10 Best Wildlife Rescues in Florida! (2024)

Florida is renowned for being one of the most diverse states in America regarding its wildlife. Due to Florida’s high biodiversity, you can expect to see animals like snakes, alligators, panthers, flamingos, and even bears on any given day.

However, at the end of the day, we must save these wildlife creatures. In this article, I’ll cover the importance of wildlife rescues and ten different wildlife rescues in Florida.

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Why Wildlife Needs Rescuing


The Sunshine State wouldn’t be what it is today without the beautiful creatures that inhabit it. Florida is like a wildlife hotspot with its abundance of fish, terrestrial animals, and insects.

Wildlife is essential to preserving environmental balance because it upholds nature’s stability, whether ecologically or economically.

Life would be essentially impossible without the help of wildlife. People’s relationships with wildlife only emphasize its importance because it fulfills both practical and emotional needs.

Therefore, if we continue to protect wildlife, future generations will continue to lead sustainable lives and gain an appreciation for the Earth and its amazing species.

One of the ways to protect wildlife is by understanding how different species interact within their ecosystems and how the environment and humans affect them. 

How You Can Contribute to Wildlife Rescue 


There are many ways for you to join the movement to rescue wildlife, one of which is by reducing your environmental impact, including recycling, picking up trash, and avoiding harmful chemicals.

Knowing how to recycle properly and reuse frequently will also greatly help. Additionally, use organic fertilizers like compost or animal manure to keep pests at bay.

Learn as much as you can about endangered species so you can make informed decisions. Then finally, to support the movement, adopt and make a donation, which will help lost animals find a home and support organizations specializing in saving and adopting wildlife.

Relying on these organizations is essential for promoting wildlife adoption, conservation, and rehabilitation. In addition, they aim to promote compassion, respect, and empathy for all life, which aligns with the overall mission.

Wildlife Rescues in Florida


The wild is just that—wild. Unfortunately, many animals may sustain wounds or illnesses while exploring the natural world.

However, thanks to the many wildlife rescues in Florida, their professionals can help you in your efforts to rescue wildlife by aiding these creatures back to their normal, healthy selves. 

You can’t adopt wildlife, but you can help support them through a rescue. Here are ten wildlife rescues to consider if you spot a wildlife creature that needs assistance.

1. Wildlife Rescue Coalition


The Wildlife Rescue Coalition is the first rescue organization I would like to discuss. This non-profit is run entirely by volunteers and is devoted to caring for injured, abandoned, and displaced wild animals in Florida.

Through education, the Wildlife Rescue Coalition seeks to ensure that all wildlife is respected and shown empathy. Additionally, they aim to save the lives of injured, abandoned, and displaced animals.

They provide care for injured and abandoned animals, rehabilitation for wildlife, and educational programs for those willing to support the movement.

Wildlife Rescue Coalition Details:

2. Sunrise Wildlife Rehabilitation


The following wildlife rescue organization, Sunrise Wildlife Rehabilitation, is based in High Springs and provides support for rescuers and expert care for wildlife in need.

To truly inspire people to value nature, Sunrise Wildlife Rehabilitation sets the standard for its outreach programs and rehabilitation center.

They provide world-class medical care for injured and abandoned animals, which guarantees that animals in need get the support they deserve for a second chance at life.

Sunrise Wildlife Rehabilitation Details:

3. Treasure Coast Wildlife Center


If you’re looking for a wildlife rescue organization in Palm City, Florida, then the Treasure Coast Wildlife Center is just what you need.

This non-profit corporation has experienced professionals dedicated to preserving wildlife and conserving its natural habitats. 

The Treasure Coast Wildlife Center is on a mission to release injured, ill, and orphaned animals back into the wild. Since being established in 1974 by Jean Henry and Ruth Stanwood, this organization has been dedicated to achieving this goal.

Reaching that goal was only possible with their educational programs and rehabilitation techniques that help to protect wildlife in the surrounding counties.

Treasure Coast Wildlife Center Details:

4. Center for Great Apes


The following wildlife rescue group differs from the previous three. In contrast to the first three, which have a broader focus, the Center for Great Apes has a more specific one, which is evident from the name.

The Center for Great Apes has been working to give great apes a permanent place to call home since Patti Ragan founded it in 1984.

From orangutans to chimpanzees, they try to save every great ape from situations that require saving, whether from the exotic pet trade or research.

The Center will provide all residents with the necessary care in a safe environment. Their “sanctuary” is equipped with everything they could possibly need, including a tunnel system, night houses, and their natural habitat.

Center for Great Apes Details:

5. Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc.


Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc. is the place for you if you’re looking for a wildlife rescue group that ensures all the animals in Seminole, Florida, get the help and care they need.

This rescue organization specializes in exotic and wild animals, from tigers and iguanas to rabbits and ducks.

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc. was founded in 1980 on the premise that all animals, regardless of species, deserve to be loved and cared for. This mentality is why they have continued to pursue their goal of providing animals with the necessary care. 

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Details:

6. Melina’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center


Melina’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is the ideal location to rehabilitate injured possums or raccoons you’ve discovered.

This licensed wildlife rehabilitation center is in Miami, Florida, and is a relatively compact facility with few resources. Yet, despite the facility’s small size, each animal is given individualized, hands-on care in the sanctuary.

This sanctuary consists of numerous meditation gardens, a butterfly garden, and much more. They care for numerous sick and injured animals, working tirelessly to treat raccoons and possums so they can safely be released into the wild. 

They only accept native wildlife animals. Therefore, you must first speak with them before bringing in an animal.

Melina’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Details:

7. Florida Wildlife Hospital


A second chance at life is something that every animal deserves, and the Florida Wildlife Hospital is ready to give it to them. Whenever possible, this hospital provides treatment to rescued wildlife so they can be safely released back into nature.

Their goal is to provide high-quality, compassionate care for injured and orphaned animals while educating the next generation about the importance of preserving and protecting wildlife.

This goal is made possible by their wildlife education programs on how to preserve the environment, acquire wildlife knowledge, and more.

In addition to educating the community and providing quality care, FWH engages the next generation through internships, ensuring the field of wildlife rehabilitation remains successful.

Florida Wildlife Hospital Details:

8. Wildlife Center of Southwest Florida


Beginning as a backyard project, the Wildlife Center of Southwest Florida has devoted the past 17 years to rescuing wildlife. They treat the sick and injured and provide them with a home to return to.

They achieved their personal best in 2020 by caring for more than 6,000 animals. Their goal is to use their educational outreach to aid in protecting and preserving the local wildlife of Southwest Florida. You can also do your part and adopt a wild animal.

Wildlife Center of Southwest Florida Details:

9. Nature World Wildlife Rescue


Doctors K.C. Nayfield and Mark Lowe founded Nature World Wildlife Rescue in 1985.

Since then, they have dedicated their time to save all of the native wildlife of Florida. You can trust Nature World Wildlife Rescue to rehabilitate mammals, birds, and reptiles.

These days, their team is made up of dedicated volunteers committed to saving, rescuing, and rehabbing injured or abandoned wildlife. You can assist in their efforts by volunteering or donating.

Nature World Wildlife Rescue Details:

10. Wild Florida Rescue


In 2016, Baleen Pepe-Dillon and Matthew R. Buice founded the wildlife rescue group Wild Florida Rescue. With their round-the-clock services, they hoped to offer emergency care for wildlife needing immediate medical attention.

Their efforts to save animals and release them back into the wild have been successful thus far. When performing animal rescues, they make an effort to use the most up-to-date tools to guarantee the security of sick or injured animals.

Additionally, they ensure that sick and hurt animals are quickly picked up and returned, giving them the best chance of surviving.

Wild Florida Rescue Details:

Conclusion For “Best Wildlife Rescues in Florida”


To keep the Earth habitable, we must all do our part to save wildlife. As mentioned before, life would be impossible without the help of wildlife. 

Fortunately, you can easily help by giving your time, making a donation, adopting an animal, or simply leading a more sustainable lifestyle. To contribute to wildlife rescues in Florida, please visit the organizations above.

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