Best Dog Tie Out Cables, Stakes, and Trolley Systems! (2024)

Best Dog Tie Out

There are times when you need to secure your dog for his own safety, and a tie-out system is the only feasible solution. We’ve checked out dozens for you and narrowed them down to five favorites, including the SUREswivel 360. First, let’s look at some tips for using tie-outs correctly.

All About Tie-Outs

Why Are Tie-Outs Useful?

Not every dog owner has the convenience of a fenced-in yard. Of course, they still would like for their dog to be able to enjoy spending time outside with the family. This is where a tie-out system comes in handy.

Those that like to bring along their dog for camping trips, RV trips, picnicking at the park, or visits to homes that are not exactly dog-friendly also find that a tie-out system solves the problem of what to do with their dog.

Some dogs just can’t seem to get enough of being outside. On hectic mornings when you simply don’t have time to take your dog for a long walk or spend half an hour playing fetch with him, a tie-out allows him to enjoy some time outdoors while you get ready for your day.

For situations when you can not have your dog in the house, like when you’re having your carpets professionally cleaned or when your sister-in-law brings over her newborn and does not want any animals around, having a tie-out system ready to go can really be convenient.

Use With Caution

Safety is always top priority when it comes to your dog, and tie-outs are no exception. Always supervise your dog when tethered outside.

Let’s go over a few safety issues to be aware of before you use your new tie-out system.

  • Never use a choke or martingale collar on your dog when using a tie-out.
  • Be sure that the collar you do use won’t slip off easily.
  • A snug-fitting harness is ideal for use with a tie-out to prevent neck injuries or choking hazards.
  • Place the tie-out well away from the street (measure the distance between the base of the tie-out and the street, and then check that the tether length is much shorter than that measurement).
  • Always measure carefully before set-up to ensure that your dog can’t wrap the tether around any objects and become stuck – or worse.
  • Have a bowl of water within reach, and know that dogs will often push it out of reach or spill it as they play. Check often.
  • Be sure that your dog will be adequately protected from the weather. A doghouse will keep him out of the sun on hot days, warm on cold days, and dry should a rainstorm pop up.
  • Check each component of the system regularly for wear and tear or other damage that would compromise your pet’s safety.
  • Make sure that the tether you choose is appropriate for your dog’s weight and strength.
  • Know that tethered dogs are at a great disadvantage should they be attacked by another dog or wild animal – always supervise.
  • A tie-out system is not designed as a doggy daycare. Only use for brief periods when you can keep an eye on him.

Types of Tie-Outs

You have several options here.

  • Stake and tether – a stake is either driven or screwed into the ground and a tether, usually a cable, is attached to the top.
  • Stationary object and tether – a tether is attached to the side of a building, tree, post, etc.
  • Trolley tie-out – a length of cable or rope is attached between two stationary objects (between 2 trees…or from the house to a tree) and a tether is attached to run back and forth along it.
  • Retractable tether – attached to a stationary object, this tether is pulled out as the dog moves and automatically retracts back into the base when tension is reduced.

Things to Consider

If you plan on using a tie-out system in your yard, study the area carefully to decide on where and what type would be best. For example, if your yard is full of trees, a tie-out attached to the side of your house or a trolley system might be ideal.

Before purchasing a stake and tether version, consider your soil type. Stakes often don’t perform well in loose or sandy soil and can be nearly impossible to drive into rocky soil. If your soil is compact and solid, then a stake might be perfect.

For those planning on using the tie-out when camping or on an RV trip, check with the campsite before your trip to learn of any regulations that they may have.

Look for sturdy systems made from quality materials that are appropriate for your needs and are the correct size for your dog.

Our 5 Favorite Dog Tie-Outs

Here are our top five picks for tie-out devices. We focused on quality, strength, durability, and adaptability when we made our selections so that you could see, at a glance, the variety of well-made options available. We’re sure you’ll find one that will keep both you and your dog satisfied.

SUREswivel 360

SUREswivel 360 degree Swiveling Pet Tie-Out, Made...
  • Safe and Effective Tangle Free Pet Tether
  • Full 360 Degree Dual-Swivel Motion

The dual swivel action and security of this six point anchoring system snagged our attention right away.

Capable of holding multiple pets at once and still remain free of tangles, this impressive system boasts a holding strength of up to 1,000 pounds of pulling force. This strong, versatile tie-out can even be permanently anchored to your desired location.


  • Dual swivel motion.
  • Won’t tangle or twist your pet’s tether.
  • Secure for up to 1,000 pounds of pulling force.
  • Six point anchoring system for security.
  • Six spiraled anchor stakes included.
  • Spiral stakes provide three times the holding strength of standard stakes.
  • Works with large and small pets – even cats.
  • Can be used with two dogs simultaneously.
  • Made of nylon and fiberglass so it is lightweight – just one pound – but durable.
  • Can be permanently attached to decks, truck beds, or concrete using bolts or lag screws.
  • If anchored in the ground in a small depression, lawn mower can pass right over it.
  • Tether will not wrap around base.
  • Removes easily with one pry from claw hammer and unscrewing of anchors.
  • Portable for use when camping, picnicking, or on an RV trip.


  • Tether not included.
  • Must be anchored in firm, stable ground – not for sandy soils.

Check out this video showing exactly how easy it is to use the SUREswivel:

BV Aerial Trolley

BV Dog Trolley Cable, Dog Trolley System, Camping...
  • Trolley system can provide up to a full 1,200 square feet of playing area
  • Trolley System is perfect for giving your pet extreme mobility while keeping them safely in sight

For those of you who prefer a trolley system, this aerial tie-out keeps cables off the ground, thus eliminating dangerous tangling. We love the fact that this trolley gives your dog a 1,200 square foot play area, enough room for him to run securely during a game of fetch. It conveniently attaches to trees, posts, or buildings.


  • Comes with 10 feet of running cable and 60 feet of aerial cable.
  • Provides 1,200 square feet of room for dog to play.
  • Allows for plenty of mobility.
  • Sufficient length for a game of fetch.
  • Holds up to 125 pounds.
  • Cable and swivel clips are made from 100 % steel for strength and durability.
  • Cables are covered in protective vinyl to discourage rust.
  • Everything needed for assembly included.
  • Shock spring reduces the whiplash sensation when the dog runs out of cable.
  • Swivel clips are quick release.
  • Includes two adjustable nylon stoppers to prevent trolley from ramming the clamps.
  • Adjustable to shorter lengths.
  • Nylon stoppers can be positioned to prevent dog from circling around tree or post.
  • Can be secured between two buildings as well.
  • Works when staking systems are not an option.


  • Ladder required to attach aerial cable high enough so the running cable won’t drag the ground.

Petmate Easyturn Stake With Cable

Petmate Easyturn 18 Inch Spiral Stake Dog Tie Out...
  • Safe & Secure: Screw-in dog stake's corkscrew style & dual-wedge plate anchors keep dog lead stake...
  • 360-Degree Access: The tie out cable has a 360-degree swivel ring so dogs can roam around the yard...

Economical yet sturdy, this corkscrew stake and tie-out system allows your dog to move and play for 20 feet in any direction. The 360-degree swivel ring permits dogs to run around in circles without becoming wrapped around the stake. Just unscrew to remove and relocate to prevent bald patches from developing on your lawn.


  • Dome shaped handle has rubber grip for pain free installation.
  • Corkscrew stake is double welded steel.
  • Comes with 20 foot long tie-out cable with an attached quick release swivel clip.
  • Galvanized steel tie-out is coated with crack resistant polyvinyl.
  • Holds up to 100 pounds.
  • Corkscrew stake is 18 inches long to stay firmly in the ground.
  • Attached 360 degree swivel ring helps to prevent entanglement.
  • Dual wedge plates.
  • No hardware required to install.
  • Simply unscrew to remove.
  • Lightweight – 1.81 pounds.
  • No permanent attachment – can be moved from place to place.
  • Great for campsites.
  • One month manufacturer warranty.


  • Not for use in sandy or loose soil.
  • Open gap in handle might catch the cable and cause tangling.
  • Protrudes from ground – may be a tripping hazard when not in use.
  • If used on lawn, must be removed before cutting the grass.
  • Cable length is not adjustable.

Snagle Paw Tie Out Stake

Dog Tie Out Stake,Premium Heavy Duty Dog Anchor...
  • 【SUPERIOR STRENGTH】Built with 15mm+ high quality steel to make your dog safe and secure, while...
  • 【TANGLE FREE】Our 16” heavy duty stake is incorporated with domed head and 360°swivel to...

Out of all the stakes we studied, this sleek, black stake came with the most positive customer feedback by far. The innovative helix blades keep the stake securely rooted in the ground. The galvanized steel core is covered with multiple coats of anti-rust protection for long-lasting durability. Looking for strength and security? This may be your answer.


  • Comes with 360 degree swivel ring so tether won’t become tangled.
  • Multiple anti-corrosion coatings to thwart rust.
  • Galvanized steel core is 15 mm thick to prevent bending and breaking.
  • Unique Pathfinder blades are helix shaped to hold stake firmly.
  • Designed to be used with medium size dogs, but strong enough for large dogs as well.
  • Stake is 16 inches long.
  • Detailed instructions are included with a guide for winter use too.
  • Can even be used at the beach in firm sand or in the snow.
  • Any length tether may be used with this stake.
  • Bottom safety cap included for when not in use.
  • Great for yard, campsite, park, beach, etc.


  • Doesn’t come with tether.
  • May be necessary to use a screwdriver inserted through the handle to assist with set up and removal.

UEETEK Tie-Out Cable

UEETEK Dog Tie Out Cable for Dogs, 20ft Pet Heavy...
  • 【SIZE】- 20 feet lightweight and ultra strong tie-out cable for dogs up to 110 lbs. Giving your...
  • 【SPRING DESIGN】- The tie-out cable with additional springs absorbing the shock, it will prevent...

What we like about this tie-out cable is its ability to be used it on large and small dogs. This 7.2 ounce tie-out is lightweight yet durable and includes a shock spring to minimize discomfort when your dog suddenly pulls the cable taut. Another nice feature is the thick sheathing surrounding the cable to help prevent corrosion.


  • For dogs up to 110 pounds.
  • Only 7.2 ounces – light enough for use with small dogs, strong enough for bigger ones.
  • Cable is 20 feet long.
  • When used with stake, provides an area of 1,256 square feet.
  • Two swivel quick-release clips are included.
  • One clip is attached to a shock spring to decrease the risk of neck injury.
  • Braided cable and clips are heavy duty steel.
  • Cable is protected with bright red sheath for visibility and protection from weather.
  • Can double as a long, two dog leash.
  • May be looped around tree or post and clipped to itself if staking isn’t an option.
  • Protective plastic covering over loop connection to help prevent rust.
  • Ships in plastic bag – no bulky box or plastic case to dispose of.
  • Easily moved from place to place.
  • Tangle free.


  • Stake, if desired, must be purchased separately.
  • May rust over time.


Any of the five devices featured on our list might be ideal for your unique needs, but the strength and versatility of the SUREswivel 360 brought it to our #1 position.

We love the dual swiveling action to prevent tangles, the option to permanently mount, and the fact that this device can hold two dogs simultaneously.

Capable of holding a whopping 1,000 pounds of force, the SUREswivel 360’s six-point anchoring system is designed for securely holding your canine buddy whether you are camping, visiting friends, taking an RV trip, or simply spending time together in the backyard.

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