Belgian Malinois Cane Corso Mix Guide! Is This Dog Right For You? (2024)


A Belgian Malinois Cane Corso mix is produced by crossing a purebred Cane Corso and a Belgian Malinois. In summary, the mix is a wonderful family addition or can be used as a working dog.

It might be best to keep such a dog with an experienced owner who knows what he or she is doing. Considering these things before buying this dog will help you decide whether it’s right for you. Keep reading more to understand if this dog breed is right for you.

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History Of The Belgian Malinois Cane Corso Mix


Since hybrids and designer dogs don’t have a lot of history, it’s hard to get a good idea of the Belgian Malinois Cane Corso mix timeline.

This particular breed of dog has been bred more often in the last twenty years or so, although it’s probable that this combination breed was a victim of accidental breeding. Our next step will be to examine the history of both parent breeds. 

Puppy mills should be avoided when searching for breeders of designer dogs. Mass-production puppy farms don’t care about dogs and merely make puppies for profit.

Belgian Malinois History

In Belgium, there are four types of herding dogs: the Laekenois, Groenendael, Malinois, and Tervuren. A shepherd named Janssens is credited with breeding the actual Malinois.

Originating in the area surrounding Malines, Belgium, its name originates from this area. They were also used for draught, guard, and police work, as well as sheepdog trials.

American citizens imported the Belgian Malinois Cane Corso mix early in the 20th century, and servicemen brought many back from the First World War.

As a result of their success in search and rescue, police, and drug detection, importation has increased again. The German Shepherd is often confused with them.

Exceptional working dogs, are highly intelligent, loyal, protective, sensitive, and intense to the needs and wants of their “pack.” They typically possess a high level of energy as well as a strong passion for hunting.

Cane Corso History

An Italian Molosser closely related to a Neapolitan Mastiff, the Cane Corso is a large, muscular dog. Cane Corsos predate their Neapolitan Mastiff, cousin by both name and form.

In comparison to other Mastiff breeds, it has more muscle mass and is less bulky. A true coursing mastiff, it may well be the last breed of its kind.

The Cane Corso has a long history dating back to ancient times. There is speculation that the dogs may have even been seen much earlier than 3000 BC, when they are mentioned in an Egyptian tomb.

There is no doubt that the original home of the Cane Corso was somewhere around modern-day Sicily, but its history spans across Europe and Africa. In the face of danger or strangers, the Cane Corso dog naturally uses its head as a horn to protect itself. In fact, its name comes from the Latin word horn.

In the last few years, the Cane Corso has become more popular as a companion and family pet than as a working dog that dates back to 1649.

Cross-breeding between Cane Corsos and other dogs outside Italy is believed to have begun about 100 years ago, but there is no proof to back this assertion. About 50 years ago, a formal body recognized it for the first time.



For a good indication of the likely behavior of a hybrid, look to the parents. There will be a lot of energy and a high prey drive in such a breed, which will certainly be very powerful and strong.

Their prey and drive instincts are very strong and both breeds have a high level of energy.

As long as they are exposed and socialized well, they should be able to get along with other animals. In a noisy or full house, they may be able to have a little independence or alone time. Positive reinforcement works well for them, as it does for all dogs.

Spending a lot of time with you should be enjoyable for the dog. Leaving your dog alone for long periods of time will not be a good idea as it will not cope well on its own. It is important for the dog to be part of the “pack.”



Almost all dogs are susceptible to a variety of genetic health problems due to the fact that some breeds are more vulnerable than others.

Fortunately, reputable breeders will offer a health guarantee. These warranties typically protect you should your dog get sick within one to two years of purchase. Ask your breeder for more information.

When it comes to health problems and the incidence of them in a breed, a reputable breeder will be honest and open about it. In order to have a health clearance for a dog, it needs to be tested for and cleared of a particular condition.

Combined Cane Corso and Belgian Malinois can suffer from cancer, heart problems, hypothyroidism, bloat, cataracts, deafness, eye problems, patellar luxation, and hip dysplasia.



The Belgian Malinois Cane Corso mix is very athletic.  Keeping your dog’s skin and coat healthy requires bathing and blow drying regularly. 

The coat needs to be separated and divided to allow the skin to breathe, so spending time brushing your dog will help you maintain that. Both of these dogs have shorter hair and should be fairly easy to groom.

Weekly brushing is recommended. Regardless, if you want your floors to stay clean, you’ll need a good vacuum!

It is okay to bathe them whenever they need it, but don’t overdo it so that their skin dries out. Dogs should never be tied outside – that is inhumane and unfair to them.



Maintain their energy level by taking them on long walks and hikes. As a result of this exercise, they will be less likely to be destructive. You may even want to tire your dog out so it will sleep well and rest a little better. A tired dog is a good dog though.

It is inhumane and unfair to tie up your dog outside. Dogs of this breed are not lazy, but they sleep a lot. Playful and energetic, they have a high energy level. This breed benefits from regular exercise by growing to its full potential and preventing negative behavior.

Compared to other breeds of dogs, cane corso malinois mixes have a lot of energy and are always active. A 45-minute exercise session with your dog every day is needed.

Its energy has been released enough during this time. It is recommended that you walk your dog twice a day and engage in other physical activities with your Belgian Malinois Cane Corso mix.

Strengthening the body and maintaining a healthy mental state are benefits of these physical activities. Also, it prevents negative behavior issues such as digging in the yard and aggression.

The insufficient training of new pet parents can result in the development of bad habits and other issues. Training should begin at an early age when it comes to this mix.

It is sufficient to exercise puppies for fifteen minutes. In order to keep them safe, don’t overdo it and gradually increase the amount of time they spend outdoors. Running, walking, and playing games outdoors and indoors are all types of exercise and training.

Getting your Belgian Malinois Cane Corso mix socialized at an early age helps it grow to its full potential. Regular exercise helps the dog to establish a bond, thus allowing it to lose its inhibitions.

This dog breed is considered quite reserved and quiet, but regular exercise helps it to form a bond.

Are They Easy To Train?


There will be some challenges associated with training this intelligent dog. A firm, strong hand that knows when to let them know where they belong will be needed to prevent them from taking the alpha position.

If you want your child to be able to pay attention longer, break the session into shorter segments every day.

If handled properly, a dog with a prey drive can be trained not to chase small prey, and it will not be prone to running after or chasing small prey. Positive reinforcement is the most effective way to train dogs.

Praise your dog when she does well, so she knows what to expect in the future. Intelligent and energetic, she enjoys physical challenges as well as pleasing her owners.

It will be easier to train if she gets more exercise. All puppies and dogs need proper socialization. Ensure that the Belgian Malinois Cane Corso mix gets to meet as many people and dogs as possible by taking her to the dog park and to doggy daycare.

Do They Make Good Pets?


In order for the dog to be happy and healthy, it must be kept active, trained extensively, and, above all, properly socialized when it is a puppy.

Dog owners who are new to the world of dog ownership should not purchase this dog, as it is better suited to those who are already familiar with training active dogs.

A Belgian Malinois Cane Corso mix would do best in a home with a dog lover interested in training dogs, and who will participate in various dog activities, such as agility, obedience, flyball, working trials, etc.

If you are considering a working Cane Corso Malinois mix, this is a must-have.

In spite of the fact that the original Malinois police and army dogs in the UK were all from show lines.

Show-bred dogs can still be used as working dogs hence why the police and MOD nowadays prefer working lines, but as long as they are kept active, show-bred dogs can still be kept as pets.

All Belgian Malinois Cane Corso mix pups should receive some form of training, like plenty of walks and training sessions. Puppies must attend at least one class when they are young.

The socialization of dogs and people is crucial regardless of whether you are experienced in training dogs to be good pets and to get along well with children.

The cane corso malinois mix is a demanding dog that requires a lot of work. If you aren’t prepared, both you and your dog will be unhappy.

Under socialized cane corso malinois mixes will suffer from fear and aggression issues, as well as being very destructive and noisy.

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