Are Havanese Good With Cats? It Depends on These Factors! (2024)

A Havanese dog and a Persian cat resting together under a pink blanket.

Havanese are known for having great personalities and being very gentle and outgoing.

If you’re a cat owner or are thinking of becoming one, you are right to wonder whether a Havanese’s sweet face is truly an indicator of personality or merely a guise.

After all, all animals in the household should get along and be able to live in peace, and it’s best if you can assure that this will be the case.

Are Havanese good with cats? Havanese dogs are generally great with cats as they are similar in size and have a friendly temperament. However, each situation is unique, and the age and temperament of both animals, previous experiences, and other factors can impact the relationship either positively or negatively.

If you have a cat and are thinking about introducing your Havanese dog to him, you need to be relatively sure they will get along.

Read on to determine what affects the relationship between a Havanese and a cat.

Havanese and Cats

Havanese and cats can both live in the same house and may even become best friends. While most Havanese dogs get along fine with cats, there’s always a chance that they may fight.

Before leaving a cat and dog along together, monitor them to ensure they can tolerate each other.

Why Havanese Are Often Good With Cats 

Havanese are gentle and playful, which typically makes them great with cats. They have a high tolerance for other animals and aren’t quick to anger or aggression.

Their small size also means they won’t accidentally hurt the cat while playing.

Factors That Affect the Relationship

Before you put your cat and Havanese together, think about the things that could affect their relationship.

Knowing the factors that determine the behavior of your pets will give you an idea about how they will act with other animals.

Here are a few factors to consider before putting your cat and Havanese together.


Introducing puppies and kittens to each other is the best way to ensure they get along as they get older. When they grow up together, they are more likely to be friends later in life.

Even if one pet is older, introducing the other as a baby can allow them to bond more easily.


Every pet has a different personality, and while most cats and dogs are friendly and get along with each other, each animal is an individual, and sometimes personalities just don’t mesh well.

You know your dog and cat better than anyone, so you should be able to judge if they will be able to get along.

If they don’t, chances are that they will eventually come to a mutual agreement to keep a respective distance, and all will be well. 


If the dog or cat lived in another home before living with you, the experiences they had there could determine how well they get along.

If a cat was in a house with an aggressive dog, it might take some time to get used to a gentle dog.

It can also be hard for a dog to adjust to having a cat in the home if he has never been around cats before or is used to being an “only child.”

A black-and-white Havanese on the left and a tabby cat relaxing on a sofa arm on the right.

How To Introduce Your Havanese to a Cat

The best way to introduce your Havanese to a cat is to take it slowly.

Bring the animals in the same room and allow them to get used to seeing each other. If both seem comfortable around one another, you can let them sniff each other and get closer.

Monitor them and only allow them to interact for a short time. It may be wise to have at least one either in a crate or on a leash for the first couple of meetings.

Also, respect each pet’s belongings. In other words, don’t allow the dog to chew up the cat’s toys or gobble up his food, and don’t let the cat take over the dog’s bed. 

Having separate toys is always a good idea, and it may be smart to present your Havanese with a new toy or twoas a reward for being well behaved around the cat.

(Tip – This variety pack is amazing and provides you with several “incentives” for good behavior.) 

You can let them spend more time together each day until you have a good idea of how they will act with each other when they are left alone. 

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What To Do If Your Havanese and Cat Don’t Get Along

If your Havanese and cat do not get along, give it some time. Continue to put them together for limited amounts of time to see if they develop a better relationship.

You can also try giving your Havanese some basic training to see if that helps teach him to tolerate the cat.

Cats should be provided with a quiet, safe place to retreat when they have had enough, and your dog should be given the same.

In most cases, they will either become friends or learn to stay away from each other. If either is aggressive, do not leave them together.

Related Questions: 

Are Havanese Good Apartment Dogs?

Havanese are small and very content in smaller spaces, and they are not prone to excessive barking.

They aren’t known to be an overly active breed, so they can do well in apartments as long as they are taken outside often for exercise and to relieve themselves.

Are Havanese Hypoallergenic?

Yes, Havanese dogs are considered hypoallergenic. That means they produce little dander, don’t shed very much at all, and, don’t drool much either.

They are great dogs for anyone who has a pet allergy, sensitive skin, or a low tolerance for pet messes.


If you have a cat and want to find a dog that will get along well and possible become a friend, a Havanese can be a great option.

Havanese are gentle, friendly, and easy-going companions. As long as you introduce the dog and cat properly, there’s a really good chance that they will get along and become lifelong friends.

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