4 Best Bird Rescues in Los Angeles! (2024)

There are dozens of birds in desperate need of loving homes and families. If you are considering adding a bird to your family mix, consider adoption. When you adopt, you are giving a bird a second chance at life. No worries, though; read on to see our selection of the best bird rescues in Los Angeles. 

We have carefully selected some of the most reputable places to adopt birds in Los Angeles and other surrounding areas and counties.

The Best Bird Rescues in Los Angeles


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1. West Los Angeles Bird Club


Right at the top of our list, we have West Los Angeles Bird Club – a dedicated bird rescue group with a lot of experience. Founded in 1992, West Los Angeles Club has three decades of experience in this field. 

The ultimate purpose of this club is to help all companion birds, including parrots, to live healthy, happy, and full lives.

They are also committed to helping eradicate the crisis of neglected, abused, and abandoned birds through community outreach, education, awareness, and to assisting needy species through philanthropic activities. 

They work collaboratively with other rescue organizations sharing a similar mission.

The aim of these collaborations is to enhance the lives of LA companion birds and their owners. One amazing thing about this club is that it has in-house avian veterinarians that care for the birds. 

All owner-surrendered and rescued birds are attended to by the vets before being added to the program.

The vets are highly trained and experienced. They are also compassionate about these exotic pets and would do anything possible to ensure they are healthy and happy. 

West Los Angeles Club does not adopt directly but has several rescue/adoption groups where you can get a bird. When you click on their Adopt/Rescue tab, you will see their current list of recommended places to adopt various bird species. 

You can also contact them for a more specific recommendation based on the particular species you want or if you want a group closer to your location.

West LA Club is a well-known advocate for this breed, and you can count on them for help if you are having behavioral issues with your birds. 

West Los Angeles Bird Club Details:

2. Fine Feathered Friends Foundation


Fine Feathered Friends Foundation is another reliable and well-known bird rescue organization in Los Angeles. This reputable rescue group was envisioned by bird lovers Myrana Frame and her husband Curtis in the 90s in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. 

The couple owned, loved, and learned a lot from their parrot for many years. Prior to conceding the idea of a rescue, they started taking birds that people could no longer keep for several reasons. 

Words got out, and people started bringing their lost and unwanted birds to them. After a short while, they were stocked with over a dozen birds looking for new homes.

Eventually, in 2013, the couple established and registered Fine Feathered Friends Foundation as a non-profit organization to officially rescue and rehome unwanted, lost, abandoned, and surrendered birds. 

Fine Feathered Friends Foundation cares about each bird’s past history, its needs, assessing and correcting its diet, and providing all necessary medical care.

They verify the medical condition of all the birds that come to them and treat them for all known health issues. 

It is an all-volunteer organization consisting of many avian lovers committed to changing these birds’ narrative.

The foundation specializes in rehoming exotic birds, quality adoptions, and will soon start a sanctuary to permanently house those birds that cannot be rehomed. 

FFFF is fully funded by donations, which all go toward the birds’ food, care, and vet services.

This organization tries to reunite “lost-and-found” birds with their previous families. However, if that proves impossible, they will take the bird in and put them up for adoption.

While in their care, the birds are cared for with love and compassion.

Those needing a complete diet change are given complete and balanced nutrition to help restore their health. Every bird is unique, so they watch them closely and treat/care for them accordingly. 

Besides rescuing and rehoming birds, Fine Feathered Friends Foundation offers advice on bird care, feeding, and enrichment over the phone, email, or text.

They are always available to assist bird owners, ensuring they have all they need to continue keeping their birds and not surrender them. 

They also provide after-adoption support, so you can always contact them for advice or guidance. The organization rescues and rehomes various parrot and bird species. You can always count on them for healthy and well-socialized exotic birds. 

Fine Feathered Friends Foundation Details:

3. Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue


Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to the course of rescuing and rehoming birds. Founded in 1996 in Northern California, this bird rescue now serves the entire California, including Los Angeles. 

The organization has volunteers and fosters in most parts of the state, including Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, and Sacramento Valley.

Their mission is to rescue companion birds (parrot-type and other domesticated birds) that have been abused, neglected, injured, or surrendered. 

They do everything possible to ensure that all the birds in their care have a safe, loving environment for life.

The organization goes the extra mile to provide quality health care and nutrition for the birds. All injured birds are treated and given the special medical care they need. 

In addition, they screen applicants thoroughly to ensure the birds are being released to the right individuals or families.

Mickaboo also educates bird owners on the most current care standards so that the emotional, dietary, and medical needs of their birds will be met. 

The underlying principle of this organization is that every bird gets an equal chance.

Once a bird is in their care, they provide all the support and medical care that they require. Mickaboo does not support euthanasia but only does so when a bird is suffering without the possibility of recovery. 

They also provide hospice care for severely ill birds that are not suffering. The organization organizes online classes and has a resource center on its website where you can learn about these birds.

These resources come in handy for first-time bird adopters, as you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to care for your bird and counter all the challenges of owning one.

Mickaboo also visits the homes of potential adopters to ensure the place is safe for their birds.

They will look for dangers you might not be aware of and educate you about safety concerns. Once you meet all their criteria, they will pair you with a bird that best suits your home and personality. 

Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue Details:

4. Olive Branch Parrot Rescue


Olive Branch Parrot Rescue is not in Los Angeles, but its services are extended to LA. It is a non-profit public charitable organization established in June 2007. Being a small parrot rescue, OBPR prides itself on quality over quantity to ensure a lifetime relationship. 

The organization does not accommodate birds beyond its capacity. They only accept as many as they can possibly care for.

This also helps them create more time for the birds. Olive Branch Parrot Rescue have one-on-one time with their parrots, helping them to know their unique needs and how best to help them. 

Applicants are also screened thoroughly and carefully to ensure they are a good fit for the birds. The thorough screening process helps them create a more successful, long-lasting home for the parrots’ well-being. 

Some parrots that come to them need proper vet care and/or have special needs. Olive Branch does not shy away from such challenges. Once there is space for the parrot in their facility, they will rescue it regardless of its health condition or unique needs. 

They rescue and rehabilitate neglected, abused, abandoned, and unwanted parrots. The rescued birds are only placed in suitable homes, qualified breeding facilities, and zoos.

Olive Branch Parrot Rescue Details:

Conclusion For “Best Bird Rescues in Los Angeles”


Those are some of the best places to surrender or adopt various species of birds in Los Angeles. Our list also includes rescue organizations outside of Los Angeles but extends their services to various counties and areas in the state.

If this is your first time adopting a bird, ensure you choose a rescue organization that provides helpful resources to guide you through the process. 

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