Can Belgian Malinois Jump? Videos and Explanations! (2024)


Swift, agile, and athletic, Belgian Malinois are amazing animals. Natural athletes capable of jumping to jaw-dropping heights and performing fun dog tricks, they are one of the best dog breeds in the world when it comes to jumping. Can Belgian Malinois jump? Yes they can!

Only Greyhounds can beat these dogs in jumping competitions. 

The Belgian Malinois is so good at jumping that there are several viral videos of these dogs climbing a wall, which we will share in the upcoming post. They can jump 6 feet high, and some can jump higher than this.

This article will give you all the information you need about the Belgian Malinois’ jumping ability and a few safety tips regarding jumping.

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How Is A Belgian Malinois Able To Jump That High? 


Simply put, Belgian Malinois have the perfect body features to jump. Their bodies are light but extremely powerful.

Most Belgian Malinois weigh about 55lbs / 25kg to 75lbs/ 34kg for males and 40lbs/ 18kg to 60 lbs/ 27kg for females. They stand about 22 to 26 inches at the withers. 

Light for a dog of their height, coupled with powerful hind legs, enables them to jump more than six feet. Many Malinois have been known to escape from a yard with a six-foot fence. 

Their hind legs are muscular but not heavy, making them well-suited to propel the dog’s body upward when jumping. Their withers are also well-defined, which adds to their athletic prowess.

This dog breed’s ability to jump allows them to perform other activities like climbing walls and trees.

They can also do an assortment of other athletic activities. They can track, climb, and even wiggle through tight spaces, which makes them ideal for tricky work like search and rescue in a disaster zone. 

How High Can A Belgian Malinois Jump? 


Belgian Malinois were historically bred for herding and are one of the most athletic dogs in existence.

400;”>Belgian Malinois are famous for their ability to jump to impressive heights. Most adult Belgian Malinois can jump to 6 feet / 1.8 meters. Trained dogs have been known to jump much higher. 

There are unconfirmed reports of a Belgian Malinois jumping to a whopping 8 feet. Their ability to leap horizontally is also jaw-dropping. This is because they can leap distances of 9 feet horizontally, and here is proof! 

Not impressed yet? Here is another video of Belgian Malinois doing amazing jumps, including scaling a wall and a tree! And yet another compilation here that shows some insanely high jumps. 

The height to which a Belgian Malinois can jump varies depending on the following:

Their age

400;”>Belgian Malinois puppies are not as capable athletically as their fully grown counterparts. 

Puppies can jump to about 3 feet, while adults can reach an impressive 6 Feet (1.8 meters). Be careful when allowing puppies to jump. The impact on landing could severely hurt their growing joints. 

Their weight

Weight affects the ability of a dog to propel upwards, so there is an ideal weight range above which a dog’s jumping ability starts to get limited. Heavier Belgian Malinois are not able to jump as high as lighter dogs.

Their training

400;”>Trained Belgian Malinois can jump even higher than the normal 5 to 6 feet. Some Belgian Malinois have been trained to jump high enough to scale walls and climb trees. 

Is It Okay To Allow Your Belgian Malinois To Jump?


Even though the Belgian Malinois is a naturally athletic breed, jumping too much and too high can harm them. Like consistent athletic activity in humans, too much jumping leads to wear and tear of joints in these dogs. 

Accumulated over time, your dog can get joint injuries or even arthritis from jumping. While jumping a few times will not harm your dog, below is a list of reasons that make jumping a real concern:

Wear and Tear 

As mentioned before, limited jumping does not negatively affect the Belgian Malionis’ health. However, frequent and consistent jumping over a long period inevitably increases the wear and tear of the dog’s joints. 

This wear and tear eventually lead to injuries in the joints as well as pain. In severe cases, the dog can develop arthritis and chronic pain.

Hard Surfaces

The surface onto which the dog is jumping also plays a role in causing injury. Soft places like grass are the best, while hard surfaces like cemented floors can hurt your dog by causing more strain on their joints. 

Another issue is when the dog jumps from a soft surface onto a harder surface, as it can twist the dog’s feet when it lands.

A good example is when your dog jumps from the soft mattress on your bed to your hardwood floor. This change in surfaces increases the likelihood of injuring themselves as they land.

Joint Pain

If your dog is heavier, a normal jump puts extra strain on the joints, especially on the hind legs. Younger dogs are also at a higher risk of injury because their joints and hindleg muscles are not fully developed yet.

For this reason, it is important to allow your dog to jump, especially in competitions, only when they have fully matured.


There are countless reports of Malinois leaping a six-foot fence and escaping the yard, which opens them up to dangers from traffic and other wild animals. 

How Do I Stop My Belgian Malinois From Jumping? 


Most Belgian Malinois instinctively want to jump. Moreover, this active dog breed requires a great deal of physical activity for their happiness and well-being.

Since excessive jumping is a health concern for this dog breed it is important to minimize and discourage it. Here are a few tips you can try.

Keep your dog on a leash when it is outside

As they say, prevention is better than cure, so it is prudent to keep your dog on a leash and prevent it from potentially jumping over your fence before you try any other method to discourage their jumping. 

This should be the case, especially if your dog enjoys being outside. Alternatively, you can have fences that are taller than 6 feet so that even if the dog jumps, it will be unable to go over the fence. Have a look at how easy it is for them to jump over a 6 feet fence! 

Exercise your dog

Belgian Malinois jump for multiple reasons, including burning off excess energy. They enjoy physical activity, and jumping is just one example. To make your dog jump less, ensure they get enough exercise by taking them for long walks more than once a day. 

That way, they have less desire and energy to jump.  Also, provide plenty of interactive toys to keep your pooch happy indoors. 

Train them with treats

Your Belgian Malinois has a lot of fun jumping, so you may need to use trickery to discourage them from this behavior.

Whenever you see your dog jumping off a piece of furniture or in the backyard, tell it off, and when they comply and stop, offer them a treat. 

When you do this consistently, your dog will finally understand what you are trying to communicate: that you prefer it spends most of its time on the ground. Eventually, they will significantly minimize their jumping to enjoy a treat.

This is textbook positive reinforcement. It will not take long for your dog to learn that it should not jump because this dog breed is quite intelligent. You can also have a professional teach your dog how to jump safely.

Do not give it attention when it jumps

This tip is the reverse of the previous one. Sometimes your dog can jump because they feel ignored and want your attention. A Belgian Malinois jump is impressive, so your natural reaction will likely be awe. 

However, by reacting positively to their jumping, you inadvertently encourage it. Therefore, ignore your Belgian Malinois when it jumps, and it will eventually learn that it is not an effective way to get your attention and stop. 

Can Belgian Malinois Jump?


The Belgian Malinois is one of the best dog breeds at jumping. They are natural athletes that enjoy and excel in jumping and such activities. Their jumping is certainly a sight to see, but excessive indulgence in it can have negative consequences. 

They also can be escape artists if they are left bored and inadequately stimulated, so be sure to give your Malinois plenty of exercise! 

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