Cavapoo Exercise Requirements – Puppy and Adult Cavapoo Needs! (2024)

How Much Exercise Do Cavapoos Need?

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility, and owning a Cavapoo is no different. If you’ve recently brought a Cavapoo into your home, you may have realized that Cavapoo exercise requirements may be a little different than you’re used to!

How much exercise do Cavapoos need? Cavapoos typically have a moderate activity level. Most would be content with 30-45 minutes of exercise each day. This can be a combination of indoor or backyard play or walks outside. Puppies should have multiple shorter periods of activity. In fact, experts often suggest using the rule-of-thumb of 5 minutes for every month of age up to two times per day. So for a 4-month-old puppy, 20 minutes of exercise twice each day would be sufficient.

3 Months Old = 15 Minutes (Twice a day)

6 Months Old = 30 Minutes (Twice a day)

9 Months Old = 45 Minutes (Twice a day)

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How Often Should I Walk My Cavapoo Puppy?

Like every other dog on the planet, Cavapoos need regular exercise whether they’re small puppies for full-grown dogs. Your Cavapoo’s exercise program should start as soon as you bring him home, which is usually around eight weeks old.

You’ll find that walking an eight-week old puppy is extremely challenging because they are totally clueless as to what you want and will fight it every step of the way. Don’t give up! The puppy is just too young to realize that what he is now fighting will one day become his favorite activity!

The first couple of days, your Cavapoo exercise requirement will be minimal – just a few minutes twice a day. You’ll find that each day it will be a little easier with your puppy becoming just a little more cooperative.

After the first week or training, he should be ready to go for short walks with you. Luckily, his young age will limit his exercise routine to short walks. As mentioned early, five minutes per one month of age is sufficient exercise. Your Cavapoo puppy should be walked twice a day.

You don’t want to overdo it because your pup’s little joints are still growing, and too much exercise can be harmful; it can even cause premature arthritis in dogs. The idea is to make sure they get exercise every day and it begins early in life. As they get older, so will their exercise regimen get longer.

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What is the Daily Cavapoo Exercise Requirement?

So what are Cavapoo exercise requirement? Adult Cavapoos don’t require a lot more energy than puppies in terms of time, but they can participate in an exercise that is more strenuous, and they can do it more times per day. An adult Cavapoo should get from 30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily with two separate sessions a day.

The Cavapoo exercise requirement for puppies is a little different. Puppies should get exercise twice a day, but their exercise sessions should be adjusted according to their age. Five minutes for every month of the dog’s age is usually the recommended exercise for puppies. If your Cavapoo is younger than 8 or 9 months old, avoid exercises that involve running, jumping and navigating stairs to avoid hurting their still-developing joints and bones.

‘4 On The Floor’ Rule: Be careful with your puppy, as repetitive, high-impact motions can cause damage to their developing joints. They love jumping, but try to limit them jumping on and off couches, beds, stairs, and other high surfaces.

Exercises that can benefit your Cavapoo include walking, running, hiking and playing fetch. Cavapoos need to have some sort of exercise every day without fail. They are a high-energy dog that may become almost quite rambunctious if not exercised on a daily basis. Failure to exercise them regularly can result in various negative behaviors.

  • Excessive barking
  • Hyperactivity
  • Destructive (particularly when left alone)
  • General disobedience

Some dog owners who find it difficult providing the dog with regular exercise put the dog in a fenced-in yard and believe that’s sufficient exercise because the dog has plenty of room to run around. While it is great that the dog has the space to run, they typically don’t do a lot of running around when they’re alone and left to their own devices.

What they often do is dig holes in the ground, bark, and just become lonesome. Cavapoos are not only very sociable dogs but are also family-oriented dogs who love being with their family and doing things with their family members. All the open space in the world will not replace family time in their minds.

We all lead busy lives with work, school, friends, family obligations and a number of other things. Unfortunately, we don’t always have enough extra time for things like maintaining a Cavapoo exercise requirement! As important as it is that Cavapoos be exercised regularly, they will survive if they miss a day or two.

However, making the dog go too many days without exercise can result in the dog picking up certain undesirable traits. Here are some signs that your dog may not be getting enough exercise.

  • Weight gain without an increase in food intake
  • Whining or barking
  • Destructive behavior
  • Chewing on things
  • Negative behavior that the dog has never previously done such as going potty in the house

Suitable Types of Exercises for Puppies

No matter your dog’s life stage, you’re probably curious about how to fulfill your Cavapoo exercise requirement. The amazing thing about Cavapoo puppies is that they’re very active and will benefit from just about any type of physical activity.

  • Exploring around a fenced-in yard provides your puppy with not just great exercise but also the opportunity to do what puppies do best: satisfy their curiosity.
  • Walking around the block is a good source of exercise and a way to socialize your puppy with new people, animals, and places.
  • Playing fetch is generally something that older dogs play, but it can be taught to the puppy as early as possible. When you’re using his favorite ball, he won’t mind the exercise and seem to want to keep going forever.
  • Tug-of-war is something puppies enjoy doing almost from the time they open their eyes and get teeth. It’s good exercise and acts as a great source of bonding.

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This chart will give you a better idea of what’s good for a puppy and what might be a bit too much.

Perfect for Puppies A Bit Too Much
Walks around the block on a leash,

keeping it casual and fun.

Jogging or biking for any significant stretch might be too much for a smaller puppy.  Don’t make them keep up with you, go at her pace.
Free play in the yard with some toys.  Let them run and play and have fun with them!  If things get too exciting, try and calm them a bit. Long stretches of running and really vigorous play at the puppy stage might be too much
Walking around the house is always fine for a pup, you can guide him or her along with you to get some exercise. Climbing stairs, hills, or really long stretches of strenuous activity, you need to watch for signs they are ok.
A fun game of fetch or tug of war is a popular way to meet your Cavapoo exercise requirement! Again watch for signs of too much.  Puppies are still growing and developing.  Too much can put strain on their joints at this age.

Suitable Types of Exercises for Adults

Once your Cavapoo reaches adulthood, there is really not many limitations as to what type of exercise they can do. Whether it’s walking, playing catch, swimming or romping in the park or backyard, your Cavapoo will love the time he gets to spend with you and will benefit from the exercise. There are various ways to meet your Cavapoo exercise requirement.

  • Playing fetch – This is good exercise because it can be played indoors or outdoors. This ball launcher is perfect for dogs that love fetch!
  • Walking – Walking the dog for at least 15 minutes two times a day will provide you and your dog with good exercise.
  • Going to dog park – This provides your Cavapoo with not just exercise but also ways to socialize.
  • Hide-and-seek – Providing the dog with treats when he finds you is a game he’ll love and one that can be played indoors and outdoors.
  • Running – Dogs love running all the time but particularly enjoy it with their family members. Want to run with your pup, consider getting a running leash like this one.
  • Playing with balls – This is a game that can be played indoors and will provide the dog with hours of fun and exercise.

Caution should be used during the summer months when it’s hot outside. The dog should avoid extreme heat and be provided with plenty of cool, fresh water. The hot pavement can be dangerous on the dog’s paws so exercise in the morning and evening when the temperatures are the coolest. Regardless of how warm it is outside, your dog will probably not want to quit playing, so it’s up to you to monitor the temperatures and adjust the exercise sessions to meet your Cavapoo exercise requirement.

What Real Owners Are Saying About Exercising Their Cavapoos…

“I take mine on a walk for 30-40 mins everyday weather permitted.”

“I take my 2-year-old Cavapoo to doggie daycare at least 2 times a week. We have two other babies that go as well. It’s great exercise and helps with the boredom.”

“Very little required. A short walk. A little play. All you need.”

Conclusion for Cavapoo Exercise Requirement

Your Cavapoo has unique needs, and they may be a little different from those of the dogs you’re used to! thankfully, the Cavapoo exercise requirement is easy to meet. Take your pup out for a few walks each day, or play an active game of fetch to keep your up in top health!