Havapoo: Is This Adorable Havanese Poodle Mix Right for You? (2024)

A cute little Havapoo puppy with brown-and-white markings lying on her owner's lap.

Havapoos are a popular dog breed due to their small size, trainability, hypoallergenic coats, and friendly temperaments.

This is a relatively new breed and is not yet recognized by the AKC. While Havapoos are crossbreeds, their parents may be registered dogs with impressive pedigrees.

What is a Havapoo? The Havapoo is a mixed or designer breed that results from the crossing of a Toy or Miniature Poodle with a Havanese. They are small and intelligent and have wavy or curly coats that come in many colors and color combinations. Toy Havapoos are 7-13 pounds while Mini Havapoos are 15-30 pounds.

Havapoos love to spend time with their owners and have a small size that makes them ideal lap dogs. They are also intelligent, active, and friendly.

If you are considering bringing a Havapoo into your home, read on to learn more about these oh-so-cute little dogs. 

Havapoo Facts

While the AKC does not recognize the Havapoo crossbreed, these little dogs are very popular due to their spunky attitudes and adorable appearances. Here are some facts about them.

Havapoo Size

Havapoos are a crossbreed that is produced when a Havanese is bred with a Toy or Miniature Poodle.

They maintain the same small size of both breeds and make great lap dogs.

Miniature Havapoos can grow to be slightly larger than Toy Havapoos. 

Toy Havapoo Height & Weight

Toy Havapoos are the result of breeding a Havanese to the smallest size Poodle. They stand between 8 and 11 inches tall and weigh between 7 and 13 pounds.

Mini Havapoo Height & Weight

Mini Havapoos are created when a Havanese is bred with a Miniature Poodle. They stand between 11 and 15 inches tall and weigh between 15 and 30 pounds.

Havapoo Appearance

A Havapoo can take on the physical characteristics of either parent, meaning it may look more like a Poodle or a Havanese. The more dominant gene will determine the appearance. 

They typically have wavy or curly coats with long to medium, silky hair. They have dark eyes, noses, and mouths. They are short and fluffy and can have various coat colors like the parent breeds.

Also like the parent breeds, they are not limited to a solid-colored coat; it can also be bicolored or tricolored.

Havapoo Temperament

Havapoos can have the temperament of a Havanese or Poodle, but many will be a delightful combination of both.

Havapoos who take on more of the Havanese temperament are extremely outgoing, affectionate, and energetic.

Havapoos who take on more of the Poodle temperament can be slightly more reserved and more serious. 

Havapoos are easy to train and love to be around people. They enjoy exercise and enriching activities but also enjoy being lapdogs.

Havapoo Exercise & Mental Stimulation

These small dogs are very intelligent and need plenty of mental stimulation to keep them happy and sharp. They enjoy training and do well with off-leash activities and daily walks.

They do not require a lot of exercise but do need a chance to burn off energy. Puzzle toys with treats inside (this one is a classic favorite) and simple games of fetch are best for this breed.

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Havapoo Coat & Colors

Havapoos coats come in a variety of different colors. They can be the color of either parent or show color traits from each one.

Havapoo colors include black, silver, chocolate, white, tan, gold, apricot, blue, brown, gray, cream, and combinations of these colors.

Their coats can be wavy or tightly curled and are soft and fluffy. They are minimal shedders and are hypoallergenic.

Havapoo Grooming

The low-maintenance grooming requirements of Havapoos are one of the many things that attract owners. Their nonshedding coats only need to be brushed two to three times a week.

(My Poodle mixes do well with this stainless steel comb and this self-cleaning slicker brush.)

The hair can be kept long and trimmed to prevent it from dragging on the ground or cut short.

Havapoos are prone to tooth infections, so dental hygiene should be a regular part of grooming.

I personally recommend this canine dental kit that includes a special brush, toothpaste, and a finger brush.

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Havapoo Health Issues

Havapoos are prone to certain health problems that can also affect both the Poodle and Havanese breeds. Some common health problems include: 

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Addison’s disease
  • Cushing’s disease
  • Skin allergies
  • Tooth and gum infections
  • Cataracts
  • Legg-Perthes disease
  • Patella luxation
  • Hypothyroidism

Havapoo Life Expectancy

Havapoos are relatively healthy dogs and have an average life expectancy of 10–14 years. 

Havapoo Price

The price of a Havapoo can vary based on the pedigree of each parent. On average, you can expect to pay between $600 and $2,000.

Havapoo vs. Cavapoo

Both Havapoo and Cavapoo are popular lap dogs, and while their names are similar, the breeds are different.

Havapoos result from a Poodle being bred to a Havanese, while Cavapoos result from a Poodle being bred to a King Charles Spaniel.

They are similar in height and weight and have around the same life expectancy. Both are intelligent, social, and easy to train.

The most significant difference between the two breeds is appearance. Cavapoos resemble Spaniels, and Havapoos resemble Havanese.

Cavapoos have slightly longer ears that are floppy and a shorter nose. Their coat colors include black, white, tan, brown, apricot, gold, bicolored and tricolored.

Havapoos have short ears that sit slightly higher on their heads and tend to be perkier. They have long noses, and their coats come in a wider variety of colors.

What Does a Havapoo Puppy Look Like?

Havapoos look like a mixture of Havanese and Poodle. They are small, soft, and fluffy, and they have wavy or curly fur. Their tails are thick, and their eyes and noses are dark.

They are tiny at birth and can weigh as little as 4 ounces. They grow until they reach around a year old.

Is a Havapoo a Good Family Dog?

Two apricot-and-white havapoo dogs sitting on a bench with a red cushion.

Yes, Havapoos are excellent family dogs as they are very affectionate, friendly, and nonaggressive. They love to socialize and do well in family homes where they get plenty of love and attention.

Do Havapoos Bark a Lot?

Neither Poodles nor Havanese are excessive barkers, so most Havapoos are quiet as well. They can have a yappy sound and may bark if they experience separation anxiety when left alone.

Havapoos who are barkers can easily be trained to become less vocal.

Do Havapoos Get Along With Other Dogs?

Yes, Havapoos are naturally friendly and get along well with other dogs. In fact, they prefer the company of other dogs over being left alone.

Because they are small, they do best with dogs who are a similar size. They typically get along well with cats too – something that can’t be said for all dogs. 

Are Havapoos Easy To Train?

Yes, Havapoos are easy to train as they are very intelligent and love to please their owners. They catch on to training quickly and enjoy the mental stimulation and challenges that come with it.

Of course, some delicious training treats are a must have as are lots of patience and repetition.

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Is a Havapoo Hypoallergenic?

Both Havanese and Poodles are hypoallergenic and nonshedding. Havapoos typically inherit these traits from both parents and do not cause issues with those who suffer from mild allergies.

How Long Can a Havapoo Be Left Alone?

The maximum time a Havapoo should be left alone is four hours. Havapoos, like the parent breeds, are very social and prone to separation anxiety.

They do not do well on their own and should not be left alone for long periods. 


Havapoos are adorable and spunky. They tend to take on the traits of both their Poodle and Havanese parents. They are friendly, intelligent, and make great pets and lapdogs.

Understanding the characteristics of these crossbred pups will help you decide if one is right for your family.

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