8 Best Cat Rescues in Los Angeles! (2024)

If you’re looking for a furry best friend, look no further than cat rescues in Los Angeles. Cat adoption will give a cat a fur-ever home and a pet you’ll love. Read on to learn more about rescue cats and cat adoption in Los Angeles. 

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Why Cats Are Great Pets 


A feline family member is perfect for many in the Los Angeles area. The advantages of cat adoption include these: 

Cats Are Low Maintenance 

Cats tend to be loners, so they’re purr-fectly content to be on their own in your home while you’re at work, stopping by the gym, or shopping. Leave your cat a litter box, food, and water for the day. 

Perfect for Apartments 

Cats don’t need that much room to roam inside or a fenced backyard, making them perfect matches for Los Angelenos who live in apartments and condominiums. 

Affectionate on Their Terms 

All jokes about cats being aloof aside, felines can be very affectionate with their owners. Kittens who have been shown affection from humans tend to be more friendly with their owners than cats who were rescued later in life.  

Why Cat Rescues Are Needed 


Cat rescues help all cats have better lives by promoting spaying and neutering to reduce overpopulation and providing stray cats and kittens with essential veterinary care, training, and socialization to help them find their fur-ever homes. 

Cat rescues are essential for the city and its felines for reasons including these: 

High Birth Rates 

Cats can produce multiple litters a year and are fertile before they’re a year old. Cats that are not spayed or neutered can produce up to 12 kittens per year, which could add up to more than 100 kittens in their lifetime.

Cat rescues can provide spaying and neutering to limit feral cat population growth. 


Stray cats and feral cats can threaten birds and other wildlife since they are skilled hunters. These cats can also pick up parasites outdoors that can make them sick. 

The work of cat rescues in Los Angeles continues, as feral cats and stray cats need care that is often lifesaving.

Other cats can become stray when their owners become too ill to care for them or when families no longer have the resources to feed a pet. Cat rescues step in to care for those cats as well. 

Homes for Cats of All Ages 

Los Angeles was once a city that euthanized nearly half of animals in city shelters, but through the work of the city as well as nonprofit cat rescues, that number has been reduced to less than 10 percent. 

Cat rescues look to find homes for cats, which account for 70 percent of deaths in shelters that euthanize.

Kittens can be easier to adopt since they’re small and cute, but cat rescues seek to find homes for all cats and encourage pet owners to adopt adult cats, too. 

Affordable Adoption 

Free cats or pets at low cost through cat rescues can provide a feline with a loving home and cat lovers with a pet at an affordable price.

Rescue missions discourage the practice of overbreeding cats and dogs and selling the puppies and kittens that result. 

Cat rescues often depend on donations and support from the Los Angeles community to continue their work.

Adopting a cat from a no-kill cat rescue in Los Angeles helps their mission, as does donating to fund the care and feeding of feral and stray cats.  

Top Cat Rescues in Los Angeles 


Among the top cat rescues and pet shelters in Los Angeles, the second-largest city in the U.S., are these pet shelters and rescues.  

1. Pet Pride Cat Shelter 


One of Los Angeles’ oldest cat-centric rescues is Pet Pride Cat Shelter, which started in 1965. A cage-free, no-kill cat shelter, Pet Pride Cat Shelter houses cats in two houses that are joined by a glassed-in patio with plenty of shelves for climbing.  

The nonprofit prides itself on providing the best medical care for its residents and seeks cat foster parents to help in supporting the cats who are Pet Pride residents.

The shelter is full of healthy felines of all ages that are available for adoption to approved homes.  

Pet Pride Cat Shelter Details:

  • Location: Pacific Palisades, California 
  • Phone Number: 310-836-5427 
  • Website: Pet Pride Cat Shelter 

2. North Central Animal Shelter 


LA’s North Central Animal Shelter is one of the City of Los Angeles Animal Services Department’s six shelters. Progressive in animal services, LA Animal Services launched a declawing legislation movement that is spreading across the country. 

Spaying and neutering, veterinary care, and cat adoptions are available through the City of Los Angeles. The city’s shelters have a euthanization rate of less than 10 percent, usually affecting cats whose terminal medical conditions or injuries require it.  

North Central Animal Shelter Details:

3. Santé D’Or 


A nonprofit, volunteer-run animal adoption center run by the Santé D’Or Foundation, Santé D’Or welcomes cats from the streets as well as those who are surrendered by residents who are no longer able to care for them. 

Many of Santé D’Or’s residents are cats who came to them in need of medical care.

The nonprofit provides cats with treatment for illness and injuries, vaccinations, and spaying or neutering. Cat adoption is $155 and includes medical care and microchipping.  

Santé D’Or Details:

  • Location: Los Angeles, California 
  • Phone Number: 323-898-8889 
  • Website: Santé D’Or 

4. NKLA Pet Adoption Center 


The NKLA Pet Adoption Center is part of the Best Friends Animal Society, a leading national animal welfare organization and a leader in the no-kill shelter movement.  

In 2012, at the time that Best Friends debuted their No-Kill Los Angeles (NKLA) initiative, 44 percent of the cats and dogs in the city’s shelters were euthanized. That rate has increased to more than 90 percent.

The NKLA Pet Adoption Center has plenty of healthy cats and kittens available for adoption. Start by completing an online application. 

NKLA Pet Adoption Center Details:

5. SPCA LA Pet Adoption Center 


The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles Pet Adoption Center works to prevent animal abuse and find homes for cats in their care.

Promoting empathy and providing veterinary care and support for rescued cats is part of SPCA LA Pet Adoption Center’s mission.  

The center works to strengthen the bonds between humans and animals including cats and to improve life in Los Angeles by rescuing stray and feral cats. 

SPCA LA Pet Adoption Center Details:

6. Fur Baby Rescue 


A temporary home for cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens, Fur Baby Rescue saves cats and kittens from shelters with high euthanization rates, the streets of south Los Angeles, and families that are no longer able to care for them.

Fur Baby Rescue’s goal is to find homes for these dogs and cats and provide veterinary care, socialization, and training. 

Fur Baby Rescue also works to reduce pet overpopulation through spaying and neutering and educational programs for pet owners.  

Fur Baby Rescue Details:

7. Stray Cat Alliance 


Devoted to the rescue of cats and kittens, Stray Cat Alliance provides shelter as well as spaying and neutering. Trap-Neuter-Return programs reduce the feral cat population of Los Angeles, while cat care and adoption are promoted by Stray Cat Alliance.  

Stray Cat Alliance’s mission is to create a world where every cat is safe, healthy, and valued. 

Stray Cat Alliance Details:

8. Heaven on Earth Society for Animals 


Heaven on Earth, founded in 2000, focuses on animal overpopulation in Los Angeles. Since its start, Heaven on Earth opened Perry’s Place, an adoption center and sanctuary, and Earth Animal Clinic in Chatsworth, California.  

Intake numbers at Heaven on Earth have grown from 132 in 2011 to 950 in 950 in 2019, and adoptions have grown from 52 in 2011 to 614 in 2021. 

Heaven on Earth Society for Animals Details:

Conclusion For “Best Cat Rescues in Los Angeles”


In Los Angeles, cat rescues are needed to help cats find safe homes. If you’re looking for a feline friend, consider making an appointment to visit a cat rescue or animal shelter in Los Angeles.

You’ll find that the kittens and adult cats there are in good health and are socialized and used to interacting with humans.  

Contact your nearest cat rescue to find out more about cat adoption and how you can help. Before long, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without your adopted cat being part of your family.

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