9 Best Guinea Pig Rescues In North Carolina! (2024)


Did you know that there are guinea pig rescues in North Carolina? Other than dogs and cats, guinea pigs are by far the most popular household pets in the United States. They are in constant demand and are great options for larger families or families needing a less active pet. 

However, this popularity also leads to unethical breeding practices, abandoned guinea pigs, and a need for guinea pig rescue organizations.

If you live in North Carolina and are looking to rehome or adopt a guinea pig, you should do it through one of the following ethical rescues. 

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How To Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig


A guinea pig is a great choice if you are looking for a low-key, easy-to-care-for animal. It’s much less work than a dog or cat, but it will still provide fluffy cuddles and love.

However, there are drawbacks to owning a guinea pig. Most rescues will ensure that you are fully aware of the complications and ready to take on a pair of pigs. 

For those interested in adopting guinea pigs from one of the guinea pig rescues in North Carolina instead of a pet store, you will likely receive an older, pre-loved pig. However, you won’t be contributing to unethical breeding practices found in many breeding mills. 

If you want to adopt a rescued guinea pig, look through this list of the best guinea pig rescues in North Carolina. No matter where you live in North Carolina, you should be able to find a rescue that has available pigs near you. 

Best Guinea Pig Rescues in North Carolina


The best guinea pig rescues in North Carolina don’t breed the guinea pigs unethically. Instead, they rescue guinea pigs that need homes or have been abandoned by their owners.

With expert care and veterinary assistance, these rescues get the guinea pigs into the best health and ready for forever homes. 

Any rescues on this list will work if you’re looking for an ethical and safe place to leave a guinea pig.

As long as they have space available for your pig, these rescues will likely be able to find them a new home with a loving family. Until then, the workers will take excellent care of your guinea pig. 

On the other hand, those looking to adopt guinea pigs can look at the requirements on each of these websites.

Most guinea pig rescues adopt out in groups of two unless you already own a guinea pig. Because they are such social animals, it’s not good for a family to own fewer than two guinea pigs. 

1. Asheville Guinea Pig Rescue


Asheville Guinea Pig Rescue focuses on rescuing guinea pigs. After rescue, they rehabilitate and help get the furry friends adopted. Located in Asheville, North Carolina, this rescue will adopt pairs of guinea pigs to keep the pigs well-socialized. 

Although Asheville Guinea Pig Rescue doesn’t always have a large selection of adoptable guinea pigs, it’s a great place to start your guinea pig. This rescue will take in your guinea pig if you find you can no longer care for it. They’re one of the most reputable guinea pig rescues in North Carolina so be sure to give them a peek!

Asheville Guinea Pig Rescue Details:

2. Tuna’s Guinea Pig Rescue


Tuna’s Guinea Pig Rescue is one of the largest guinea pig rescues in North Carolina – and on the East Coast. Based in Virginia, Tuna’s has a location in Charlotte, North Carolina. The rescue will bring animals as far as three hours from the original location. 

With years of experience and multiple animals, Tuna’s Guinea Pig Rescue is willing to work with many different pet situations.

However, they are a foster-based rescue and cannot arrange for pre-adoption meetings with the animals. Tuna’s lack of a set location throughout the tristate area makes arranging for adoptions and fostering easier. 

Tuna’s Guinea Pig Rescue Details:

3. McKay’s Guinea Pig Haven


Founded with guinea pigs in mind, McKay’s Guinea Pig Haven is a family-run business that helps lost and abandoned piggies in North Carolina.

Although it’s extremely small and usually only has one or two guinea pigs at a time, McKay’s is a great resource to access the rest of the guinea pig rescues throughout the state. 

If you live near Timberlake, North Carolina, you can contact McKay’s through their Facebook page to inquire about the available pigs. Also, if you have a guinea pig to rehome, McKay’s might have a space for your animal. 

McKay’s Guinea Pig Haven Details:

4. Velvet Acres Animal Rescue


With a spacious rescue location just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, Velvet Acres can help all kinds of animals live their best lives.

This rescue accepts all kinds of domesticated animals, from cats and dogs to hamsters and guinea pigs. However, it focuses on animals who have been abandoned or abused. 

At Velvet Acres, the animals are given as much time and love as they need to be able to find a new and loving forever home.

So, if you are looking for an animal who has seen a little bit more of life and is ready to live well, Velvet Acres has a wide variety of animals, including guinea pigs, to look at. 

Velvet Acres Animal Rescue Details:

5. Carolina Pet Rescue


Carolina Pet Rescue is an all-inclusive small animal shelter and rescue. A sister site to Carolina Canine Rescue and Caroline Feline Rescue, Carolina Pet Rescue focuses on animals other than cats and dogs.

Recently, there has been an influx of hamsters and guinea pigs on the site. 

Although there’s no official website, Carolina Pet Rescue runs its adoptions through their active Facebook page.

You can view the available animals and contact the shelter about rehoming any animals you may have. With these services and those around the Carolinas, pets of all sizes can find good and loving homes. 

Carolina Pet Rescue Details:

6. All Creatures Rescue and Sanctuary


All Creatures rescue and sanctuary has been in business for over 20 years, finding homes and creating a safe haven for small exotic pets. From guinea pigs to rabbits, All Creatures accepts all types of animals, including dogs and cats. 

However, this sanctuary focuses on smaller animals not usually included in regular pet rescues. For example, Guinea pigs and rabbits are popular pets but often get rehomed.

If you have adopted from All Creatures, they will take an animal back with no questions asked. The focus is on keeping animals safe, regardless of the situation. 

All Creatures Rescue and Sanctuary Details:

7. Guinea Pig Rescue of Eastern North Carolina


The Guinea Pig Rescue of Eastern North Carolina works with homeless and abandoned guinea pigs from all over the state. As the name implies, they’re one of the dedicated guinea pig rescues in North Carolina.

Although they focus on the eastern part of the state, the volunteers will accept pigs from anywhere as long as there is room at the facilities. 

This organization cares for the guinea pig adoption preparations. In addition, the Guinea Pig Rescue of Eastern North Carolina will care for the physical needs of the pigs, including pregnancies, illnesses, and injuries. 

Guinea Pig Rescue of Eastern North Carolina Details:

8. Guinea Pig Rescue of Wilmington


Although it’s not an official rescue organization, the Guinea Pig Rescue of Wilmington is a Facebook page dedicated to all things guinea pigs and rescues.

If you need to rehome an animal and don’t want to send it to an overcrowded rescue, join the group and post some pictures. 

With over 1.3 thousand members in the Wilmington area, this group can find a new, safe home for your guinea pig, find you a new pig, or help with details about caring for a guinea pig.

Even if you aren’t quite ready to own a guinea pig, it’s a great group to be a part of. 

Guinea Pig Rescue of Wilmington Details:

National Guinea Pig Rescues


If you have looked at all of these rescues and haven’t found your perfect pair of pigs yet, there are several options for individual rehomes. Petfinder is a national search engine that features several available guinea pigs at any time. 

For a more specific list, you can find guinea pigs available in your state or country by searching on the Guinea Pig Finder database, which will show you individual pigs available for adoption, as well as fosters and shelters that offer litter. 

If you’re willing to travel farther to find the perfect pet, look for rescues outside your state. You can research specific rescues or look on either of these databases to find guinea pigs needing loving homes. 

Conclusion For The “Best Guinea Pig Rescues In North Carolina”


With these resources, you should be able to find the perfect new home for your furry friend.

If you are looking for a new guinea pig, any of these Guinea Pig Rescues in North Carolina will have a pair of guinea pigs who need a loving home. Look through this list and the database to find your perfect pet. 

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