4 Best Guinea Pig Rescues in Arizona! (2024)


Guinea pigs are a rodent that makes surprisingly great household pets. They live longer than other rodents, with a lifespan of anywhere from four to eight years, with proper care.

They’re adorable and even make great pets when you’re trying to teach responsibility to children. 

Most people choose to get their guinea pigs from pet stores, but many of these rodents end up on the streets or in rescues because they’re neglected or people can no longer take care of them.

While it’s not too complicated to take care of these animals, many people still underestimate the effort it requires. 

If you’re thinking about adopting a guinea pig, looking for a rescue can not only give these animals a second chance, but you can feel good about your adoption choice. We have the most comprehensive list of guinea pig rescues in Arizona to help you find your next pet.

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Why Guinea Pigs End Up at Rescues


There are several ways that people get their pets. You can purchase one from a breeder, or a pet store, adopt one from a shelter, or look into rescues.

Rescues are great options because the staff is passionate about giving animals a new chance in life with a loving family. Many of these animals come with sad stories, which explains why they ended up in a rescue.

Every guinea pig has a different story. The reason you’ll find adoptable guinea pigs in rescues will vary. Some of the most common reasons why guinea pigs end up in rescues are: 

  • Owners can no longer financially provide for the animal
  • The animal is being neglected or abused
  • They were found roaming outside, and the owner couldn’t be located

The Top Guinea Pig Rescues in Arizona


There are few people rescuing guinea pigs in Arizona within organizations, so finding reputable and ethical rescues is a little challenging. 

If you’re looking for the best place to get a guinea pig, you’ll find an abundance of pet stores selling these animals.

But, if you want a rescue guinea pig because you prefer to adopt and want to give them a fresh start with a great life, these are four of Arizona’s top guinea pig rescues to check out. 

1. AZ Guinea Pigs


By far, the best guinea pig rescue in Arizona is AZ Guinea Pigs. This rescue was founded in 2018 and has quickly become Arizona’s largest guinea pig rescue operation.

They’re based in Phoenix but will travel to rescue these rodents from around the state. 

All the staff at this rescue are volunteers who are passionate about saving these animals from terrible living situations and giving them a second chance. For the most part, they prefer interested parties to foster the guinea pig before adopting. 

This way, they can ensure it’s a good fit and that you’re capable of caring for the rodent, and they won’t end up back at their rescue in a few months.

They keep their website up to date with available guinea pigs, and many of them come in pairs, so you’ll want to keep that in mind when considering adopting from them. 

When you’re interested in adopting a guinea pig, they provide plenty of care instructions and helpful tips when bringing a new animal into your home. They’re available for ongoing support afterward, not just before the adoption occurs. 

They host guinea pig adoption events throughout the city, which is a great way to meet the animals and then potentially take one home.

These only happen every so often throughout the year, but you can check their website for a schedule. You can also visit them if you want to meet or adopt a guinea pig before the adoption event occurs. 

AZ Guinea Pigs Details:

2. This Little Piggie – Small Animal Sanctuary 


This Little Piggie Small Animal Sanctuary is not just a rescue for guinea pigs but for other rodents and small animals.

This non-profit rescue is filled with volunteers who focus on rehoming guinea pigs, bunnies, and other small animals left outside or neglected. 

They’re also located in Phoenix but have rescued guinea pigs from around the state and kept them until they find the perfect new homes for the animals.

Sometimes finding the perfect home takes a while. So, all the staff know how to take care of the animals and will provide them with a safe home until they’re adopted. 

Unlike AZ Guinea Pigs, they don’t host adoption events throughout the state. You can contact them to arrange a visit to meet the guinea pigs and see if you might be a good fit to adopt one of them. 

The staff at This Little Piggie are very particular about who they let adopt their guinea pigs because they don’t want them to have to take them back and find another new home.

They will request photos of where you live, the enclosure you choose for your new little pet, and more. 

The volunteers at the rescue are ready to educate you on everything you need to know about owning a guinea pig if you’re new to it and also help you bond with your potentially emotionally distraught new pet.

They offer helpful tips to acclimate your new pet to your home and are there for further questions even after they’ve been home with you for a while. 

This Little Piggie – Small Animal Sanctuary Details:

3. Tranquility Trail Guinea Pig Rescue


Tranquility Trail is one of the oldest rescues in Arizona. Located in Scottsdale, they’ve been rescuing guinea pigs and other small animals since 2008 and are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

As long as there are animals that need a safe place to live and a new home, they’ll be rescuing the animals. 

Besides working on rescuing animals who need a new home, they take in senior animals and ones with special needs to ensure they get the care they need throughout their life.

They have several programs where you can volunteer to help and get the education you need before officially adopting a guinea pig. 

They don’t have adoption events, but you can reach out to them when you’re interested in seeing which animals they have up for adoption. Their website is pretty up to date, but for the most accurate information, getting in touch is the best option. 

Since they are used to taking in senior and neglected animals, they are picky about who they let adopt the animals. They don’t want them to be without a home in their old age or because you couldn’t properly care for them. 

While they primarily help bunnies, they often have guinea pigs for adoption. If you’re interested in adopting from Tranquility Trail, you’ll need to speak with the staff and answer all the questions they have for you.

They want to make sure you’re not going to surrender your adopted guinea pig to them at a later date.

Tranquility Trail Details:

4. Arizona Humane Society


Last but not least, there’s the Arizona Humane Society.

You’re probably wondering why this made our list of the best guinea pig rescues, but despite mainly focusing on cats and dogs, they see their fair share of guinea pigs come through the shelter needing great homes. 

The Arizona Humane Society is known for its excellent care of animals that were found lost, neglected, or surrendered when their owners could not take care of them anymore for whatever reason.

With so many guinea pigs needing rescuing in Arizona, it’s not surprising to see them a the humane society often. 

They have healthcare professionals on staff to provide all the necessary medical care these animals need to live a healthy and happy life until they’re welcomed into their forever homes.

The best part is that this is a no-kill shelter, so they give these animals a shot at life that other shelters won’t give them.

When adopting a guinea pig from the Arizona Humane Society, you can visit them in person or check their website by narrowing your search down to the specific animal you’re searching for.

One thing to note about this rescue is that they don’t have a large selection of guinea pigs for adoption, but it doesn’t hurt to check. 

If you find a guinea pig you’re ready to adopt from the Arizona Humane Society, you’ll need to fill out an application and wait for approval.

They tend to be gracious in their approval rates, but that doesn’t mean they’re not thorough in their efforts. They offer a clause in the application that states you can return the pet if it’s not a good fit within a specified period.

Arizona Humane Society Details:

Conclusion For “Best Guinea Pig Rescues in Arizona”


Rescues are a great way to adopt guinea pigs. These animals need a new and loving home, and you can feel better about adopting one from a rescue than purchasing one from a pet store.

There are only a few guinea pig rescues in Arizona, but a few are worth looking into. 

When you’re ready to take the leap and bring a loveable guinea pig into your home, be sure to check out the four rescues we mentioned above. 

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