12 Facts About the Toy Cavapoo! (2024)


Today we are going to talk about facts about the Toy Cavapoo. Toy Cavapoos are a cute hybrid breed that is one of the most popular dogs. They are a high-energy breed with loads of love to give to their family. 

Whether you want to bring a Toy Cavapoo into your family or you just got a new fluffy addition to your household, check out these fun and interesting facts about Toy Cavapoos! 

From their long lifespan to their favorite activities, this list will give you insight into this precious breed. 

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1. Cross Between Cavalier and a Toy Poodle


The first fact to know about Toy Cavapoos is they are a cross between two fantastic breeds! Toy Cavapoo breeders cross a Toy Poodle, which is the smallest type of poodle, with the beautiful and majestic King Charles Cavalier Cocker Spaniel

Like most hybrid dogs, the Toy Cavapoo takes on traits from both parent breeds for a lovely blend of playful energy and mild temperament.

The small King Charles Cavalier Cocker Spaniel breed has a sweet and affectionate temperament, perfect for a family environment with children. 

And the Toy Poodle is one of the most intelligent and trainable breeds, giving the Toy Cavapoo the best of both worlds! They’re a friendly and trainable breed with an adorably small stature. 

2. No Breed Standards

Because the Toy Cavapoo is a hybrid and still relatively new, there are no breed standards for it. Breed standards indicate what the ideal example of the breed would look like, from their snout to their teeth to their tail and more. 

But the Toy Cavapoo has no breed standards, meaning there is no “right” way for the breed to look!

You’re little Cavapoo is perfect, whatever they look like. Even Toy Cavapoo siblings in the same litter can take on different parent breed characteristics. 

Some may have longer hair like their Cavalier parent, while others may have a curly coat like their Poodle parent. And as the puppies grow up, you get to watch what characteristics they take on from their parents. 

3. They Can Live To Be Over 100 (Dog) Years Old


Saying goodbye to a beloved furry friend is painful. For this reason, many people prefer to adopt or buy dog breeds that have a longer expected lifespan. And a Toy Cavapoo has one of the longest lifespans you can find among dogs. 

They can live for ten to fifteen years in good health, so you likely won’t lose your sweet Cavapoo in less than ten years. 

Larger breeds, like Rottweilers, Pitbulls, and Great Danes, sometimes only live to seven or eight years old, but Cavapoos typically live long lives; some even make it to 100 years old in dog years!

4. They Come in Many Colors

Toy Cavapoos are a desired breed because they can come in many different colors, so there is no one Cavapoo-look. Your cute little Cavapoo could be gold, black, chestnut, cream, white, tan, or white. 

They can also combine two or three colors, making for a distinct and stunning appearance. They’re often a combination of black, brown, and white but can take on any color combination. 

It all depends on their parents’ coat colors and family history. So if you want a Toy Cavapoo in a specific color, you can likely shop around Toy Cavapoo breeders or shelters to find the one you want. 

5. There Are 3 Different Cavapoo Coats


Along with many coat colors, Toy Cavapoos can have different kinds of coats. There are three possible Cavapoo coats: fleece, hair, and wool. 

Fleece is the loose, luscious coat that the King Cavalier Cocker Spaniel has. So some Cavapoos take on the wavy, silky fur of their Cavalier parent. 

A wool coat is a thick, tightly-curled coat that comes from a Poodle parent. These coats can keep them warm in cold weather but aren’t as soft as fleece coats. 

Lastly, the Cavapoo can have a combination of both types of coats, resulting in hair. A hair coat is tougher with a more wiry texture. Many people liken this coat to a Terrier breed, but Cavapoos can sometimes have it too. 

6. Cavapoos are Empaths

The combination of the emotional intelligence of Poodles with the loyalty and affection of a Cavalier Spaniel results in a super loving and empathetic dog. 

A Cavapoo Toy dog will feel bad when its owner feels down and happy and excited when its owner is upbeat and full of energy. 

Their level of empathy and ability to detect human emotions makes them wonderful companions that can comfort you when you’re down and have fun with you when you’re in a great mood. 

So don’t be surprised if you have a bad day and your dog seems off, as they’re probably just mimicking your behavior and feeling your emotions. 

7. They Aren’t Picky Eaters


Some breeds are discerning when they try new foods. For example, you may have a dog that refuses to eat a carrot or scoffs when you try to give them a small piece of fruit. But Cavapoos are not picky eaters. 

They can be rather gluttonous if given the opportunity, which can be a pro or con depending on the situation.

If you have to switch dog foods or give your dog something different for dinner, you can expect them to enjoy the new meal without question. 

However, the last thing you want is your canine companion snacking on something toxic. If you have a Cavapoo, take extra care not to leave harmful foods in spots where they can get to them, and get a trash barrel with a tight lid. 

8. Cavapoos Are Expensive

Most hybrid, designer dogs are super expensive. And unfortunately, the Toy Cavapoo is also pretty expensive. They can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $10,000 depending on the care and lineage provided by the Toy Cavapoo breeder. 

Not only is adopting a Toy Cavapoo an emotional and physical commitment, but it also is a financial commitment.

And the odds of finding a Toy Cavapoo in a shelter are low, as they are a designer breed and are currently very popular in the US and European countries. 

If you’re determined to be the pet parent of a Toy Cavapoo, make sure you save enough money!

9. They Make Great Service Dogs


Cavapoos are one of the best breeds for service dogs for several reasons. Their ability to sense human emotions helps them monitor their owner while keeping an eye on people around them. 

They’re also easy dogs to train, so they can pick up on service dog duties quickly. Toy Cavapoos seems to have the perfect blend of intelligence and emotional understanding to be the best service dog for different conditions and illnesses. 

Their long lifespan also makes them excellent candidates to be service dogs, as the owner will be able to keep the dog for years and years, making their life easier. 

10. They’re Photogenic

An undeniable fact about Toy Cavapoos is that they look adorable in photos! Both Poodles and Cavalier Spaniels are gorgeous breeds, and the combination of the two results in a precious teddy-bear face that is impossible not to fall in love with. 

Toy Cavapoos are one of the most popular breeds gaining attention on social media for their heart-melting pictures.

If you decide to buy or adopt a Toy Cavapoo, make sure you have plenty of space on your camera because you’ll be snapping photos left and right!

11. Cavapoos Love Family


If you want the perfect family dog, Cavapoos love being in a family atmosphere and thrive around adults, kids, and other pets.

Many pet lovers like to add a Cavapoo to their family as their second dog, as they are friendly and easy-going with other breeds. 

Cavapoos rarely show aggression, making them an easy addition to a loving family. Thanks to the Toy Cavapoo’s small size and kind temperament, they interact well with children too! 

They’re gentle and playful, and since they’re easy to teach, you don’t have to deal with puppy accidents inside for very long if you potty-train them as soon as possible. 

12. They Love Hikes

Toy Cavapoos are an energetic breed that needs daily exercise. While they at least need a neighborhood walk every day, they love short hikes!

If you love to enjoy the outdoors with your dog and find new trails to explore, a Toy Cavapoo is the ideal companion. 

They don’t enjoy being outside alone for very long, but with their beloved owner, enjoy the smells and sounds the great outdoors offers. 

And a hike is a great way to help them get their daily exercise while enjoying a new spot. They need mental stimulation and exercise to live a fun and happy life. 

Conclusion For “Facts About the Toy Cavapoo”


Toy Cavapoos, like many designer breeds, have a captivating combination of traits from their majestic parent breeds. 

If you want a loving, beautiful, and bright dog, the Toy Cavapoo will check all your boxes! 

Get ready for lots of adorable photos, tons of playtime, and some nighttime snuggles when you welcome a Toy Cavapoo into your home. 

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