of activity but have poor endurance. Short games of fetch will be a more effective and enjoyable form of exercise for them than lengthy walks.

The only downside to this beautiful hybrid is Great Danes have a short lifespan, deterring some potential dog owners.

19. Basenji Cocker Spaniel Mix


Cocker Spaniels tend to be a cheeky breed with no shortage of cleverness and curiosity.

Mixed with Basenjis, this hybrid has loads of energy and loves to try new activities. A Basenji mixed with a Cocker Spaniel will typically be slightly calmer but still playful and adventurous. 

Cocker Spaniels are easy-going, so this mix will be friendlier with other animals and people compared to a Basenji. And they’re a bit smaller than a Basenji, but can also be large, depending on the parent breeds.

20. Basenji Shiba Inu Mix


The Basenji Shiba Inu mix has a distinct look, as it takes on the thick fur and curly tail of a Shiba Inu, with the general build of a Basenji. This hybrid is usually stocky and muscular, making them one of the more athletic Basenji mixes.

They need lots of exercise and training to be excellent pets, but it’s well worth the effort when you have a loving and obedient dog in your home. And it’s undeniable that this Basenji mix is one of the most beautiful and majestic dogs.

Which Basenji Mix Is Right for You?

Which Basenji Mix Is Right for You.

Whether you want a Terrier Basenji mix, Basenji Hound mix, or Basenji Retriever mix, these hybrids have something unique to offer your household.

Many of these Basenji mixed breeds are gentle and playful with children, making them an excellent choice for a family.

But before adopting or buying any dog, gain a general understanding of both parent breeds and potential temperaments.

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