Cutest Maltipoo Haircut Ideas! (2024)


If you are lucky enough to have a maltipoo in your life, you will need to decide how to groom your dog properly and what type of haircut you will choose. Check out some of the cutest maltipoo haircut ideas below to find one for your furry friend.

If you are trying to decide which type of haircut is best for your pup, consider some of these suggestions.

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Teddy Bear Cut


In general, owners prefer the Teddy Bear cut for their maltipoos with shorter hair. Teddy Bear cuts are short haircuts covering the pup’s entire body hair for about 12 inches or 34 inches.

For pets that enjoy playing outside and getting dirty, shorter hairstyles will last longer and last longer. It is also easier to brush short hair because it takes less time.

With its non-feather tail, round feet, ear trimming, and hair clips on the face, it is a relatively economical haircut. You can prevent matting and reduce brushing time with neat brushing styles.

Continental Clip


Maltipoos with curly or wavy coats will benefit from the Continental clip, another traditional Poodle clip. If you have a straight-coated Doodle, this clip may not suit you. Most Poodle owners use the Continental clip when showing their dogs.

Many areas of the dog are shaved, including the face, feet, throat, legs, hindquarters, and tail, which makes keeping the coat clean much easier.

The tail, ankles, and wrists are covered in pom-poms of hair, and the kidneys are sometimes decorated with two pom-poms.

Lamb Cut


The maltipoo haircut style will make your dog look like a little lamb!

The lamb cut is one of Teixeira’s favorite maltipoo haircuts because it keeps the fur on your dog’s body short and the fur on their legs long and fluffy, creating a velvety look. He says the dog’s hair length can vary depending on your preference.

Dogs with this hairstyle have their hair cut short enough so that it is convenient for their owners.

Scissor-blended components of the dog’s hair are cut into the dog’s body, leaving the leg hair long and fluffy. A maltipoo’s feet are either rounded or beveled, depending on its hair texture.

Miami Cut


Poodle crossbreeds and purebreds enjoy the Miami haircut, sometimes called the Bikini clip. Canine hairstyles like this are appropriate for adults rather than puppies.

Dogs’ tails, feet, and faces are shaved with the Bikini clip. Your dog’s fur grows to the length you choose elsewhere on its body. The groomer may place pom-poms on each pup’s paws and at the base of the tail if the dog’s coat features permit it.

Summer Cut


An all-over shave is the essence of the Summer cut. It also includes shaving off the dog’s ears, resulting in only 11.2 inches of hair remaining. Mats and tangles are a common problem for dogs, and this small clip is perfect for them.

A Summer cut is also recommended if your dog is susceptible to overheating during the summer, especially during the summer in hot climates. Summer haircuts are popular among pet owners, who let their pets shave as fall approaches.

Fringe Cut


Here’s an absolutely adorable hairstyle to display your curly-haired cutie’s little waves. Horn recommends this style for maltipoos for their shaved or trimmed heads, which accentuate their eyes with a soft, round shape.

You can keep your pooch up to date with what’s happening at all times, which is perfect for curious pooches.

Teddy Bear Cut


There are many maltipoo owners who love the Puppy Cut, as well as owners of a variety of Doodle breeds. In spite of its name, this clip is suitable for both adult dogs and small puppies.

An entire shave of either 12 inches or 34″ is available for this cute haircut. With this gorgeous haircut, the face and ears are trimmed, the round feet are trimmed, and the tail is clipped and feathered.

Brushing your dog’s coat every day is necessary to maintain your pet’s health if you wish to maintain the health of his coat.

Long Cut


The more often you groom your puppy, the cuter it will look. Professionals should handle trimming these animals’ fur because they don’t like to stay still when it’s being done.

Kennel Cut


There are a variety of Maltese clips out there, but the Kennel cut is the shortest and most basic. A shaved cut like this is perfect for an active, playful dog that loves to roll in the mud.

A full-body shave, the Kennel clip involves shaving the dog’s coat to the point where there is only one inch of fur left. If you prefer keeping your dog’s coat shorter to make brushing easier, an ultra-short style would be ideal if your dog gets dirty easily.

Town And Country Cut


Doodle crossbreeds can be given the Town and Country cut, which is usually used for show dogs. The Town and Country cut involves shaving the tail base, the face, the feet, the rib cage, and the neck to give it a nice, clean look.

However, it is best left to professionals unless you have experience. In the shape of the poof balls, the dog’s tail base is shaped.

Show Cut


In preparation for dog expos, Maltese puppies’ hair is beautifully trimmed with show cuts. However, the long fur of your dog requires daily brushing and much care if you choose to keep it that way.

Fluffy Cut


It is important to pay attention to knots when your dog has curly fur. Once in a while, a medium trim will be needed to keep its hair from tangling. If you want your dog’s fur to look great, you should use a special dog brush.

You can make your little friend look even cuter by getting a fluffy dog with a fluffy coat. Our favorite thing about them is not just their personalities but also their aspects, so take your dog to a professional groomer regularly or groom him at home.

How Often Do Maltipoos Need a Haircut?


The care and grooming required for raising a maltipoo are undeniable.

A dog’s grooming routine is almost like that of caring for a baby, they need to be bathed, have their hair cut, and have their nails properly groomed, which will ensure that your dog is clean and healthy.

It is recommended to brush your dog’s coat, clean their teeth and ears, and remove tear stains twice or three times per week.

Each month, they are bathed, their nails are clipped, and they are hair cut. Your dog will require proper grooming to stay healthy and clean. The only way to keep them healthy is to give them haircuts periodically.

Most maltipoo owners clip the entire coat when giving their dog a haircut since it is not necessary to do so, but we don’t think this would be a good idea because it makes the whole maintenance process easier.

It is highly recommended that you get a groomer to clip your dog’s hair if you have no experience doing so.

Professional groomers can give you a wide variety of styles to choose from. Whether you want your maltipoo to look like a teddy bear or just a standard puppy, you can do it.

Your dog will look very attractive with the classic puppy cut, the most common haircut found on dogs.

How To Groom A Maltipoo After A Haircut?


The best way to prevent matting is to constantly brush your dog’s hair. It is important to give your maltipoo a nice haircut every now and then since it has hair rather than fur.

Depending on how fast your dog’s hair grows, how often they need a haircut varies. Most maltipoos should be trimmed four times a year, at the very least. You should get your maltipoo’s haircut every six weeks if their hair grows extremely fast.

Brushing Your Pup

The Maltipoo dog should be brushed twice a week at home. Besides being brushed and combed frequently, he must also be brushed and combed frequently.

Poodle-like coats are often thin and fine, while maltese-like coats are thick and coarse. Slicker brushes are the best tool to use if your pup’s coat is poodle-like.

It is recommended that you pin and bristle your pups if they are maltese-coated. The maltese-like coat should be brushed at least once a day.

When your dog is quiet and comfortable, brush him after a pleasant walk. Routinely groom your dog daily to make sure he gets used to it.

Select a detangling spray designed specifically for dogs to remove matting from a dog’s coat. You may need to spray the brush again periodically if necessary.

The feet should be the first area to be examined, followed by the legs, the face, the hindquarters, the tail, the back, both sides, the stomach and abdomen, and the bottom area.

It is possible to brush all parts of the Maltipoo’s fur because they possess an undercoat.

The same procedure can be repeated to find tangles or mats in the hair with a comb. An effective dog comb is one that has a broader tooth in the middle and a narrower tooth on the other.

Bathing Your Pup

Then, place your maltipoo gently inside a warm bathtub partially filled with water. Prior to shampooing your maltipoo, make sure it is thoroughly brushed.

As soon as the water has been gently massaged along the coat, apply dog shampoo to the coat. Finish by washing your dog and applying a dog conditioner.

It is recommended that all body parts should be included, and then the body should be thoroughly cleaned. Make sure their hair is dried with a soft towel.

Ear Cleaning

To keep your dog healthy, it is important to clean his ears regularly. Infections of the ear can also occur in poodles due to their large, drooping ear flaps. It is not uncommon for puppies to have their ears standing erect.

It is important to check your dog’s ears weekly for excess hair, odor, and dirt/wax accumulation caused by wax.

Dogs have ears with wax, which can build up over time and prevent airflow. Maintain clean and dry ears by inspecting them weekly and only cleaning them when necessary.

How To Keep Your Dog Calm During A Haircut?


Sometimes, fear arises because we don’t know much about something or it’s new.

There is something scary about the unknown! When a dog that has never been groomed is suddenly pulled around, has loud clippers close to its face, and is bathed in a noisy environment, it is understandable that it may become stressed.

A gradual process of getting them used to the equipment, grooming studios, and handling and restraints can make them feel more relaxed.

Having a lot of energy can lead to negative behaviors in your dog. They can show signs of stress or anxiety during a grooming session.

A grooming session can be stressful for them if they have a lot of energy before the session. It may help your dog to be calmer during grooming if you can take them for a long walk or play with them beforehand.

Positive reinforcement can improve A dog’s behavior during a difficult time. By using this method, you can teach your dog that getting a reward for good behavior during grooming is a positive thing.

Eventually, they will behave in this manner without any training. If you let your dog handle the tools around them, you may want to praise or reward them.

Encourage brushing, clipping, and even visiting a grooming studio to promote this. A grooming studio will eventually be able to groom your dog.

When grooming your dog, it is perfectly acceptable for him to take a break. See if your dog is experiencing stress and discomfort by checking the canine ladder of aggression before things become overwhelming.

While your dog may be in comfort and won’t bite, it may still be experiencing stress and discomfort.

There is nothing wrong with your dog if they take a break, nor does it mean they are untrained. Depending on the trauma, some may need more time to become comfortable, while others may feel uncomfortable when touched or exposed to loud noises.

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