7 Best Guinea Pig Rescues in Florida! (2024)


Are you looking for guinea pig rescues in Florida? You don’t need to run a shelter to save cavies, but adopting from shelters and rescues gives many animals a second chance at family and life.

We have the most comprehensive list of guinea pig rescues in Florida to help you find your next pet.

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Guinea Pig Rescues in Florida


Unfortunately, there are very few shelters in Florida dedicated to the goal of saving guinea pigs. Many shelters don’t even deal with small pets like cavies.

Fortunately, there are some. While many of these shelters are small, they are passionate. Most shelters that rescue guinea pigs are owned and operated by just a couple of people working out of their homes.

Below are seven of the best guinea pig rescues in Florida, ordered from guinea pig-exclusive to non-breed specific.

1. Crazy Cavies


Crazy Cavies is a non-profit, no-kill shelter for guinea pigs, and is one of the top guinea pig rescues in Florida. The center offers guinea pig adoption, public education, and treatment for guinea pigs.

Crazy Cavies has been around since 2008, acting as a temporary home for abandoned, neglected, abused, and otherwise homeless guinea pigs.

While the shelter is small, it has saved and housed hundreds of cavies! Crazy Cavies partners with other organizations to spread awareness and help adopt pets out to forever homes.

In addition, they provide medical care and rehabilitation to ensure every guinea pig has an equal chance at finding a loving home where they can be safe and comfortable.

Crazy Cavies has limited staff and always accepts donations to help fund food, shelter, medical, and travel expenses.

Crazy Cavies Details:

2. The Royal Cavy Guinea Pig Rescue Inc.


The Royal Cavy Guinea Pig Rescue Inc. is a small non-profit guinea pig rescue with a no-kill policy. It seeks to rescue, treat, rehabilitate, and adopt guinea pigs out to caring forever homes.

While the shelter mainly deals with guinea pigs, they also take in the occasional rabbit or bird. Donations cover all treatments and surgeries.

All medical needs are met before adoption, including spaying and neutering, as well as up-to-date shots.

The Royal Cavy Guinea Pig Rescue Inc. also seeks to educate people on cavy care and provides resources for adopters of normal and special needs piggies alike.

The Royal Cavy Guinea Pig Rescue Inc. is currently raising money to remove a tumor from one of their guinea pigs. You can help out by donating to their GoFundMe.

The Royal Cavy Guinea Pig Rescue Inc. Details:

3. Guinea Pigs of SW Florida Inc.


Guinea Pigs of SW Florida Inc. is a sanctuary and rescue shelter. Started in 2020 by cavy-loving piggy parents, Guinea Pigs of SW made it their mission to take on the challenge of providing better lives for guinea pigs.

Focused solely on guinea pigs, this shelter can dedicate all its energy to finding safe and comfortable homes for cavies. Beyond rescuing guinea pigs, the shelter also provides medical care and has a sanctuary program for pigs too sickly to be adopted.

Alongside adoptable guinea pigs, the shelter works to educate the public and potential piggy parents about proper care for cavies.

The rescue accepts donations to help fund the care and treatment of rescued pigs as it is a no-kill non-profit. You can also act as a foster home. The more foster homes, the more guinea pigs they can rescue at a time.

Guinea Pigs of SW Florida Inc. Details:

4. Penny and Wild Smalls of South Florida


Penny and Wild Smalls of South Florida is a non-profit, no-kill rescue dedicated to saving rabbits and cavies. It gets its name from the two rabbits that inspired its inception; Penny and Wildflower. 

Penny was adopted from another shelter that labeled her aggressive and was set to euthanize her.

Wild was rescued from a breeding op where she was abused and mistreated. She was also labeled as aggressive, but after medical and emotional care, both rabbits opened up and became loving pets.

Thanks to these rabbits, Penny and Wild Smalls of South Florida was born to protect and provide for abused and abandoned rabbits and guinea pigs.

Rabbits and guinea pigs are some of the most overlooked pets in need as they are some of the most likely to be abandoned and left to fend for themselves.

Thanks to the history of its founding, Penny and Wild is dedicated to saving as many animals as possible and providing the best medical treatments and rehabilitation programs.

They are 100 percent foster-based, with around 150 animals currently under the care of what is one of the top guinea pig rescues in Florida.

Penny and Wild offers medical services, boarding, grooming, and training. You can also surrender your pet to them, adopt a pet, donate, or work with them as a volunteer or foster home.

While Penny and Wild Smalls of South Florida is primarily a rabbit and guinea pig rescue, they have also expanded to housing ferrets.

Penny and Wild Smalls of South Florida Details:

5. Halo Rescue


Halo Rescue started as a Professional Animal World, a grooming and boarding establishment. In 2005, Jacque Petrone took over as owner. She saw the need for a safe place to house animals, and Halo was born.

The county shelters had a euthanasia stat of over 50 percent. With a no-kill policy in place, Halo saved over 225 animals in their first year of operation. Helping Animals Live and Overcome (Halo) received its non-profit status in 2006.

Since then, Halo has raised funds and made a name for itself, even partnering with Petco and PetSmart to host animals and improve adoption rates. Halo hit its 5000th adoption milestone in 2012.

Halo has gone on to open more locations, improve its adoption rate by 40 percent thanks to the Angel Wings sponsorship program, and the shelter hit the 10,000 adoption milestone in 2017.

In the last few years, Halo has grown even more, with new trainers, animal behavioral rehabilitation programs, and medical treatments.

Halo celebrated its 15th anniversary. And by the end of 2021, they were responsible for saving over 18,000 animals. The county save-rate has also gone from less than 50 percent to 92 percent today.

Currently, Halo has 4 locations throughout Florida and plans to expand more with an Enrichment Center on the way.

Halo Rescue Details:

6. MarrVelous Pet Rescues and Adoptions


MarrVelous Pet Rescues and Adoptions is another no-kill rescue that works entirely through fostering. Founded in 2007, MarrVelous has aimed to rescue animals, provide medical care and rehab, educate the public, and find forever homes for all their animals. They’re not breed specific, but are still a reliable option if you’re looking for guinea pig rescues in Florida.

As MarrVelous is a no-kill rescue, all animals that aren’t adopted will have life-long care through fostering. They have options to adopt, foster, volunteer, and donate if you want to help out.

MarrVelous holds yearly events to improve adoptions, raise funds, and bring in community involvement. This shelter is a non-profit and works based on volunteers and donations.

The shelter provides medical services such as spaying and neutering in addition to giving medical care and rehabilitation to rescued animals.

They also microchip and train pets and promote responsible pet care education to potential adopters, foster families, and the community at large.

MarrVelous Pet Rescues and Adoptions Details:

7. Suntree-Viera Pet Rescue


Suntree-Viera Pet Rescue is a non-profit animal shelter dedicated to rescuing all animals.

Suntree-Viera is about alleviating animals’ pain and providing them with new, happy lives with caring owners. This shelter has a no-kill policy, so they aim to house every animal in their care.

Suntree-Viera Pet Rescue was founded in 2004 as part of the SVPR rescue groups when they chose to rescue animals that were to be euthanized at other shelters. To this day, they have rescued over 1000 animals with the hope of saving even more.

Suntree-Viera Pet Rescue Details:

Why Do Guinea Pigs End Up in Shelters?


There are lots of reasons guinea pigs may end up in shelters, and not all of them are nefarious.

Sometimes people can’t care for their guinea pigs any longer and choose to give them up to shelters in hopes that someone else can, which may be due to financial restraints, age, or relocation.

Sometimes people end up with more guinea pigs than they can handle when they breed.

Other times people abandon them because they are bored of them, don’t want them for several reasons, or bought them for the wrong reasons. People often think guinea pigs are low-effort pets, but they require love and attention like any other.

In darker situations, guinea pigs may be the victims of neglect, hoarding situations, breeding farms, abuse, or other mistreatments.

Whatever the reason, many guinea pigs end up in shelters and rescues, in need of new families.

Conclusion For “Best Guinea Pig Rescues in Florida”


Rescuing guinea pigs isn’t just up to the shelters. It takes people like you to give them love and companionship in a caring, gentle home.

In return, guinea pigs will love you right back! With this list of guinea pig rescues in Florida, you’ll be able to find a guinea pig to take home soon!

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