The Cane Corso Named Bruce Wayne – Everything You Need To Know! (2024)


If you’re a Cane Corso fan, chances are you’ve heard of the internet sensation named Bruce Wayne. This Cane Corso is a large, black Cane Corso owned by Jason Corey.

Beyond sharing funny videos of Bruce Wayne, Jason Corey also shows information regarding training and his dog’s diet. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about this famous pup!

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What Is a Cane Corso?


Before we dive into Bruce Wayne, it’s essential to give a bit of background into his breed; this will provide us with more insight into what makes Bruce Wayne such a unique dog! 

The Cane Corso breed dates back to ancient Roman times and, in Latin, roughly translates to “bodyguard dog.” Standing at nearly 28 inches at the shoulder and often weighing over 100 lbs, it’s not hard to imagine this dog as an effective guard dog! 

Beyond being large and muscular, Cane Corso are known for being intelligent, loyal dogs. Their coat can range from black to red to chestnut brindle. Some Cane Corso coats are solid, and some have a mask around their face. 

To keep a Cane Corso happy, frequent and rigorous exercise is required.

A comfortable and healthy Cane Corso has an intense exercise routine and lots of space to run freely. Because these dogs are so large, they are often not recommended for apartment living. 

Who Is the Cane Corso Named Bruce Wayne?


Now that we know a little bit more about the breed let’s explore who this famous dog is.

Bruce Wayne has an impressive 300k Youtube subscribers and 60k Instagram followers. Bruce Wayne’s owner, Jason Corey, uses these channels to discuss training regimens and his dog’s raw food diet. 

A Day in the Life of Bruce Wayne the Cane Corso


If you’ve ever wondered what having a massive dog like Bruce Wayne is really like, Jason Corey uploaded a video detailing a typical day for Bruce. 

Bruce Wayne’s day begins at the gym as he lounges near Jason’s wife, Kara. Next, he shows his soft side snuggling up to Jason. 

We then get a peak at a typical Bruce Wayne breakfast. Since Bruce Wayne is on a raw diet, we see various raw meat plated. His breakfast includes beef liver, oxtail, and turkey breast, among other cuts of choice meat.

Jason explains that all the meat Bruce Wayne eats is organic and grass-fed when applicable. 

After Bruce Wayne gobbles his monstrous meal, Jason tries to coax him to go outside. While he normally loves to run around in their backyard, he refuses to go! Why? He’s not a fan of rainy weather. 

The video ends with Bruce Wayne getting a play session outdoors with Jason.

A bit of wrestling, tug-of-war, and general roughhousing ensure. Jason explains Bruce Wayne is extremely well-behaved indoors but loves to get rowdy outdoors once he knows it’s playtime. 

What Owning a Cane Corso Is Like, Thanks to Jason and Bruce Wayne 


In another video, Jason discusses what owning a Cane Corso is really like and how to tell if you’re ready to own one. The video begins with Bruce Wayne lazily waking up from a nap and showing off his affectionate side to his owner. 

Jason dives into the video, saying all Cane Corso owners must have leadership skills. Why? If a Cane Corso senses they get to be in charge, they will take charge! When your dog weighs over 100 lbs, you do not want them to be the boss of the house. 

Jason recommends either taking one of his training courses or educating yourself before purchasing a new puppy. The good news is, even if your new dog isn’t a Cane Corso, the tips and tricks taught in his courses and books still apply. 

Jason’s next bit of advice is that a Cane Corso should not be the first dog you own. He even goes as far as saying they are the “Lamborghinis” of dogs.

He jokes that no one should learn how to drive a car in a Lamborghini for the first time, so no first-time dog owner should go right for the Cane Corso. 

Does a Cane Corso Fit Your Lifestyle?

If you want a Cane Corso like Bruce Wayne, are you prepared for a complete lifestyle change? This is the question Jason poses. He says that training a Cane Corso requires massive amounts of time.

He cautions prospective Cane Corso owners that they will have to sacrifice time with friends, family, and their hobbies to get the dog trained appropriately. 

Jason insists that you need to be prepared to devote hours each day to your Cane Corso for the entirety of its life. If that sounds too daunting of a task, don’t get one, Jason says. 

Bruce Wayne has also taught his owner that while they can thrive in small living spaces, they require large outdoor areas to run.

Because huge Cane Corsos like Bruce Wayne sleep for a lot of the day, they don’t mind cozy living quarters. However, Jason cautions that this can only work if you have access to an outdoor space for exercise. 

Personality and Affection

What else can we learn from Bruce Wayne? That Cane Corsos love attention and affection. So, if you’re not the type that wants a massive dog to snuggle up to you, a Cane Corso may not be the right breed for you. 

Jason goes on to his next point. All responsible Cane Corso owners are generally patient people. He explains that Bruce Wayne, like other Cane Corsos, are extremely pack-oriented and emotional dogs.

They can pick up on the emotions of others in the room. For this reason, they are sensitive to the energy you give off.

Yelling and screaming at your dog won’t work. A good Cane Corso owner displays calm, consistent patience even when the dog misbehaves. 


Consider your finances. Not only is this breed notoriously expensive, but the ongoing costs associated with owning a Cane Corso like Bruce Wayne is substantial.

Because these dogs are so large, they require huge amounts of expensive, quality food to maintain their muscle mass. Vet bills also tend to be higher with Cane Corsos due to their size and larger doses of medication needed. 

Bruce Wayne’s Natural Guard Dog Instincts


Earlier, we discussed the use of Cane Corsos as far back as ancient Roman times to guard both people and property. Incredibly, those instincts to guard and protect are still alive and well in Corsis, such as Bruce Wayne. 

Want to see those instincts in action? Check out this video Bruce Wayne’s owner posted about this breed’s natural inclination to guard and protect.

The video begins with Jason laughing about how he actually forgot Bruce Wayne’s leash while walking downtown, so he has to make do with some items he found in his car. 

Even with all of the sights, sounds, and smells of downtown, Bruce Wayne remains calm and collected as he explores the streets. People are big fans and point out his huge size! 

At one point, a homeless man begins walking toward Jason, Bruce Wayne, and Kara. Bruce Wayne’s ears and tail immediately go into an upright position.

However, since he got cues from Jason that there was no threat, Bruce Wayne did not engage in any aggressive behavior. 

At another point in the video, a smaller dog lunges at Bruce Wayne. Due to his extensive training, Bruce Wayne does not react. However, he is on high alert for potential threats throughout the walk downtown. 

Part of his training is staying on constant high alert and not reacting to non-threats. 

FAQs About Bruce Wayne


Here are some frequently asked questions about this massive dog.

How tall is Bruce Wayne the Cane Corso?

He is 28 inches tall at the shoulder. 

How much does Bruce Wayne the Cane Corso weigh?

Bruce Wayne weighs 152 lbs. 

Is Bruce Wayne the Cane Corso neutered?

Bruce Wayne is not neutered. Jason, Bruce Wayne’s owner, discusses this in one of his videos. He recommends not neutering Cane Corsos as this can stunt their height and weight.

Large dogs such as Bruce Wayne are not fully grown until age 3. Since veterinarians typically neuter pets within the first year of life, this could potentially impact the growth of the Cane Corso. 

Conclusion For “The Cane Corso Named Bruce Wayne”


There is a treasure trove of information to be learned not only about Bruce Wayne himself but the Cane Corso breed in general on Jason Corey’s social media channels.

After going through videos and posts about Bruce Wayne, you can learn whether this type of breed is a good fit for you and your family. 

Whether you’re interested in dog training, the raw food diet, or Cane Corso behavior, there’s so much to discover. 

Even if you’re not interested or able to get a Cane Corso, it’s still fun to watch videos depicting what a gentle giant Bruce Wayne really is. 

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