The 7 Best Horse Rescues in Oregon! (2024)


Horses are both majestic and incredible companions, no matter your age. However, not everyone requires the amount of time and effort required to care for these animals.

And unfortunately, many horses end up in shelters and rescues for rehabilitation and rehoming.

Depending on where you’re located, there are several horse rescues in Oregon. Rather than sift through the dozens of websites and reviews, let us tell you the best locations to adopt a horse from in Oregon!

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Why Do Horses End Up in Rescues?


We’ve all seen movies with beautiful horses in them, but rarely do we see any popular media that shows how much care horses need.

Many horse owners will purchase or adopt a horse, then fail to treat it properly because of finances or lack of time. Unfortunately, many horses enter a rescue in need of medical attention and care.

Another common reason for horses going to rescue is over-breeding. Breeders will often lack the resources to keep long-term, healthy livestock.

This has led to a greater supply than demand for horses and puts a great deal of them in improper living conditions.

The bottom line is, horses go to rescues because they have been abandoned in some form or another.

Whether it involves rescuing these animals from unsafe living conditions or outbidding another person at a kill auction, rescues in the USA show up to protect horses every day.

Top 7 Rescue Locations in Oregon


Through no fault of their own, horses are brought to rescues every day.

Reputable horse rescues will require that you fill out an adoption application and be available for home visits and regular vet checkups. This way, you can find your perfect horse companion for your lifestyle.

Volunteers and staff at horse rescues work tirelessly to ensure that each horse is rehabilitated, becoming an adoptable horse, and finds a home that will love and care for it forever.

In no particular order here are 7 of the best Oregon horse rescues to find your new companion.

1. Mustangs to the Rescue


Since 2012, Mustangs to the Rescue has been helping horses and their humans find stability and ample opportunity to learn and thrive.

The founder of this non-profit, Kate Beardsley, has worked in several horse advocacy agencies and strives to assist all members of the horse adoption process.

You can find horses of all breeds here, each with a unique past and a desire to find their forever home. If you are new to owning horses or need assistance setting up the right space for your new horse, Mustangs to the Rescue is there to help.

Horses aren’t the only part of the adoption equation, and Mustangs to the Rescue understands this. Run by volunteers, you can rest easy knowing that the people who run the non-profit do so with extreme care and passion for the horses they work with.

Mustangs to the Rescue Details:

2. Sound Equine Options


Rescuing horses since 2009, Sound Equine Options (SEO) has been looking after abused, neglected, and abandoned horses with the intent of finding their forever homes.

Their motivation surrounds ending the cycle of abuse, abandonment, and neglect of local horses

SEO has fostered relationships with law enforcement agencies in five Oregon counties and two Washington counties, all to provide support in this area of animal rights and regulations.

With their private donations and fundraising endeavors, SEO has done a lot of good by supporting horses in need.

SEO rescues all breeds of horses and strives to rehabilitate them and find them the perfect forever home. If you are looking for adopting horses, you can trust that Sound Equine has taken good care of your new friend, and will ensure you treat it properly.

Sound Equine Options Details:

3. Equine Outreach Horse Rescue


Equine Outreach is one of the best horse rescues in Oregon and is open since 2004. They have rehabilitated and rehomed over 800 horses in the community.

In 2017 they relocated to their current location in Bend and continued their efforts with renewed conviction.

Equine Outreach serves horses of all breeds and backgrounds but focuses on horses with uncertain futures. If you’re looking for an organization that cares for at-risk horses as much as you do, this one is one of the best.

Equine Outreach Horse Rescue Details:

4. Project Spirit Equine Rescue & Rehab


Much like Equine Outreach, Project Spirit is a nonprofit focused on rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming at-risk horses.

Located in the Klamath Basin, they also provide educational resources about the surrounding area and how certain products and practices affect horses’ health.

Project Spirit frequently updates its Facebook page with updates on the horses in their care and how their conditions can teach horse owners what to be mindful of.

If you’re unsure of whether to commit to a particular horse, you can find each horse’s story there as well.

Whether their horses come from loving homes that can’t take care of them anymore, or abusive and negligent homes, it’s obvious that Project Spirit cares for each animal they rescue. 

Project Spirit Equine Rescue & Rehab Details:

5. Oregon Horse Rescue


Founded in 2012 by Jane and David Kelly, Oregon Horse Rescue (OHR) is dedicated to providing sanctuary for any and every horse that needs it.

While many of the rescued horses spend the rest of their lives living on the property in the sanctuary, the younger and able-bodied horses are adopted.

OHR provides several services outside of their adoption and sanctuary services, including foster programs, volunteer opportunities, and educational resources on horse abuse.

You can find horses of any breed on the organization’s property, many of which are looking for loving forever homes.

If you’re considering adopting a horse, OHR is one of the organizations that want to make sure their horses are going to caring homes. They are one of the best non-profits for horse lovers for this reason.

Oregon Horse Rescue Details:

6. 3 Sisters Equine Refuge


3 Sisters Equine has been rehabilitating and rehoming horses since 2013. With one of the most intensive adoption processes on the list, you know that their team is set on making sure their horses don’t end up back where they began.

Aside from their adoption services, 3 Sisters Equine provides several other resources for horse owners and lovers alike. However, if you have only a passing interest in adopting a horse, 3 Sisters will be a location that may not work for you.

If you’re unsure which horse you’d like to adopt, you can visit their Patreon to find resources on horse care, updates on individual horses, and guides for new horse owners.

3 Sisters Equine Refuge Details:

7. Skydog Ranch


With two locations in Bend, OR, and Malibu, CA, Skydog Ranch works to find forever homes for wild mustangs and burros.

Since 2016, Skydog has been advocating for mustang and burro care and awareness. While mistreated and neglected horses are a real issue that needs to be cared for, wild horses are at risk of being put in dangerous situations.

The ranch in Oregon is a sanctuary for these horses and burros to roam in peace, with the prospect of finding a loving home. In addition, Skydog reunites families of horses that have been separated during roundups.

Skydog provides several resources on understanding wild mustang roundups, how to help their situation, and why they are in danger.

If you would like to adopt horses, their partnership with the Bureau of Land Management connects you to the proper resources to adopt a mustang.

Skydog Ranch Details:

Conclusion For “Best Horse Rescues in Oregon”


Adopting a horse is a big commitment, especially if you haven’t owned one before. These big and beautiful animals are far too often mistreated, and this is where these fine Oregon horse rescues come in.

By adopting one of these rescue horses, you are giving them a second chance at life in a happy and loving environment. Do your research and find horse rescues in Oregon that you want to work with, and you will certainly find a new best friend.

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