12 Best Rabbit Rescues in Wisconsin! (2024)


Rabbits are one of the cutest animals that a family can adopt into their home. However, finding the right rabbit might mean browsing different rabbit rescues or shelters to find a bunny that gets along well with all the members of your household.

Additionally, rabbit rescues are one of the best places to look if you can’t meet all of your rabbit’s needs. A rescue can provide the resources your rabbit will need until they find a loving home.

Read on for more information on pet rabbits and the top rabbit rescues in Wisconsin.

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The Top 12 Rabbit Rescues in Wisconsin


Rabbit rescues are the ideal place to look for adoptable rabbits. Rescuing rabbits means taking in an animal who longer has a home and providing love and comfort to them. A rescue rabbit not only offers companionship but unconditional love.

1. Wisconsin Humane Society Milwaukee Campus


The Wisconsin Human Society Milwaukee Campus takes care of tons of animals, including dogs and cats. This facility offers foster services to families who may not want to adopt an animal but are willing to temporarily foster animals.

This center has plenty of information on how to best train your animal and everything you need to know about adopting rabbits. Consider contributing to their educational mission by donating, shopping, or fostering.

Wisconsin Humane Society Milwaukee Campus Details:

2. Oshkosh Area Humane Society


The Oshkosh Area Humane Society is one of the best locations to go if you are interested in saving an animal’s life, helping improve living conditions for rabbits and other animals, or adopting a rabbit.

This facility has visiting hours that you can use to see the animals up for adoption and inquire about the process of fostering or adopting rabbits.

Consider contributing monetary or object donations to help this center continue its mission to save animal lives, one adoption at a time.

Oshkosh Area Humane Details:

3. Oscar’s Rabbit Rescue


Oscar’s Rabbit Rescue saves domestic bunnies and offers resources to families who want to adopt a rabbit. This center seeks to provide education on how best to treat rabbits and what kind of resources they need to be at their healthiest and happiest.

Oscar’s Rabbit Rescue also offers medical care for rabbits that come through their facility, ensuring that each bunny is healthy and doesn’t need emergent services.

Oscar’s Rabbit Rescue Details:

4. Hoover Hause Rescue Center


Hoover Hause Rescue Center is a non-profit animal rescue that takes in dogs, cats, and small mammals. Although this facility focuses on dogs, plenty of other animals are available for adoption through this location.

Consider fostering, donating, or volunteering with this facility to help them save more animals every year and enable families to connect with their dream pets.

Hoover Hause Rescue Center Details:

5. JR’s Pup N Stuff


JR’s Pups N Stuff calls itself a dog rescue, but they also have cats and other small animals up for adoption. This facility has guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, and rabbits available for adoption for a family willing to ensure their care and protection.

JR’s Pups N Stuff has a volunteering program and fostering option that will make you a key component in taking care of rabbits and other animals.

JR’s Pup N Stuff Details:

6. Humane Society of Jefferson County


The Humane Society of Jefferson County is one of the best rabbit rescues in Wisconsin and is the ideal place for families to look when choosing to adopt a rabbit.

This location has plenty of animals up for adoption and events with educational information and resources that families will need to care for their animals.

The Human Society of Jefferson County is always in need of supplies, services, and monetary contributions.

Humane Society of Jefferson County Details:

7. Rescue Gang


Rescue Gang is a foster-based shelter that intends to rescue and unite 400 animals with loving homes every year. This facility offers medical care and shelter for dogs, cats, and other small mammals.

You can contribute to Rescue Gang by donating supplies or money, fostering animals, or volunteering at the facility.

Rescue Gang Details:

8. Critter Junction Pet Rescue


Critter Junction Pet Rescue allows the public to make donations, adopt small animals, and volunteer at their location. This location has plenty of small animals for adoption, grooming services, and medical staff to evaluate your furry friend.

Additionally, Critter Junction Pet Rescue holds plenty of events and community bonding experiences to help you gain a greater sense of their mission and boost adoptions.

Critter Junction Pet Rescue Details:

9. Dane County Humane Society


The Dane County Humane Society seeks to help people assist animals in any way possible, including adoption and fostering.

This facility is unique because they have experts on staff who can help you figure out what to do when you stumble across a wild animal on your property who may need assistance.

This humane society includes a page for those looking for their lost pets, making them an invaluable resource for the local community.

Dane County Humane Society Details:

10. Humane Animal Welfare Society


The Humane Animal Welfare Society, or HAWS, is a shelter that seeks to ensure the overall well-being and protection of all animals in the community.

This facility offers behavior training and education resources for families who may not understand what things their pet needs.

This location has a clinic to address your pet’s healthcare needs and will conduct spay and neuter services to prevent pregnancies.

Humane Animal Welfare Society Details:

11. Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin


Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin offers dog, cat, and small animal adoptions.

You can find adoptable rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, and other mammals at this location, and you will receive a wide range of educational resources to help you care for your new furry friend.

Additionally, this facility has vet services to address your new rabbit’s every healthcare need.

Consider contributing monetarily or donating supplies to help this facility save more animals and continue their mission.

Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin Details:

12. The Washington County Humane Society


The Washington County Humane Society is a perfect place for families who want to adopt a small animal for their home. This facility has everything from dogs and cats to small animals on its roster for adoption.

Additionally, this center has a page dedicated to lost animals in need of reuniting with their loving family.

The Washington County Humane Society holds events for the community to help spread accurate information and educational resources about animals, pet care, and overall rabbit habits.

The Washington County Humane Society Details:

Should You Bring a Stray Rabbit to a Rescue?


Many wild rabbits live in cities or near human populations around the globe. However, there are some signs that a rabbit may be a stray or lost, not a wild rabbit. 

Wild rabbits know how to forage for food and run from predators. However, a lost or stray rabbit that once lived in a home is at excess risk because they likely don’t know how to find food or avoid predators.

When trying to decide whether a rabbit is lost or a wild rabbit, look for the following signs of a domesticated rabbit:

  • Collars or other identifying objects.
  • A clean coat of fur.
  • Excess skittishness or overt friendliness to humans.
  • A thin body frame, which indicates they aren’t eating properly.

If you determine the rabbit you’ve spotted is lost or has strayed from home, bring them to a rabbit rescue that can test for identification and attempt a family reunion.

Will Rabbits Come Back if They Run Away?

Rabbits will try to find their way home if they’ve run away, but they may get lost easily if they are unfamiliar with the area.

Rabbits are usually indoor pets and will likely not recognize any of the neighborhood unless their owners took them for frequent walks in the surrounding area.

Even rabbits familiar with their local neighborhood can get spooked by booming noises or traffic sounds and scurry off to find cover, leaving their owners behind.

When a rabbit gets lost, the best thing to do is immediately begin searching, and if you can’t find the rabbit immediately, use posters, contact shelters, and gather friends and family to help search a wider area.

Do Rabbits Make Good Pets?


Rabbits are goofy creatures who make wonderful pets in a home that wants a small, loving animal as a companion.

Rabbits can live anywhere from five to nine years, making them a short-term commitment and allowing you and your family to reap the benefits of a playful, low-maintenance pet.

Rabbits will likely only require two meals, exercise, play, and attention daily. These animals can even be potty trained to use a litter box like cats, making them ideal pets for smaller spaces.

Conclusion For “Best Rabbit Rescues in Wisconsin”


Adopting a rabbit from a rabbit rescue is one of the best ways to connect your family with an animal that will give you plenty of love, attention, and devotion. Rabbits are goofy and fun animals that will likely shower you with kisses.

These animals can live up to nine years, on average, and will use a litter box when trained to use one.

The best rabbit rescues in Wisconsin have plenty of information, details, and resources for families who want to bring a rabbit into their home.

These facilities have everything a rabbit needs to thrive until they find a home that will love them and provide for its needs.

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