The Top 8 Rabbit Rescues in Georgia! (2024)


Rabbits are fluffy and adorable companions. These relatively low-maintenance pets are often a child’s first pet. However, rabbits can live for more than ten years, and by then, the child will grow up and maybe lose interest in their fluffy companion.

Unfortunately, many people don’t expect the years of maintenance and cleaning associated with these beautiful animals, causing them to give them up for adoption.

Adopting rabbits is an exciting way to enjoy the company of a rabbit, teach kids about caring for an animal, and give love to an animal in need of a home.

If bringing a rescue rabbit home is on your mind, check out these eight amazing rabbit rescues in Georgia.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

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Why Do Rabbits End Up in Shelters?


Unfortunately, rabbits typically end up in shelters because the owner can no longer properly care for them. Some of the main reasons that rabbits end up in shelters and rescue centers include the following:

  • The rabbit has a litter of babies 
  • Neglect 
  • The rabbit displays aggressive behavior
  • Owner moves 
  • Rabbit maintenance and cleaning become too much 
  • Abuse or abandonment 

A pet rabbit can live for more than ten years with proper care, so rabbit owners must be prepared to care for a rabbit for a decade, even when the novelty of owning a rabbit wears off.

Top 8 Rabbit Rescues in Georgia


Rabbit adoption is an amazing way to rescue a pet rabbit in need of a loving home. Georgia has lots of places for potential pet owners to find adoptable rabbits rather than buying one from a pet store.

Rabbits need space and around a decade of care to live happily. All of the exceptional animal care facilities listed below require adoptive pet parents to complete a screening process to ensure they can provide the love and care that these adorable creatures deserve.

If you’re ready to bring a new furry friend into your home, check out these eight rabbit rescues in Georgia to find a new friend who’ll give you and your family years of love.

1. Georgia House Rabbit Society 


The Georgia House Rabbit Society is a volunteer-run not-for-profit animal shelter outside of Atlanta, in Kennesaw, Georgia.

This rabbit rescue center has bunnies for adoption and also offers a fostering program. They’ll always accept surrendered or rescued rabbits.

To adopt rabbits from the Georgia House Rabbit Society, visitors must complete the adoption forms and pay an adoption fee. To visit the fluffy friends, adoptive parents must schedule visitation in advance.

After adopting rabbits from this awesome shelter, they’ll get in touch after two weeks to check in and answer any maintenance or care questions.

Keep in mind that adopted rabbits from the Georgia House Rabbit Society are not permitted outside at any point.

Georgia House Rabbit Society Details:

2. Georgia Rabbit Rescue 


Georgia Rabbit Rescue is an online forum where pet owners can list their rabbits for adoption.

This website is a community of rabbit owners and potential rabbit parents. Visitors must create an account with Georgia Rabbit Rescue to join the conversation.

The Georgia Rabbit Rescue website is a resource for rabbit owners with a new litter of baby rabbits or bunnies that they can’t take care of. Here, visitors can browse through postings based on their location and desired rabbit breed.

If you’re searching for a rescue rabbit, the Georgia Rabbit Rescue website is a great place to start since these animals typically aren’t in shelters yet. However, the rabbits may end up in a shelter if the owners cannot find them homes.

Georgia Rabbit Rescue Details:

3. Fixing the Boro


Fixing the Boro has been rescuing rabbits and animals in Southeast Georgia since 2017.

Fixing the Boro offers affordable spay and neutering services, microchipping, educational services, and adoption programs for rabbits, cats, and dogs.

At this pet rescue center, visitors can foster or adopt animals after completing the mandatory adoption screening process.

Fixing the Boro provides hands-on education on animal care and maintenance to prepare adoptive parents with all the resources needed to care for their new family member properly.

Fixing the Boro Details:

4. Albany Humane Society, Inc.


The Albany Humane Society in Georgia has lots of adoptable rabbits looking for a happy home. This humane shelter focuses its efforts on helping abandoned and surrendered animals find proper homes.

Here, visitors will find educational information about pet care and affordable microchipping service.

Potential pet owners must first complete the adoption form to adopt rabbits from the Albany Humane Society. Or, sign up to foster a rabbit if you’re not able to commit to lifetime care.

The Albany Humane Society’s official website has resources for animal lovers. If you’re passionate about caring for animals in the Albany area, check out the upcoming events to get involved in fundraising events and more.

Albany Humane Society, Inc. Details:

5. Hop Along Home 


Hop Along Home is one of the best rabbit rescue centers in Georgia. At this rabbit rescue center in Smyrna, animal lovers can find adoptable rabbits ready to join the family.

Hop Along Home offers foster options and adoptable rabbits. This center also accepts surrendered rabbits.

Those adopting rabbits from this animal rescue center must first get in touch with Hop Along Home for a mandatory screening process to ensure they can provide the proper care to a rescue rabbit.

When searching for rabbits to adopt from Hop Along Home, if there are two bunnies pictured together, they are bonded and must be adopted together.

Hop Along Home Details:

  • Location: 226 Deerwood Cir SE, Smyrna, GA 30082
  • Phone Number: 770-597-1562
  • Website: Hop Along Home

6. Atlanta Humane Society 


The Atlanta Humane Society has been rescuing rabbits and animals since 1873, making it one of the oldest animal shelters and charities in Atlanta, Georgia.

This animal shelter helps all rescue animals but typically houses cats and dogs. Those who want to adopt rabbits should get in touch to see if there are any adoptable rabbits available.

Visitors to the Atlanta Humane Society’s official website will find tons of valuable resources for caring for pets, veterinary centers, ways to rescue animals, and more.

Atlanta Humane Society Details:

7. Gauntt Farm Antics Rabbit Rescue, Inc.


Gauntt Farm Antics Rabbit Rescue is an amazing place to find adoptable rabbits in Georgia. This rescue center east of Atlanta has been rescuing rabbits and animals in need for years. Here, visitors can adopt or foster a pet rabbit.

Those wanting to adopt a rabbit from the Gauntt Farm Antics Rabbit Rescue must first complete the adoption form.

Gauntt Farm Antics Rabbit Rescue is entirely run by donations and volunteers, so if you’re not ready to commit to caring for a pet rabbit long-term, you can make a donation to help cover medical and care expenses and ensure the best care for these fluffy friends.

Gauntt Farm Antics Rabbit Rescue, Inc. Details:

8. Best Friends Animal Society 


The Best Friends Animal Society in Atlanta, Georgia, is an animal rescue center that works alongside The Bunny House to care for and find a forever home for rescued rabbits.

If rabbit adoption is on your to-do list, schedule a tour of the facility to check out the long-eared fluff balls in this sanctuary.

The Best Friends Animal Society has options to foster or adopt a rescue rabbit. What’s more? They have programs like hosting a bunny sleepover for a short-term animal experience.

Of course, a screening process is mandatory for anyone who wants to bring a rabbit home, no matter how short-term.

If bringing home a pet rabbit isn’t possible with your current housing situation, animal lovers can symbolically adopt rabbits at the Best Friends Animal Society to help cover the costs of proper care and attention.

Best Friends Animal Society Details:

Conclusion For “Rabbit Adoption – Top Rabbit Rescues in Georgia”


Adopting rabbits is an exciting adventure for the whole family. Rabbits are intelligent and adorable pets. Because rabbits need space, attention, and training, these creatures make amazing first-pet experiences.

Find adoptable rabbits in Georgia at these top eight rabbit rescues in Georgia and hop on home with your new furry friend.

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