4 Best Bird Rescues in Phoenix! (2024)

Birds make great companions for the right home/family for various reasons. These pets are a great substitute for dogs or cats when you have limited space, funds, and mobility which is why we have a list of the best bird rescues in Phoenix for you right here.

In addition to rescuing the birds, these groups are fully committed to placing them in the right homes. Keep reading to see our top recommendations. 

The Best Bird Rescues in Phoenix


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1. A Tropical Concept Exotic Bird Rescue


One of the most important things to consider when looking for a bird rescue group is the group’s reputation and experience. Is the organization out to make a profit, or is it really intentional about saving these pets and giving them the best life possible? 

After extensive research and consultation, we found A Tropical Concept Exotic Bird Rescue to be one of the most reliable and reputable rescue organizations in Phoenix. ATCEBR is a safe haven for feathered friends of all species and sizes. 

Located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, this bird rescue has more than two decades of experience in this field. The organization knows that its strength lies not only in the words it stands by but also through the actions of its initiatives. 

A group of animal lovers came together in the year 2000 to work together and overcome their challenges more efficiently. ATCEBR is a registered 501-C non-profit organization that always strives to do what it can to help birds in need. 

The organization works on many exciting projects to help enhance the lives of the pets in their care. They rescue abandoned, abused, and surrendered birds into their program. Upon admittance, the birds are thoroughly vet-checked to know how best they can be helped. 

Those with special medical needs are attended to as soon as possible. A Tropical Concept Exotic Bird Rescue works with many volunteers in Phoenix who are committed to giving these birds the best life they deserve.

Most of the birds are temporarily housed in foster homes until they are ready to join their new families. They educate the community about these birds, the importance of adoption, and how best to care for them. 

Their website is not updated with the list of available birds and their species. However, you can call or email them to check the availability of the species you want to adopt. 

A Tropical Concept Exotic Bird Rescue Details:

2. Valleywide Parrot Rescue


Valleywide Parrot Rescue is tagged “the home of parrots” because it has a wide variety of parrots. This non-profit, volunteer-based rescue organization rescues and adopts various species of parrots, including

  • African Grays
  • Cockatiels
  • Conures 
  • Quaker parrots
  • Indian Ringneck
  • Cockatoos 
  • Parakeets

It is a family bird and parrot rescue pick-up service serving Phoenix and other surrounding areas.

Valleywide saves and provides a caring, safe environment for all parrots and birds. They rescue birds of all sizes and species and provide them with adequate healthcare and nutrition. 

Valleywide Parrot Rescue believes every bird needs a personalized environment in order to flourish. Hence, they carefully and thoroughly screen applicants to ensure the birds are only released to suitable families/homes. 

The organization also conducts home visits prior to adoption to ensure your home is a good fit for the specie you want to adopt.

All their birds are medically treated, cared for, loved, and nurtured in their facility until they find them a loving, responsible home. 

If you find any bird that is stranded or needs help, you can also contact this rescue organization. You can call their staff and explain the situation. They will schedule an appointment and pick up the bird free of charge. 

VPR’s mission is to take in parrots and other birds that are lost, neglected, losing their homes, or being abused. After the rescue, the staff and volunteers at VPR rehabilitate the birds.

Valleywide Parrot Rescue is family-owned and operated. The family operates and cares for the birds in their home, treating each bird like a family member. 

Their parrots are encouraged to interact with each other and are played with daily by the family. They encourage socialization, making the birds fun to be with. VPR significantly impacts the lives of pets that come into the program. 

Most of these birds were admitted sick and looking malnourished. Thanks to their expertise and the professional vet they work with, these pets are vetted and nourished back to life.

They are given the best medical care and nutrition possible to revitalize and boost their overall health and well-being. 

Valleywide Parrot Rescue Details:

3. Fallen Feathers


Fallen Feathers is a rehabilitation facility, wildlife rescue, and exotic bird rescue located in Northwest Phoenix, Arizona. The core mission of this rescue organization is to help lost, orphaned, and injured birds all over Arizona.

They save and rehabilitate these pets back to health. The organization also assists in locating the homes of lost, domesticated exotic birds.

In addition to housing, feeding, and rehabilitating birds, Fallen Feathers educates the public about various bird species, their unique needs/traits, and how to care for them. 

They provide educational presentations to the public based on availability and upon request. Fallen Feathers works with Dr. Hillary G. Frank at North Central Animal Hospital to provide necessary medical care for the rescued birds. 

All birds that come into the program are taken to the hospital for a proper medical check-up and treated for any known health condition.

The organization ensures all its birds are always healthy, sound, and happy. The overall health and well-being of the birds is their number one priority.

When Fallen Feathers is notified of a lost bird or receives a lost bird, they try to locate the owners of the bird by posting them in the local newspaper or Craigslist.

If they are unable to find the pet’s owner, the lost bird may be placed for adoption in accordance with their policy. 

They also accept owner-surrendered birds and look for the perfect homes for them. Fallen Feathers encourages adopters to carefully consider their choice of adopting a bird, as birds can live a long time.

Cockatoos and Macaws can live up to 100 years, while some small birds can live up to 20 years. 

Fallen Feathers Details:

4. AZ Exotic Bird Rescue


AZ Exotic Bird Rescue is a non-profit avian rescue dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and placement of companion parrots and other bird species. This avian rescue organization is open to accepting owner-surrendered parrots. 

They understand that many parrot owners find themselves facing the gut-wrenching reality forcing them to surrender their beloved birds. AZ Exotic is non-judgmental and supportive of bird owners who want to surrender their pets. 

The organization takes these surrendered birds and finds loving, responsible homes for them.

Adopting a parrot is a lifetime responsibility, as many birds outlive their owners. Hence, the organization only accepts applicants that fully understand the responsibility and commitment involved in owning these beautiful creatures. 

They take special care in matching adoptable birds with the right owners in order to build lasting relationships and forever homes. AZ Exotic’s core services include rehabilitation, behavioral therapy, retirement, and adoption for exotic birds. 

AZ Exotic Bird Rescue has extensive knowledge and experience working with exotic birds.

In addition, the organization places great emphasis on educating the public, both those who want to adopt exotic birds and existing owners, about the unique needs and care of these awesome birds. 

This non-profit, no-kill avian rescue is funded solely via donations and adoption fees. All donations go to housing, health care, grooming needs, superior nutrition, proper socialization, stimulating environments, and behavioral modification of the rescued birds. 

AZ Exotic Bird Rescue Details:

Conclusion For “Best Bird Rescues in Phoenix”


Before contacting any rescue group, conduct thorough research on the species you plan to adopt. All bird species have different behaviors, so you should do your own research and choose species you can accommodate.

If you are looking for a more social and loving bird, Cockatoos are a great option. Amazons are notorious talkers. African Grays are intelligent and need stimulus.

An open mind and experience with different species (and their unique behaviors and needs) might change your decisions about what kind of bird you ultimately bring home. 

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