11 Best Rabbit Rescues in New York! (2024)

Rabbits are one of the most popular pets in America because of their small size, gentle nature, and cute appearance. Despite being smaller than most dogs and cats, they can be as active and intelligent as them.

Many expect them to live as long as pet rodents, but several bunnies can live between five and ten years.

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Why Do Rabbits End Up in Shelters or Rescues?


There are several reasons rabbits end up getting surrendered by their previous homes, such as:

  • Producing accidental litters
  • Children losing interest in the rabbit their parents bought as a beginner pet
  • Expensive veterinary costs
  • Territorial behavior issues
  • Their previous families try releasing them into the wild

The Top 11 Rabbit Rescues in New York


Do you think you’re ready to adopt a rabbit? We compiled a list of the top rabbit rescues in New York to help you streamline your search for your new small, furry companion.

1. All About Rabbits Rescue


First up on our list of the best rabbit rescues in New York is All About Rabbits Rescue. This non-profit organization prioritizes rescuing rabbits and rehoming abandoned and neglected them across NYC. 

Each adoptable rabbit undergoes thorough health evaluations and gets spayed or neutered before going to its new forever home. The average adoption fee for each rabbit costs $75.

Rabbits adopted from this rescue organization must be kept as indoor household companions and have an adult as their primary caretaker. As a result, they won’t let you adopt rabbits as a classroom or children’s pet.

All About Rabbits Rescue Details:

2. Hunter Hollow Bunny Bed and Breakfast


Are you interested in rescuing a rabbit in Upstate New York? Then, consider reaching out to Hunter Hollow Bunny Bed and Breakfast, a non-profit rabbit rescue organization that also rehabilitates small wildlife.

All adoptable rabbits get spayed or neutered and stay in a foster home before going to their new owners.

They also have up-to-date vaccinations for many health issues.

Including Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus Type 2, a fatal and contagious disease that affects domestic and wild rabbits, and Myxomatosis, a virus spread by blood-sucking insects like mosquitoes.

Adoption fees usually range around $150 per rabbit. Applicants must be 21 or older to submit an adoption application.

Hunter Hollow Bunny Bed and Breakfast Details:

3. Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group


Next up on this list of great rabbit rescues in New York is Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group. If you live in Suffolk County and don’t want to travel upstate for a rescue rabbit, this is your best option.

This volunteer-based group specializes in rescuing abused, neglected, and abandoned rabbits and giving them medical attention before placing them in a new home. They also rehome special needs rabbits.

After filling out a rabbit adoption application, they’ll send a follow-up email within two days to schedule a phone interview. Other steps in the adoption process include conducting a home visit and completing a questionnaire.

Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group Details:

4. Hop On Home Rabbit Sanctuary


If you live near Saratoga County, the best place you can go to adopt a rabbit is Hop On Home Rabbit Sanctuary.

This non-profit, volunteer-operated rescue organization specializes in rescuing and rehoming abandoned domestic rabbits across Upstate New York.

Each rabbit gets placed in foster care, gets spayed or neutered, and receives proper medical treatment to ensure they’re in top condition for their new families.

Hop On Home Rabbit Sanctuary’s website also has several resources new rabbit owners might find helpful, such as a directory of veterinary clinics with vets specializing in rabbit health.

Hop On Home Rabbit Sanctuary Details:

5. Bunnies and Beyond


Another one of the best rabbit rescues in New York is Bunnies and Beyond. They prioritize finding permanent indoor homes for pet rabbits, and guinea pigs surrendered to the NYC Animal Care Center.

This organization’s volunteers foster rabbits until they’re ready to go to their new homes.

All rabbits get spayed or neutered before adoption and obtain necessary medical treatment, depending on their conditions, from cardiorespiratory diseases to ear mites.

Adoption applications must be filled out by anyone 21 years or older. It costs $100 to adopt a single rabbit and $150 to adopt a bonded pair.

The organization also conducts home visits before and after adopting a rabbit to ensure your home is rabbit-friendly.

Bunnies and Beyond Details:

6. Rabbit Rescue and Rehab


If you live in the greater NYC area, one of the best rabbit rescues in New York you should consider visiting is Rabbit Rescue & Rehab.

Besides rescuing and rehoming abandoned rabbits since 1998, this all-volunteer, non-profit organization prioritizes teaching the public about proper rabbit care to reduce the number of rabbits abandoned in the country.

They accept donations via the mail and PayPal to support their rescued rabbits. You can also donate pet supplies to them if you don’t have time to fill out a volunteer application.

Rabbit Rescue and Rehab Details:

7. Animal Care Centers of New York


Animal Care Centers of New York prioritizes rehoming abandoned rabbits and other pets throughout New York City. They have centers stationed in most of the city’s boroughs and are open on most days. 

If you’re interested in one of their rabbits, you can fill out an online adoption form and visit the center if they deem you eligible to take one home. If you can’t make it to one of their centers, they offer adoptable rabbits at off-site adoption events.

Their rabbit adoption fee is $75 for a single bunny of any age and $100 for a bonded pair.

Animal Care Centers of New York Details:

8. My Hopes in You Small Animal Rescue, Inc.


This non-profit, family-run rescue specializes in rescuing and rehoming rabbits and other small, exotic pets to new owners in Upstate New York. They accept $5 donations that go into caring for each adoptable rabbit.

Interested applicants can email their application and wait a day or two for the rescue’s approval. Then, they’ll invite you and your family to interact with and pick a rabbit that’s compatible with you.

My Hopes in You Small Animal Rescue Details:

9. Reenies Rabbit Rescue


Reenies Rabbit Rescue is another excellent rescue option for anyone in Upstate New York. They prioritize finding permanent homes for abandoned and neglected rabbits and educating the masses about proper rabbit care.

All adoption applicants must have legitimate, up-to-date veterinary references when applying for an adoptable rabbit.

Their rabbit adoption process includes a phone interview and an in-person or virtual home visit. Other services this rabbit rescue offers include boarding, grooming, and bonding.

Reenies Rabbit Rescue Details:

10. Cotton Tails Rabbit Rescue, Inc.


Cotton Tails Rabbit Rescue, Inc. is your best option if you’re interested in adopting rabbits in Upstate New York.

This small foster-based rescue specializes in rehoming rabbits and other small animals near Rockland County, Orange County, Westchester County, and other nearby areas.

They also prioritize educating the public about how to properly care for rabbits to reduce the number of annual rabbit abandonments. 

Interested applicants can submit an application online and wait a few days for a response.

Then, the organization arranges interviews with foster homes via Zoom to ensure you’re the right fit for their rabbits. The average adoption fee for this rescue’s rabbits is $85 per bunny.

Cotton Tails Rabbit Rescue Details:

11. Flower City Critters Small Animal Rescue


Flower City Critters Small Animal Rescue is a non-profit, foster-based rescue that rehomes rabbits and other small, exotic pets. They offer extensive education to families about how to properly care for rabbits.

They won’t allow applicants to adopt their rabbits for children and expect responsible adults to care for them to reduce the chances of their children getting bored with the rabbit and abandoning them. They also don’t ship or deliver their animals to eligible new owners.

Flower City Critters Small Animal Rescue Details:

Conclusion For “Best Rabbit Rescues in New York”


Despite their small size and easy-going nature, rabbits need as much love, care, and attention as dogs and cats. Adopting a rabbit is one of the best things you can do to give them the loving life they deserve.

Hopefully, this list of rabbit rescues in New York can help you simplify your search and decide if you’re ready for this life-changing responsibility.

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