4 Best French Bulldog Breeders in Los Angeles! (2024)


Are you looking for the best French Bulldog breeders in Los Angeles? Whether you are a first-time or experienced Frenchie owner, finding a reputable breeder is essential when buying this breed. French Bulldogs are number one on AKC’s list of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

Their popularity has led to a significant increase in breeders in every state.

Some breeders are in the breeding out of love and passion for this breed; their goal is to help Frenchie lovers find loving, well-bred, healthy, and socialized puppies. Others are in the business just for profit.

The best French Bulldog breeds go the extra mile to produce healthy puppies from health-tested parents.

After extensive research and consultation, we have compiled a list of Frenchie breeders you can trust in Los Angeles.

We recommend you contact and visit these breeders before buying a puppy from them. Read on to see our top recommendations.

The 4 Best French Bulldog Breeders in Los Angeles


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1. Champion Pups


According to many satisfied customers and our research, Champion Pups is one of the best French Bulldog breeders in Los Angeles.

This breeder’s reputation precedes them, as Frenchie lovers travel from various counties and cities in California to get a puppy. We were impressed by the number of happy customers and their positive reviews.

Champion Pups is owned and managed by a family with rich experience in breeding dogs, especially show-quality dogs. It is a family business that raises healthy Frenchie puppies with championship bloodlines.

The bloodline of champions guarantees high-quality puppies with a lifespan of over 15 years.

Most of their dogs have won exhibitions and shows in California and other parts of the world. Champion Pups is based in LA, CA, but is not limited to the city. They sell puppies to customers all over the world. They can ship your puppy to you wherever you are for an additional fee.

All the puppies from this breeder are sold with AKC registration papers and bred according to the AKC standard for this breed. In addition to being AKC-registered, the puppies go home with a one-year health guarantee to protect against congenital defects.

The puppies are raised in the family’s house and are spoilt with attention and affection. All their puppies have two to three vaccinations of the following:

  • Parvos
  • Distemper
  • Leptospirosis
  • Hepatitis

They are also vaccinated for skin issues before leaving for their forever homes.

Health is paramount for this breeder; they do everything possible to ensure their puppies are healthy, even years after leaving for their forever homes.

They deworm their puppies 21 days after birth and before the first and second vaccination.

Your puppy will come home with vaccination, deworming records, and a health certificate.

The breeder’s goal is to ensure all their customers don’t spend a dime on vet care by providing them with the healthiest puppies possible.

The puppies also enjoy premium quality meals formulated especially for them. Champion Pups offers home delivery services, so you can get a Frenchie puppy from them without leaving your home.

Champion Pups Details:

2. Ethical Frenchie


Ethical Frenchies is an LA-based French Bulldog breeder with strict breeding standards.

As the name implies, they are an ethical breeder that adheres to industry standards and strict breeding practices.

This family-owned business is focused on producing well-socialized and healthy puppies that will be a great addition to your home rather than a burden.

Health, temperament, and socialization are the three cornerstones of this breeding program.

They work with some professionals globally to pick the best sires and dams for the program. Most of their breeding dogs are from champion bloodlines with good pedigrees.

All their dogs are tested for various health issues associated with this breed. They also check for genetic defects to ensure their puppies are free of congenital disorders.

The puppies undergo rigorous health tests after birth and before leaving for their forever homes.

Another fascinating thing about this family is that they are always happy to work with their clients if they have any issues.

They always claim to be available to answer their clients’ questions and guide them through raising their puppies. If this is your first time owning a Frenchie, you will significantly benefit from their after-sale support.

Early socialization is key for raising well-behaved French bulldogs; this family understands that. Socialization starts a few days after birth and continues until they leave for their new homes.

They socialize the puppies with kids and pets daily.

The puppies are also introduced to various house parts, including different sounds, textures, and environments. This helps to prevent shock and anxiety when moving to a new home.

Ethical Frenchie also has one of the best health guarantees compared to other breeders. The breeder provides a two-year guarantee on the genetic health of all their puppies.

If your puppy is diagnosed with a genetic defect detrimental to their life within this period, you will get a refund or replacement.

Ethical Frenchie also has a blog section to educate you about this breed and how best to care for your new family friend.

Ethical Frenchie Details:

3. Francoeur French Bulldogs


Franceour French Bulldogs is a highly esteemed AKC breeder located in Central Ventura County, just outside Los Angeles.

They offer professional breeding services to San Diego, Los Angeles, and surrounding cities and counties. This breeding program has customers all over California and can deliver your puppy to your doorstep in LA.

The breeder strongly emphasizes the importance of healthy and happy puppies, so they carefully select the right parents for their breeding program.

All of their breeding dogs have outstanding pedigrees and come from champion bloodlines, and they are meticulously screened and tested to produce puppies with no traces of genetic defects.

All their puppies are AKC-registered and bred according to the organization’s breed standard, resulting in stunning colors and captivating personalities.

Beyond genetics, the breeder also focuses on the early stages of their puppies’ lives. They interact and socialize with the puppies every day until they leave for their forever homes.

In addition, this breeding program adopts the Von Falconer, crate training, and Rule of 7 programs to provide their puppies with a basic standard of training at the right age.

They care for, socialize, and train the puppies until they are ready to go home at eight weeks.

You can rely on this breeder for puppies at any time of the year, as they breed throughout the year. The breeder offers a one-year genetic health guarantee for all their puppies.

They are also vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped before going home.

To crown it all, this family offers lifetime support for all their pets. You can call or email them for guidance and inquiries years after receiving your puppy.

If you need extra support, this breeder can professionally train your puppy for an additional fee.

Francoeur French Bulldogs Details:

4. French Bulldogs LA


French Bulldogs LA is a reputable Frenchie breeder located outside Los Angeles in the Ojai Valley of Ventura County.

It is owned by a family passionate about this breed and would go the extra mile to ensure you experience the joy and love they derive from these pets.

The family prides itself in their high standard of breeding ethics that produces healthy and well-socialized puppies. They adhere to AKC’ and other organizations’ breeding standards in their program.

With health being their major focus, this family adds only heath-tested and genetically strong dogs to their breeding program.

Their strict selective program has helped them produce sound health and genetics puppies. Most of their puppies are from champion parents with excellent pedigrees.

Besides health, the family also focuses on temperament and conformation. They choose sires and dams based on temperament and structure to produce good-tempered and well-structured Frenchie puppies.

All their puppies are socialized from birth until they are ready to go home. They introduce the puppies to kids and other pets, preparing them for homes with kids and pets.

Their puppies are examined by a licensed vet, vaccinated, and dewormed before going. Your new friend will receive a one-year health guarantee to protect against genetic defects.

French Bulldogs LA Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my French bulldog’s ears?

Most vets state that you should clean out your French Bulldog’s ears once or twice a month, if not more.

Why does my French bulldog smell fishy?

A fishy smell indicates that your Bulldog might need its anal glands expressed.

Are bananas good for French bulldogs?

French Bulldogs can eat bananas, but they are high in fat. Avoid feeding them whole bananas at a time.

Where Are the Best French Bulldog Breeders in Los Angeles?


These are some of the best places to buy a French Bulldog puppy in Los Angeles. These breeders have many years of experience in this field and proven track records.

We read their testimonials and reviews and saw that they have many happy customers in California and neighboring states. You can do your little findings about their breeding practices before getting a puppy from them.

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