Are Belgian Malinois Aggressive? (2024)


In most cases, bad ownership leads to bad behavior in a dog. Dogs have behavioral issues if they aren’t socialized at an early age, aren’t trained properly, or aren’t exercised regularly. Therefore, some dogs are notorious for having bad temperaments.

Belgian Malinois will likely be aggressive in the long run if they are not properly trained and if their owners don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, if you do not ensure that your dog is trained and socialized correctly, then yes, a Belgian Malinois will be aggressive.

The breed standard does not allow aggressive behavior. Belgian Malinois are not more aggressive than any other breed of dog as long as they are purchased from an ethical breeder whose dogs do not tend to be aggressive due to their genetics.

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What Does Make Belgian Malinois Aggressive?


Taking proper care of a Belgian Malinois can reduce their tendency to act aggressively. You can answer this question by looking at the circumstances surrounding Belgian Malinois:


It is inevitable that a dog’s temperament will be inherited genetically to some extent. It is more likely for them to act aggressively if it is a gene passed down from his parents.

Dogs with behavioral problems should be spayed or neutered as soon as possible as this is the only way to prevent this.

The best Belgian Malinois breeders don’t breed aggressive dogs, which is why it’s vital to buy only from those whose breeding programs are appropriate.

Although these dogs may not be compatible with other dogs or capable of being left unattended at a dog park or on a walk without supervision, appropriate dog training and socialization can help them learn how to behave.

A dog’s obedience training must be properly conducted. Belgian Malinois, which are intelligent and have an abundance of energy, are especially prone to this. Dogs will act aggressively if they don’t receive proper training due to their knowledge that they can.

Lack Of  Socialization

When raising a Belgian Malinois puppy, it must be properly socialized when it is being raised. In addition to being protective and hunting down small animals, these dogs have a strong prey drive.

Belgian Malinois are also self-assured dogs that will attack if threatened, so if they are not socialized well, they could become a threat to other animals and to your family members as well.

A new situation or person may lead them to snap at or bite them if they aren’t accustomed to it.

Not Enough Exercise

In addition to being extremely active and intelligent, Belgium Malinois are also extremely intelligent. Playtime and mental and physical stimulation are necessary for them.

You might end up having to find things to do on your own if you don’t exhaust their energy. In addition to wanting to chew on things when bored, dogs are naturally drawn to bite and chew things.

To ensure he is stimulated enough before bed, it is essential to provide him with enough stimulation during the day. It won’t take long for your dog to behave badly if you give him anything less than that.

Your Own Attitude

Human emotions can be sensed more strongly by dogs than by humans. Our energy can be picked up by them and acted upon.

Therefore, your dog will feel your anger, anxiety, stress, or tension, and will be negatively affected as a result. In turn, they will begin to behave in accordance with your feelings.

Are They Friendly?


It must be remembered that Belgian Malinois are not known as a friendly breed in the world, despite the fact that they are not overly aggressive. As far as strangers are concerned, they tend to be reserved.

It is not uncommon for dogs among certain breeds to run to say hello whenever they meet someone new, such as Golden Retrievers and Labradors. You wouldn’t expect a Belgian Malinois to behave this way.

In the end, it is up to each dog to decide how to behave. There are a lot of Malts out there who are friendly and assertive, which is in accordance with AKC breed standards.

Are They Aggressive Towards Other Dogs?


Belgian Malinois can be aggressive towards other dogs due to their territorial temperament and desire to hunt. Because of this, socializing your puppy from the start is crucial.

The following steps will help you ensure that your Mal behaves decently:

Socialize Early

Immediately after your new family pet arrives in your home, you should begin socializing and training him to ensure a good temperament.

The best way to teach your dog basic commands is to teach him Sit, Stay, Come, and so on. Give them the opportunity to experience as many different situations as you can. Children, pets, and visitors all play a part in this.

Dog Trainers You Can Trust

Having a Belgian Malinois as a first dog is not recommended. It is important to have owners who have extensive experience and are capable of handling a strong dog like a Malamute.

A good trainer can ensure you’re following the right procedures, so it’s a good idea to hire one. It is important to ensure that you are training your dog the right way by following the tips and tricks they provide.

Fix Your Dog

It’s also possible for Mal to become aggressive toward other dogs if he isn’t spayed or neutered. Having your Malinois neutered or spayed will help them cope with same-sex aggression.

It is common for dogs to become aggressive toward other dogs due to hormonal aggression. By fixing a dog, you can reduce this aggression. As a result, they might also be able to train easier because their energy levels will be lower.

Stay Positive

Belgian Malinois are extremely loving and affectionate animals, despite their reserved natures. The best way to boost their confidence and happiness is to provide them with a fair share of daily interaction.

Spend some time playing with and cuddling with your dog. Take a hike or play fetch together to make your time together more enjoyable. As a result, your pup will behave better and be more friendly because he will feel loved.

Stay Calm

Belgian Malinois are sensitive dogs who aren’t happy with harsh treatment, despite their tough appearance.

Screaming, hitting or yelling at them will cause them to shut down and refuse to cooperate. As a result, they will become more aggressive over time.

Dogs need to be firm with their owners, but this does not mean you should stop being firm. In order for him to be obedient, he must learn how to obey.

Punishment should not be used; instead, redirection and positive reinforcement should be employed.

Are They Aggressive Towards Children?


Unless they are badly socialized, Belgian Malinois can be good with children. Their nature makes them herding dogs, and because of this, they would nip small children and toddlers. Therefore, keeping a malinois with children would be a bad idea.

Consider your dog’s training for handling children before giving it a try. Make sure Malinois is kept away from children when they are around. Get the dog used to the company of kids by taking them on a walk together.

So the dog doesn’t become aggressive when it hears the sound of kids’ toys, familiarize it with those toys.

The training of your malinois dog should also include educating your children on how to behave around these dogs.

They should also be taught to avoid groping the dog and pulling his fur or tail. Your kids may be bitten by the dog if it becomes aggressive.

A few dogs may behave aggressively towards family members, as with any breed. It is generally acknowledged that Malinois are loyal, intelligent, protective, and trainable. In other words, you shouldn’t expect a Malinois to attack your family members.

Belgian Malinois are best suited to families with active members who provide the dog with the enthusiasm and stimulation it needs. Malinois will excel at being family dogs when they are raised in the right environment.

Are They Aggressive Towards Strangers?


It is not uncommon for a Belgian Malinois to be cautious around strangers, even if it has been properly socialized. It takes them some time to get used to humans and animals they don’t know. They are distrustful dogs that don’t do well with new people.

Because Mals were used as guard dogs for many years, they may be nervous around strangers. They were taught to be protective and wary of strangers so they could do their job flawlessly.

It is unlikely that they will be aggressive as long as they are socialized and trained. Malinois with good training would never bite anyone.

No Belgian Malinois has ever attacked a burglar, although it has held them down in several situations until the police arrived.

In addition to being aggressive towards strangers, Malinois can even injure them if improperly trained. The advice of a professional trainer is always a good idea for first-time dog owners.

Shedding dogs, such as Belgian Malinois, are generally easy to train. Owners enjoy listening to their herding dogs for their intelligence and obedience.

Their genes are inherited from their experience keeping sheep and cattle safe for shepherds. In order for them to do their job effectively, they had to be properly trained. The shepherds initially bred only trainable dogs with good character.

There is one catch, however, with Malinois. There are times when these dogs act quite stubbornly due to their independence. If you don’t know how to behave around them, they may not want to learn new things.

In addition to that, these dogs are extremely energetic. Unless they are physically active, they won’t be eager to learn new tricks if they are too energetic.

Keeping them entertained is crucial, but you must also remain strict and consistent. Seeing that you will let them have their way after a while will make them less likely to listen to you.

If you are considering getting a Belgian Malinois but are worried about the aggression level, make sure you consider the upbringing of the dog as well as the genetics.

With proper training and care, your dog can be loving and protective without being aggressive. If you aren’t sure if you can handle such a large dog with this type of temperament, consider a different breed.

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