Are Cavapoos Good Family Dogs? Good With Kids and Pets? (2024)

Are Cavapoos Good Family Dogs?

Cavapoos (also called Cavoodles and Cavadoodles) are everything you could want in a dog, from their adorable appearance and small size to their sweet personalities and allergy-friendly coats. Who would have ever thought that mixing a Poodle with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel would have resulted in such a popular dog?

Despite the Cavapoos being around for almost two decades, many people are still unfamiliar with this cute dog’s endearing big eyes, long floppy ears, and perfectly round face. If you were to ask Cavapoo owners what it is that makes them such an all-around great dog, you’d probably get different answers because the dog has so many great qualities with its ability to help allergy sufferers lead a more trouble-free life at the top of the list.

Are Cavapoos good family dogs? Absolutely! Their happy-go-lucky dog attitude, playful nature, and love for spending time with their owners are just a few traits that make them great family dogs. The Cavapoo is a smaller breed, which makes it easier to have in families with small kids as well.

Now that you know Cavapoos are great family dogs, let’s look at some of their temperament traits, how they do with other dogs and cats, and hear what some actual Cavapoo owners have to say about the breed.

Understanding Cavapoo Temperament

When looking for a family dog, the dog’s temperament is just about the most important quality. We all like having cute or attractive dogs but seldom want an attractive dog with a bad temperament. When you’re getting a Cavapoo, you’re getting the best of both worlds. You’re getting a very attractive dog that makes a fantastic family dog. Cavapoos love being around people.

They don’t care if they’re playing fetch outside or cuddling on the couch with one of the family members as long as they’re with their family. Cavapoos are eager-to-please dogs that love attention and will try very hard to please you and do exactly what you want. They’re highly intelligent dogs that catch on to what is expected of them very quickly. Although they can be stubborn at times and do require training, they still make a wonderful family dog.

As much as their intense love for family makes them ideal family dogs, it also has its drawbacks. The dog loves being around family members and wants to be around them 24/7. When they’re left alone, it’s not unusual for them to suffer from separation anxiety. You may have to give the dog some preparation, and lots of toys before you leave him home alone. Cavapoos are adaptable dogs that are a good choice for those looking for their first dog. They’re friendly, intelligent, loving and easy to handle.

While they will bark to alert you when visitors come calling, they are not excessive barkers like so many other small dog breeds. The fact that Cavapoos make excellent therapy or service dogs is kind of a testament to the dog’s intelligence, patience, loyalty and good temperament. The best way to describe the Cavapoo’s temperament is to say extraordinary.

How Are Cavapoos With Small Children?

Families looking for a family dog are often looking for different qualities. One family member might want a show dog while another wants one they can take hunting or out for walks. The one thing most people have in common, especially with families, is that they want a dog that’s good with children. Breeders are asked, “Are Cavapoos good with small children?” almost constantly because children seem to fall in love with this dog almost instantly.

Our Quick Tips On Puppies And Small Children:

Like all dogs, Cavapoo puppies go through certain puppy stages issues like nipping, biting and jumping. These things are not signs of aggression. They’re just things that all puppies do when they’re little. Starting training at a young age do go a long ways towards eliminating or at least reducing that behavior.  Here are some things for you to be aware of:

Jumping: Puppies jump up. They want to get near to where the action is, your face laughing. You can manage this with training but be aware of it if you’ve never had a puppy.  With smaller children they can get right up in thier face until trained not to. 

Nipping/Biting/Mouthing: Puppies explore with their mouth. They’ll be glad to nibble on you just like they would with their brothers and sisters. Again this can be dealt with but it will happen so read up on it and plan ahead.  

Zoomies: Puppy energy! They will suddenly decide they need to run at full speed.  If it’s outside in your fenced in yard, great.  If it’s inside, so be it.  If your child is there, he or she might get knocked into.

Puppy Push: My puppy loves to go up on his hind legs and put his front paws on me. It’s adorable and I love it. When he does it to my daughter though it’s more of a shove hah laughing. It’s not bad when the puppy is little but if your children are really small it’s something to be aware of.

Cavapoos are typically good dogs with people of all ages, but children can be tricky at times. In most cases where a dog is not a good fit for children, it’s because that certain dog or breed of dog doesn’t like children. This is not the case with the Cavapoo because they do enjoy children and enjoy being around children. Some people believe that young children are too lively and noisy for the Cavapoo and might scare the dog because Cavapoos are easily scared off.

Young children should be monitored when they’re around the Cavapoo because they may unintentionally be too rough with the dog and scare or hurt the dog. Young children don’t always realize that despite being a small dog, the Cavapoo is still a dog and may reactive defensively. However, when children are taught how to treat the dog with respect, they get along great together and can have a wonderful relationship.

Cavapoo’s allergy-friendly coat is one of the many things that make Cavapoos a wonderful dog for children. Approximately 10% to 20% of the population suffer from dog allergies, and many of these are children. The Cavapoo makes a good family dog for families with children because of its allergy-friendly coat especially if the dog has a lot of Poodle in them.

Are Cavapoos Good With Other Dogs?

Cavapoos are typically really good with other dogs because they’re very dog-friendly dogs. If you have aspirations of being a two-dog family, the Cavapoo will be the perfect first or second dog to bring into your home. One reason Cavapoos are so good with other dogs is that they’re small and intelligent enough to realize that most dogs are bigger than them. They probably also realize that starting something with a big dog could be problematic for them!

They do have the tendency to chase after smaller animals, but since they’re usually the “smaller dog”, they get along good with other dogs. However, it is very important to make sure the Cavapoo has basic training and is properly socialized with other dogs at a young age. Socialization is the key to any issues Cavapoos may have with new people, dogs, cats or surroundings. Get our 80+ point Socialization Checklist, here.

Are Cavapoos Good With Cats?

Since almost the beginning of time, we’ve heard the phrase, “They fight like cats and dogs.” Most of us have even watched the classic TV cartoon “Tom and Jerry”, and we’re familiar with how dogs generally don’t get along with cats. However, this doesn’t have to always be the case, and it’s not always the case with Cavapoos and cats.

Although they may tend to chase things that are smaller than they are, they don’t have a real high prey drive or impulse to chase and/or catch cats or similar small animals. Make no mistake, though, because they may try to chase or fight with cats if they’re not properly introduced and socialized together at a young age.

Often, how dogs and cats get along has a lot to do with which one is brought into the home first. When the cat lives in the home first, the dog generally enters the home and respects the cat. If the dog lives in the home first, the dog may tend to try to dominate the cat. However, training and socialization can make a big difference. Cavapoos generally get along well with almost any animal. They are a very loving breed of dog that enjoys being around everyone whether human or animal. 

What Real Owners Are Saying

When asked, “Are Cavapoos family dog material?”…

“They love children, love to play and then sleep on your lap for hours. They love to travel and go places with their family. I have raised them for years with very few health issues. Most Cavapoos housebreak and train easy and of course if you are home a lot when they are small this certainly helps in training. We believe they are the perfect family dog and you would be amazed how many people come back to us for a second, even third one!”

“My Cavapoo will be 2 next month and I will tell you it was the best decision I have made in a long time! She is the sweetest little dogs! Loves my nephew and other children, loves playing fetch and will lay in your arms like a little baby. She was extremely easy to train, does not shead but I do have to get her hair cut about every 3-4 months. She hair is so silky that it will know if it is too long. Also, you want to keep the dogs face short so you can see the incredibly cute eyes and nose! OK can you tell I am in love with my dog?”

“Our Cavapoo is two, she has always been calm, sweet and smart. I hope you can find one. She has never been high energy. Best choice ever! She has always been gentle with young children and the elderly. I could go on and on!”

I have a 9 month old, he’s great with everyone. Absolutely loves people more than dogs but he will play with other dogs. They have very good temperaments in my opinion, easily trainable, gets on with everyone and everything. My cavapoo just chills all day. Obviously they are a hypoallergenic breed which means they don’t shed at all really. I would say that they are the perfect breed for a family as they respond well to children and adults and other pets!” 

“My Cavapoo is 8 y/o and she’s great with my younger siblings ! my sister (4) and brother (7) adore her – she gets grabbed for cuddles and just stands there until she can leave haha. we have a cat as well, and most of the time she’s oblivious, but occasionally chases her through the house. such a good temperament though, so calm but playful at the same time. they’re lovely dogs ????” 

“Omg yes. I have a 2 year old cavapoo. We have an older, larger dog and just got a kitten a few months ago. He wrestles with the kitten , snuggles with the older dog and my children ADORE him. He is small enough to cart around but big enough to go to the river and woods to play.”