The 10 Best Horse Rescues in Georgia! (2024)


Horses have long been used for casual and competitive riding and are also highly loved companion animals. For many years, they also served as the main power behind human transportation; in some areas, they still do.

Furthermore, many breeds are still considered some of the most vital and valuable work sources for farms and ranches. 

However, there may be a time when rescuing horses is necessary. Thankfully, horse shelters can rescue horses, nurture them, and train them to be adoptable horses. Many horse shelters allow you to adopt horses if you’re thinking of horse adoption. 

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Why Do Horses End Up in Shelters?


There are many reasons a horse could end up in a bad situation, and without the assistance of horse rescues to step in and take in the horse, they can quickly end up in auctions where they could lose their second chance at a happy life.

Lack of Funds or Support

Sudden hardship on the owners of a horse, such as a death or bankruptcy, is one common reason behind the need for rescues. Depending on health and age, horses can cost several hundred dollars a month to properly care for.

If an owner or family can no longer provide financial assistance to their horse, they will have to sell them cheaply or surrender them.

Lameness or Medical Conditions


Depending on the severity and reason for lameness, rehabilitation, and treatment can be extensive to get a horse in riding shape again.

Each vet visit can start at a few hundred dollars but get as high as several thousand depending on the ailment and treatment required. Some owners may be unable to keep pace with the costs.

Behavioral Issues

Lack of proper training, sex hormones, pain, and fear can lead to many dangerous behaviors in horses, such as throwing, biting, and kicking. If the owner cannot locate the reason behind the behavior and correct it, the horse will likely need a new home. 

Retired or Old Age Horses


Horses that have retired from any activity due to old age can become unwanted and find themselves in a situation where it can be difficult to rehome.

In addition, end-of-life stage horses may need extra attention or caregiving, which in turn means more expensive bills. Due to this, many owners consider adopting horses that are older.

Wild and Feral Horses

Often horses that have had very little interaction with humans can be placed in a home for a relatively low price, but that also means that there is a good chance it can end up in a home that may lack the proper care.

These horses have a strong fight-or-flight response to anything they are unfamiliar with and may have to rely on the care of a rescue facility before being placed for adoption. 

Top 10 Horse Rescues in Georgia


The following ten horse rescues in Georgia have held a consistently high rating among their listed reviews. 

1. Save The Horses


Save The Horses is a horse relief and rehabilitation organization that relies on the kindness of its volunteers and donations from the community.

This rescue steps in for abused, abandoned, and neglected horses in dire need of care and works to get them back to peak health for possible adoption.

Save The Horses has handled hundreds of cases and is a no-kill sanctuary for local horses in dire need of assistance. 

They are currently an approved rescue through, were rated a top non-profit for 2022, and are part of the Horse Rescues United of Georgia. 

Save the Horses Details:

2. Georgia Equine Rescue League


Georgia Equine Rescue League, or GERL, is a non-profit organization that seeks to raise money and support for the horses impounded under the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Equine Division.

With over 400 members and a budget of over $100,000, this organization not only looks to educate across the state but also rescues and rehabilitates horses for adoption. 

GERL provides numerous support programs and financial assistance to three different impounding facilities in Georgia. Vaccines, fencing, castrations, shelter, hay, and feed are all provided by GERL and offered to the horses held at these facilities. 

GERL Details:

3. Iron Gate Percherons


This rescue focuses on providing assistance and sanctuary to Percherons and other draft breed horses that are victims of abuse, negligence, abandonment, or lack of necessary finances for basic needs.

Through time and commitment, these animals are nurtured back to physical, mental, and emotional health before being released for adoption. 

Their recent focus has been on draft horses with significant medical and emotional issues. While these animals receive healing care, they can also bond and offer therapeutic care through various programs hosted by Iron Gate Percherons. 

Iron Gate Percherons Details:

  • Location: 114 Hancock Mountain Trail, Waleska Georgia 30183
  • Phone Number: 770-648-1981
  • Website: Iron Gate Percherons

4. Trinity Rescue


Trinity Rescue operates in Rome, Georgia, and takes in horses, donkeys, and mules that are emaciated, injured, and struggling with severe medical conditions.

Also rated a top non-profit organization for 2022, Trinity Rescue not only rehabilitates horses and seeks fitting and loving homes for them but also seeks to educate the public about the various challenges and issues facing equine welfare. 

Trinity Rescue Details:

5. Begin Again Farms Equine Shelter


Begin Again Farms is another shelter that focuses on rehabilitation and adoption. The rescue operates on volunteers who manage and care for the animals until they are back to total health or retired to fitting homes. 

Begin Again Farms Details:

6. Second Chances Equine Rescue


While this organization works to rehabilitate horses needing help, they also assist and educate owners, rehome rescues that law enforcement has pulled out of negligent situations, and remain a sanctuary for the horses that are not eligible for adoption. 

They are part of the Homes for Horses Coalition, are an approved charity through the Combined Federal Campaign, and have received the Platinum Transparency Award for 2022. Since opening their doors in 2013, they have aided over 230 equines. 

Second Chances Equine Rescue Details:

7. The Farm at Oatland North


What started as a family farm quickly became a blossoming homestead for not only horses but goats, pigs, donkeys, and even cats. Now a 501 c(3), it provides sanctuary to many animals through volunteers, donations, and sponsorships.

They often run events to draw in support and offer open house visits on Sundays between 2 and 4 for anyone that would like to visit the property. 

This location focuses primarily as a sanctuary for the rescue animals so that they may live out their lives well-nourished and safe.  

The Farm at Oatland North Details:

8. Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary


This sanctuary seeks to provide an environment with little restraint on their horses and the freedom to run in large areas with a herd.

This rescue does not adopt the animals they take in, wishing to provide them with a safe and final home if they end up in the Sanctuary.

Unwanted horses, abused, or simply old aged may find themselves living in the rolling pastures free of restraints or stalls in this beautiful sanctuary located at the Georgia and North Carolina border. 

Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary Details:

9. Bearfoot Ranch


Working closely with Forsyth Animal Control, Bearfoot Ranch rescues and rehabilitates seized animals. Once these horses have reached good health and are in a position to trust humans again, new owners adopt them into a forever home.

Sponsorships are greatly appreciated to fund and feed these animals since most come from negligent and abusive backgrounds. 

Bearfoot Ranch Details:

10. Warangel Farms


This rescue focuses its efforts on saving horses from killing pens or slaughter. While horse slaughter is not legal in the United States, there are kill pen buyers who purchase horses at auction to ship them off to Mexico or Canada, where butchers will kill them.

The process these horses endure is often full of pain and fear before they meet an untimely death. 

Warangel Farms can save some of the horses and donkeys doomed for slaughter, rehabilitate them back to total health, and care for them for the duration of their lives.

They currently offer tours, camps, sponsorships, and other events to help fund the care of their animals. 

Warangel Farm Details:

  • Location: 199 WarAngel Farms Way Canton, Georgia, 30114
  • Phone Number: 770-317-8476
  • Website: Warangel Farm

Conclusion For “Best Horse Rescues in Georgia”


These ten rescues in Georgia do a fantastic job of saving the lives of horses in desperate need. While they may not all allow the adoption of their rescues, they are certainly offering the best possible care to these animals in need.

With the aid of donations and volunteers who share their passion, they can make a massive difference in the lives of these creatures. 

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