6 Best Bird Rescues in Florida! (2024)

Birds are highly social, good with humans, and require minimal grooming. Given proper socialization and training, birds can be every bit as affectionate and loving as a dog or cat. No worries, though. We have a list of the best bird rescues in Florida for you right here.

We have compiled a list of some reputable bird rescues in Florida that adhere to federal, state, and local laws in their operations.

These rescues operate by the books and are genuinely compassionate about saving these pets. Here are some of the best places to adopt a bird in Florida. 

The Best Bird Rescues in Florida


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1. Rickie’s Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary


Located in South Florida, Rickie’s Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary is a pet rescue organization on a mission to save as many parrots and exotic birds as possible.

Established in 2017, RPRS is relatively new in the field but has amassed a lot of experience in this short timeframe. 

The organization’s core goal is to take in parrots and birds that have been neglected, abused, and lost. They provide a sanctuary for birds that are simply losing their homes. Rickie’s Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary also accepts owner-surrendered birds. 

They do not judge, as they understand that life changes can force people to give up the pets they love.

All admitted birds are screened thoroughly before being added to the program. The organization also screens all potential adopters thoroughly before releasing their birds. 

RPRS places its birds only in the most qualified, responsible, loving homes. In addition to rescuing and adopting birds, their mission also includes education. Owning a bird like a parrot is not easy; it comes with many responsibilities.

Nevertheless, with adequate knowledge, commitment, and upbringing, they can be wonderful, loving companions. 

The organization encourages potential adopters to do thorough research about parrots and other birds before adopting one. Many people believe owning a parrot is “cool” without doing proper findings. 

Parrots are referred to as “highly intelligent toddlers” because they are as demanding as a 3-year-old child.

RPRS specializes in hospice birds and parrots with special needs. They give breeders a chance to bring these babies so they can live long, happy life instead of being euthanized because they are not profitable. 

All their adoptable birds are listed on their Facebook page. You have to visit or follow the page to stay updated on available babies. The adoption fees/donations range from $10 to $250, depending on the type of bird you want to adopt. 

Parakeets go for as low as $10, while Macaws are adopted for $250. The organization also accepts installment payments, but the bird will remain in their care until paid in full. You can also contact them if you are looking for certain species.

Rickie’s Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary Details:

2. Central Florida Parrot Rescue and Parrot Sanctuary Inc.


This non-profit organization focuses on helping make the world a happier, better place for pets and humans. Located in Central Florida, CFPRPRS is committed to saving parrots and other bird species and finding the best homes for them. 

With the help of committed staff members, the rescue group organizes community-building events, fundraisers, and in-depth training sessions for their volunteers.

If you are new to parroting, this is one of the best places to adopt one, as they will teach you many things you need to know about these exotic creatures. 

If you have a parrot you can no longer keep or care for, you can surrender the bird to this organization.

They specialize in finding the best homes for birds of all sizes and species. They also rescue abandoned, lost, and abused birds in and around the state. 

Each rescued bird requires proper vet care and is attended to by professional vets. CFPRPRS has all breeds of parrots.

However, since it is a sanctuary, not all their parrots will be adopted. All potential adopters are screened carefully to ensure they are a good fit for the bird. 

The organization has a dedicated team conducting home visits and checking references to ensure the birds are not sent to the wrong homes. Central Florida Parrot Rescue and Parrot Sanctuary started this operation in Brazil 45 years ago. 

They rescued many parrots from some very bad situations in Eustis and across Florida. The organization is committed to keeping up the good work with the help of donations that go to vet bills, expenses, food, and paying volunteer gas miles. 

Central Florida Parrot Rescue and Parrot Sanctuary Details:

3. Florida Parrot Rescue


Florida Parrot Rescue is a nationally recognized bird rescue organization comprising avid bird-loving volunteers. This 501c3 non-profit organization works throughout the entire state of Florida to save birds and give them a second chance at life. 

It is an all-volunteer group committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of companion parrots. The team understands that all parrot owners love their pets, and finding a new home for them is the last option on their list. 

FPR is not judgmental in such matters and is supportive of parrot owners in their time of need. If you want to rehome your bird, you can reach out to them and have your bird placed in a loving, responsible home.

After accepting owner-surrendered birds, they provide the birds with a safe place to stay and receive proper vet care until they find the right home for them. All their rescued birds have been to one of the many avian vets they use across the state of Florida. 

Regardless of species or size, each bird has been given a complete well-bird check with either a physical with blood work or a full physical with a fecal gram stain and cultures.

Until the birds are cleared of any and all health issues, they will not be placed for adoption. 

Some birds have multiple vet visits before they are ready and placed up for adoption. The rescue organization occasionally rescues cats and dogs.

Any dog or cat available for adoption will be spayed or neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, dewormed, and on flea/heartworm medications. 

Florida Parrot Rescue is also an advocate for companion pets. They educate the public about the responsibilities of owning a pet and how they should be cared for.

Adopting a bird is a lifetime responsibility, and this organization ensures every potential adopter understands the commitment involved before going home with their bird. 

They also take special care in matching up their adoptable birds with the right adopters to build lasting, strong relationships and forever homes.

Another fascinating thing about Florida Parrot Rescue is that it plays by the rules. The organization is registered and licensed with the state of Florida and has obtained its tax-exempt status.

Florida Parrot Rescue Details:

4. Palm Beach Parrot & Bird Rescue


If you are in South Florida and looking for a great place to adopt a parrot or other bird species, you should check out Palm Beach Parrot & Bird Rescue. This South Florida-based bird rescue has a lot of experience with parrots and other bird species. 

They are well-experienced in rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding the best homes for these exotic pets. Located in Palm Beach County, PBPBR serves the needs of domesticated tropical bird enthusiasts in South Florida. 

PBPBR does not accept wild birds, only domesticated parrots in need of forever homes.

Palm Beach Parrots & Bird Rescue is a 501c3 state-licensed rescue organization committed to serving the community by saving, medically treating, rehabilitating, and adopting birds. 

They care for and provide a loving, healthy living environment, vet care, good nutrition, and enrichment for all rescued birds.

All birds in their rescue program are vet-checked and treated for any health conditions. They also ensure the birds are nourished back to health before placing them for adoption. 

In addition, Palm Beach Parrot & Bird Rescue offers to educate the public and all potential adopters on the proper care of domestic birds and parrots so they can live happy, long, and healthy lives. 

They also provide boarding services for pet owners who want to travel out of town for work, business, or vacation. Your bird will be in a peaceful environment that will make them feel calm, loved, and protected. 

They are the number one choice of many first-time adopters because they equip adopters with all the knowledge they need to live with and care for these exotic domestic birds. 

Palm Beach Parrot & Bird Rescue Details:

5. Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary


Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary (MARS) is a lifesaver to exotic birds and various parrot species in need. This bird rescue is located in Melbourne Beach, Florida but extends its helping hand to exotic birds all over the state. 

It is a 501c non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, care, and adoption of parrot species. Their ultimate goal is to help these pets become the wonderful and loving creatures that they are. 

Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary was created completely out of love for exotic birds. They saw a need to rehabilitate and place unwanted exotic birds in loving homes and decided to fill the gap. 

The program officially launched in February 2008 and received its IRS letter of exemption a few months later. MARS strives to teach people what went wrong with their choice of bird and things they can do differently to make it right.

It is also their number one priority to match the right family or individual to an exotic bird that will bring years of joy to both parties. MARS consists of volunteers who are dedicated to the well-being of all the exotic birds in their care. 

They give the birds the freedom to fly, sit in trees, and enjoy the feeling of bathing in real rain. Besides that, the organization promotes interactions between different species, helping to build the socialization skills of the birds. 

Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary Details:

6. The Bird Gardens of Naples


The Bird Gardens of Naples is a rescue organization whose sole concern is parrot welfare. They run an outreach and placement program to place parrots that are abused, neglected, abandoned, or in need of a home in safe custody. 

This organization networks and works with other parrot welfare associations, the vet community, animal welfare groups, and the general public.

They highly prioritize education, as it is of utmost importance to the well-being of these exotic creatures and their ability to successfully live with their human companions.

In addition to rescuing and rehoming birds, The Bird Gardens of Naples is open for tours. You can visit the garden to spend quality time with the birds and see the wide variety of exotic birds they have. 

TBGN is located in the green space of Corkscrew Swamp with a variety of butterflies, bees, fauna, and flora. You will see, learn, and interact with more than 100 birds from around the world. 

The Bird Gardens of Naples Details:

Conclusion For “Best Bird Rescues in Florida”


Birds are a great choice of family pets and companions for many reasons. They can thrive in small living spaces, making them ideal for families with limited space. In addition, these birds are relatively inexpensive to feed.

The largest birds can only eat a small volume of food daily compared to other pets. However, before you contact any of the rescue groups listed here, ensure you do your findings and choose the bird species you want. 

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