15 Best Guinea Pig Rescues in The USA! (2024


The guinea pig is a friendly and fun-to-watch pet. While some people choose to purchase guinea pigs from breeders, many prefer adopting them from shelters or rescues. That gives you a chance to rescue a guinea pig in need and helps organizations that care for animals like guinea pigs who would otherwise be euthanized.

If you’re thinking about adding a cavy to your family but not sure where to start, here are some of the best guinea pig rescues in the United States. We have the most comprehensive list on the internet to help you find your next pet.

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1. The Cozy Cavy Guinea Pig Rescue


The Cozy Cavy Guinea Pig Rescue, located in the greater Lansing area of Michigan, rescues guinea pigs from shelters and other places.

As soon as someone brings a guinea pig into the rescue, it undergoes a comprehensive examination to determine its current health, receives any necessary medical attention, and is placed in a loving foster home until it is adopted.

The organization’s mission is to end the euthanasia of guinea pigs across the country through rescue efforts and educational programs.

The Cozy Cavy Guinea Pig Rescue Details:

2. Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary


Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary rescues guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus, mice, and rats. The organization commits to helping people with unwanted pets find new homes.

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary has been around for 18 years and still growing with time. The organization believes that, regardless of whether an animal is of pet quality, it is essential to give it the best care possible for as long as it lives because humans breed them.

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary Details:

  • Location: 824 Church Street, German Valley, IL 61039
  • Phone Number: 815-266-1342 
  • Website: Critter Camp

3. Orange County Cavy Haven


The organization based in Southern California provides sanctuary to guinea pigs and other small critters who have been abandoned or abused. Orange County Cavy Haven rescues guinea pigs from Ventura, San Bernardino, and San Diego.

The rescue tries to save as many guinea pigs as possible but prioritizes those at higher risk, specifically the injured animals.

Orange County Cavy Haven also works to educate the public about caring for these little creatures. The organization has an adoption program that allows you to adopt a guinea pig from them.

Furthermore, they have a foster program where volunteers can take in an animal temporarily until they find it a good home.

The majority of the guinea pigs that they save are from pet stores. They prioritize finding permanent homes for these guinea pigs. In addition, they provide more high-quality care to guinea pigs than what they had from their previous owners.

Orange County Cavy Haven Details:

  • Location: Southern California
  • Phone Number: 714-242-7548
  • Website: Cavy Haven

4. Cavy Spirit


Cavy Spirit rescues guinea pigs and places them in loving homes in San Mateo, California.

They educate the public on proper care, nutrition, and health. Occasionally, the organization teaches people the joys of owning a pet guinea pig while providing adoption opportunities for those in need.

The organization’s mission is to end the cycle of abandonment, cruelty, and neglect of guinea pigs across the United States. In addition, the organization prioritizes locating suitable shelters for guinea pigs abused by irresponsible owners.

Cavy Spirit collaborates with guinea pig enthusiasts to ensure you pick the best type of pet for your household.

Cavy Spirit Details:

  • Location: San Mateo, California
  • Phone Number: 650-571-1722
  • Website: Cavy Spirit

5. Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue


Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue aims to offer all guinea pigs recovery, medical, and shelter services.

Guinea pigs who aren’t ready for adoption due to health problems remain in the facility until their health improves. An adopted guinea pig will spend the rest of its life at the sanctuary.

Their website and community events help in locating homes for adoptable guinea pigs.

The organization uses foster homes when a guinea pig requires time away from its usual environment for reasons like socialization, training, treatment, or even a break from its routine.

Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue strives to educate community members and prospective adopters on providing adequate care for guinea pigs, given its founders’ years of experience in the field and broad enthusiasm for the animals.

The education programs aim to help individuals decide if a guinea pig is suitable for them and improve the level of care they afford for these animals.

Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue Details:

  • Location: 429 Esther Ave, New Kensington, Pa 15068
  • Phone Number: 724-448-2107
  • Website: Wheek Care

6. Oakhurst Guinea Pig Rescue


Oakhurst Guinea Pig Rescue is a Georgia-based guinea pig sanctuary. The institution focuses on saving guinea pigs undergoing abandonment or mistreatment. They find permanent homes for the animals after healing from their injuries.

Furthermore, the rescue believes that education is essential in providing proper animal care. Thus, they gladly supply information resources to community members on the most up-to-date and acceptable techniques in the care of guinea pigs.

Oakhurst Guinea Pig Rescue is picky about where they place guinea pigs, so be ready to answer some hard questions and provide details on the cages you’ll use.

Oakhurst Guinea Pig Rescue Details:

7. Erie Guinea Pig Rescue


Erie Guinea Pig Rescue is the most prominent organization that rescues guinea pigs in Erie, Pennsylvania. The rescue mission is to enhance the quality of life for all domestic guinea pigs.

In addition, the organization concentrates on preventing animal abuse and abandonment through awareness campaigns and educational activities.

Whatever the situation, Erie Guinea Pig Rescue promises to give the guinea pigs in their hands the most outstanding care and surroundings possible. They also have a great selection of breeds and colors available for adoption.

However, the organization does require an application process before you can adopt one of their guinea pigs.

Once you get through that process, they will train you to care for your new pet. They also want to ensure you’re prepared to provide a healthy environment for your new furry friend before bringing them home with you.

Erie Guinea Pig Rescue Details:

8. Guinea Pig Sanctuary of Kitchener


Guinea Pig Sanctuary of Kitchener takes in guinea pigs whose owners can no longer care for them and finds new homes. Their objective is to provide an alternative to animal shelters that practice euthanasia.

The organization also seeks to stop the wrong individuals from adopting guinea pigs through auction sites to sell them to research facilities, feed them to pet snakes, or sell them for personal gain.

Guinea Pig Sanctuary of Kitchener checks out potential adopters and keeps tabs on them to ensure the pigs settle in nicely. They intend to place the pigs in a loving, permanent home where they can live in comfort and care.

Guinea Pig Sanctuary of Kitchener Details:

9. Rescued Guinea Pigs


Based in Sellersburg, Indiana, the organization’s mission is to provide unwanted or stray guinea pigs with a permanent home.

Rescued Guinea Pigs take in the animals, care for them while they recover, and then find them forever homes with families who will give them the attention and affection they need.

The organization has helped thousands of guinea pigs since its inception in 2007. Furthermore, they engage in educational programs and advocacy efforts to help people adopt the best care practices for their guinea pigs.

Rescued Guinea Pigs Details:

10. Bigfoot’s Guinea Pig Rescue


Bigfoot’s Guinea Pig Rescue is a no-kill guinea pig rescue run by volunteers. The organization serves Snohomish County and the surrounding areas.

The rescue aims to provide needy guinea pigs with a safe and loving environment. They also educate guinea pig owners on adequately caring for these creatures through their website, social media pages, and events.

Bigfoot’s Guinea Pig Rescue has a network of foster homes across the country where you can adopt your new pet from them or even visit for an adoption event.

Bigfoot’s Guinea Pig Rescue Details:

11. Piggy Haven


Piggy Haven is a small, home-based guinea pig shelter and sanctuary in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Since 2010, the organization has been assisting in placing hundreds of adorable guinea pigs into loving families.

Because they operate primarily through foster care, the rescue continuously seeks additional foster families to join their cause.

In addition, Piggy Haven provides a comfortable, secure home for all of its pigs. The rescue aims to help homeless guinea pigs while spreading awareness about proper animal care.

Piggy Haven Details:

12. Portland Guinea Pig Rescue


The Oregon-based organization’s primary mission is to inform the public about cavies. Portland Guinea Pig Rescue rehabilitates and rehomes guinea pigs undergoing neglect or abuse around Oregon and nearby cities.

The organization also collaborates with owners to seek solutions that will allow them to maintain their current guinea pigs. If those solutions aren’t successful, they accept owner-surrendered guinea pigs if space allows.

Portland Guinea Pig Rescue holds one open monthly event to educate guinea pig owners and offer animal grooming services.

Portland Guinea Pig Rescue Details:

13. Small Angels Rescue


Small Angels Rescue aims to rehabilitate and rehome small animals such as gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, and rats.

The rescue staff feels that small creatures, as with other animals, deserve respect and compassion and thus campaigns for proper guinea pig adoption. The organization rescues guinea pigs in Maryland and Northern Virginia areas.

When you’re considering adopting one of their guinea pigs, they will give you in-depth guidance on how to take care of your new pet. The organization’s adoption consultants will provide all the information you need if you’re unsure or a first-time adopter.

Small Angels Rescue has worked with small animals for years and will help you choose the best shelter and food to purchase, the equipment and supplies you’ll require, and the most prevalent health issues every guinea pig owner should know.

Furthermore, the organization acknowledges the values of most of its supporters and volunteers, which include a desire to see people treat all animals with kindness and love.

Thus, their policy mandates that all volunteer thanksgiving picnics be vegetarian.

Small Angels Rescue Details:

14. Second Chance Cavy Rescue


Second Chance Cavy rescues guinea pigs from local shelters and finds them forever homes with families that can care for them properly.

The organization works with other animal shelters and private individuals with animals to rehome or surrender. They also provide medical treatment to sick animals before finding them new homes.

Since 2012, they have done over 900 rescues, including 800 guinea pigs. Pigs that aren’t fit for adoption also find refuge here. Their volunteers include animal lovers who have time to donate and experts willing to provide veterinary care for rescued animals.

Furthermore, Second Chance Cavy Rescue has an extensive network of foster homes that can provide temporary housing for guinea pigs who need it.

Second Chance Cavy Rescue Details:

15. Cuddly Caviary


Cuddly Caviary is an all-volunteer organization that provides a haven for abandoned guinea pigs.

They welcome guinea pigs needing medical care or an opportunity for love and companionship in their final days of life until they cross over the rainbow bridge with dignity and peace.

The rescue also hosts adoption events where you can meet your new pet. Rescued guinea pigs remain in the facility until they are healthy. The organization has a foster home network, transport, and medical team.

Cuddly Caviary Details:

  • Location: Perryville, MD, United States, Maryland
  • Phone Number: 443-256-2222
  • Website: Cuddly Caviary

Conclusion For “Best Guinea Pig Rescues in The USA”


If you wish to adopt guinea pigs, don’t hesitate. Plenty of guinea pig rescue organizations are willing to take them in and give them the love they deserve.

Some rescues have specific policies about what kind of home and family is appropriate for a guinea pig. Others don’t have any special requirements and will give guinea pigs to anyone who wants to provide them with a home.

If you have questions about adopting or rescuing guinea pigs, contact the rescue organization closest to where you live.

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