4 Best Bird Rescues in Houston! (2024)

Are you looking for the best place to adopt a bird in Houston? Search no more, as we’ve got you covered. However, there are many things you need to know before getting a pet bird, especially if this is your first time. So no worries, we have a list of the best bird rescues in Houston for you right here!

In general, you want to ensure you learn a lot about these exotic pets to avoid giving them up a few months after adopting them. If you are fully prepared for the task, here are the best bird rescues in Houston to adopt a parrot or other exotic birds. 

The Best Bird Rescues in Houston


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1. Houston Texas Parrot Rescue and Adoption


Houston Texas Parrot Rescue and Adoption (HTPRA) is a Houston-based avian rescue organization dedicated to serving birds and potential/existing bird owners in the state.

The organization is home-operated and is focused on wild parrot conservation and parrot welfare in captivity. 

HTPRA is a placement and outreach program that places abused, abandoned, and neglected parrots into safe custody.

Many times, parrot owners can no longer care for their beloved pets or meet their demands and must find a new home for them. That is where HTPRA comes in to help. 

It is their job to take these birds in, rehabilitate them emotionally, physically, and behaviorally, and then find the best permanent home for them.

All rescued and surrendered birds must go through the quarantine and rehabilitation process. Once completed, the organization will start the process of trying to find them responsible, loving homes. 

HTPRA does not adopt their birds to just anyone. They are also not in the business for the money; the overall health, well-being, and happiness of the birds are their topmost priorities.

They have a stringent adoption process to help find the best possible living situation for their rescued and surrendered birds. 

All successfully surrendered parrots (after the owners fill out the surrender form and transfer ownership) are housed either at the family’s house or at an approved foster home.

They work with some foster homes in Houston and surrounding areas where the birds are housed until they find appropriate homes for them. 

The birds are medically and physically evaluated by a professional vet. The assessment will determine if dietary change, medical treatment, behavior change, or another rehab is required.

While in foster care, the organization works on the birds’ socialization skills.

Many birds bond with their owners and are often aggressive toward others. With proper socialization, positive reinforcement, and training, these birds can become less discriminate and friendlier to others.

Until such birds are well-socialized and friendlier to people, this organization does not put them up for adoption. 

Their adoption process includes:

  • An in-person interview 
  • Home inspection
  • You must visit and spend some time with the parrot
  • A training session for the applicant

Once a match is made between the parrot and the applicant, an adoption contract is signed.

Houston Texas Parrot Rescue and Adoption Details:

2. Spring Branch Animal & Bird Sanctuary


Located in Woodvine, Houston, Spring Branch Animal & Bird Sanctuary is the home of lost, unwanted, and neglected birds. The organization provides a safe and comfortable sanctuary for parrots and other pets who need a helping hand. 

If you are looking for a place to adopt a healthy and happy bird in Houston, SBABS is one of the best options you have. SBABS is 100 percent committed to the course of rescuing and finding the best forever homes for these birds.

The organization accepts parrots and other pet birds due to a series of reasons, including:

  • Owners passing away
  • Relocation
  • Inability to provide proper care
  • Animal protection seizures 
  • Financial hardship
  • Abandonment 

SBABS does not discriminate when saving these birds. They also save pets born with deformities, medical conditions, behavioral issues, and more. The organization saves all adoptable and treatable animals and birds at risk of being euthanized. 

All birds and pets accepted to the program receive proper diet, mental stimulation, love, and attention.

They all undergo proper medical checkups after being rescued. Dr. Fronefield and his staff at ABC Animal and Bird Clinic handle the health tests and vet care procedures. 

Dr. Fronefield has more than 20 years of experience in this field and is a certified avian vet. After treating and nourishing these birds back to health, the next step is finding them the best homes. 

SBABS’ goal is to find the best forever homes for all their rescued birds and animals.

However, not all their birds are adoptable due to some medical and extreme mental conditions. The organization keeps those animals and lives with them for the duration of their lives. 

While their number one priority is saving parrots and other pet birds, SBABS occasionally rescues abandoned puppies and kittens, covers the cost of spaying/neutering, vaccination, and deworming, and places them in forever homes. 

Being a non-profit organization, SBABS relies solely on donations and adoption fees.

All received funds go directly towards the care of the rescue birds and animals. Some of the birds require multiple vet visits and professional training to increase their chances of being adopted.

Spring Branch Animal & Bird Sanctuary Details:

3. National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation


We highly recommend the National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation for those looking to adopt rare species of parrots. NPRPF rescues rehabilitates and rehomes neglected and displaced parrots. 

They often have a wide variety of parrot species, even the rarest of them. Many bird owners who can no longer care for their pets or want to relocate surrender their parrots to this organization. They are highly trusted because of their ethical values and reputation. 

In addition, the National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation is committed to the education of prospective and current parrot owners and parrot-relative organizations.

They provide information and resources to other rescue organizations on the capture and care of parrots. 

They are the favorite parrot adoption center of many first-time bird owners because they equip prospects with all the knowledge and tools they need to care for these pets successfully.

HPRPF strives to improve efforts for birds and owners in need by providing adequate training for both parties. 

This organization has more than 20 years of experience in this field. They have hundreds of parrots and other pet birds and know how to meet their unique needs. Every rescued bird is different and is treated uniquely. 

NPRPF works with each of the birds to curb their emotional, physical, and behavioral issues. The organization will teach you a lot about the bird you want to adopt and provide you with many resources to help you on your journey. 

National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation Details:

4. Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary


We have another reliable and trustworthy bird rescue on our list – Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary.

This non-profit avian rescue organization is dedicated to the rescue and protection of abused, unwanted, abandoned, and neglected companion parrots in Texas and the United States. 

They provide housing, shelter, education, and adopter services for various parrot species, including:

  • Macaws
  • Cockatoos
  • African Greys
  • Amazons 
  • Conures

MEBS is a lifelong sanctuary for the forgotten, unseen parrots. They provide adoption for the socialized birds, fire and personal disasters such as death and evictions, and emergency temporary housing for hurricane victims. 

All rescued parrots are thoroughly vet-checked and treated for any known health condition. Those with behavioral or emotional issues are attended to professionally.

Socialization and training are also provided for the birds to make them compatible with their new families and reduce their chances of being surrendered again. 

The organization has hundreds of birds in its care and is committed to meeting their unique needs and placing them in the best forever homes. 

Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary Details:

Conclusion For “Best Bird Rescues in Houston”


Birds make excellent pets; many companion bird owners can attest to that. These pets are some of the most wonderful creatures on Earth!

Every bird has a unique personality, and some birds can live well into their 80s (now that’s a forever friend)!

These amazing creatures teach us so much about ourselves and can change our lives forever with their outlandish qualities, all points for making them some of the most rewarding pets humans can have.

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