4 Best Bird Rescues in Maine! (2024)

There are dozens of bird rescues in Maine, and picking the right one is essential to your bird’s overall health and your pre- and post-adoption experience, which is why we have a list of the best bird rescues in Maine for you!

After considering all these vital points, here are some of the reliable bird rescues in Main to consider adopting your next bird from:

The Best Bird Rescues in Maine


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1. Seymours Bird Refuge


Seymours Bird Refuge is the go-to rescue organization for many bird lovers in Maine because of their years of experience in the field and how they care for their birds.

While bird rescue and adoption are their top priority, Seymours takes public education seriously.

As with other pets, many people buy parrots with good intentions. Unless they did proper research, they have no idea how loud these birds can be, how high-maintenance parrots care, and how patient they need to be with the bird. 

Some people make great bird parents, while some fail. The product of the failure ends up being passed to another home or surrendered to a rescue organization.

Due to poor care, most of these birds have lasting issues, such as distrust of humans, feather picking, and screaming unnecessarily. 

Such birds need special care to regain their mental and physical health. Fortunately, Seymours Bird Refuge specializes in helping birds in such conditions.

The organization also assists birds whose owners are moving to assisted living facilities, seriously ill, divorced, or relocating. 

Whether the bird needs to be rehomed or cared for about a week or a year, Seymours is always ready to help. They provide the best care, food, treats, toys, love, and attention.

Their ultimate goal is to give these birds a chance for a happy life or a continuance of a happy life. 

All rescued birds are taken into foster care and health-checked by a professional vet. The vet runs a series of health tests to ascertain the bird’s health state and treat them for any known health condition. 

As mentioned earlier, the organization helps birds with behavioral issues. They help train and enhance their socialization skills, making them friendlier. Seymours Bird Refuge does not breed and will not adopt its birds to anyone with breeding intentions. 

This organization’s policy is to keep the surrendered “larger” birds for at least three months to watch their health and personality issues.

The more socialized and friendly parrots are put up for adoption. The application process starts by filling out the online adoption form. 

Larger birds are only released to people with prior experience. Adopters must also live in a home instead of a condo or apartment.

They also prefer individuals or families with no small kids and no pets that may endanger the parrot’s welfare. A team will visit and inspect your home to ensure the living conditions are acceptable.

Seymours Bird Refuge Details:

2. Siesta Sanctuary


Siesta Sanctuary offers assisted living for retired parrots. It is a home for pets whose owners can no longer care for them.

The sanctuary provides food and medical care for all the parrots in its care. It is the home of parrots and other bird species that no one wants to adopt.

It is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that relies solely on donations. They do not adopt birds, as all rescued and surrendered live the rest of their lives in the facility. The facility is large enough to accommodate hundreds of birds. 

They also have volunteers who are dedicated to helping these bids and ensuring they have a great stay at the facility.

Siesta Sanctuary relies on donations to help offset the cost of running the facility and for the care of its parrot population. All donations go towards the upkeep of the sanctuary, food, and medical expenses for the parrots. 

The organization accepts various breeds and sizes of birds and parrots. Regardless of how old the bird is, they are always ready and willing to help. They provide the birds with a comfortable, safe, and fun environment to live the rest of their lives. 

In addition, they provide many educational materials on their website. You can learn about various parrot species from the resources on their site.

The sanctuary is equipped with many toys to keep the birds engaged. They also have many comfortable, large cages for the birds.

Siesta Sanctuary Details:

3. Avian Haven Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center


Avian Haven is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 by Marc Payne and Diane Winn. It is one of the largest and most popular bird rescue organizations in New England.

This rescue organization saves and rehabilitates birds in various New England states, including Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and more. 

Since its emergence in 1999, Avian Haven has rescued and rehabilitated more than 34,000 birds.

They have about 3,600 birds yearly, making them one of the largest rehabs in the region. Avian Haven has saved more than 100 different species of birds and parrots since its emergence.

The organization cares for wild birds that are sick, orphaned, or injured with the goal of medically treating and releasing them back to their natural roles in the wild. The sanctuary has an indoor infirmary space that includes;

  • Vet equipment 
  • Incubators
  • Food supplies to meet the dietary needs of all birds species
  • A full kitchen 
  • Hospital and recovery cages
  • A reference library 
  • A full complement of medical supplies 

They have many avian vets on-site to care for all rescued birds. Their rehabilitation process includes proper medical check-ups, dietary improvements, socialization, and training. They also have a large outdoor space where the bird roam freely 

Avian Haven was founded in Freedom, Maine, as a non-profit bird rehab center. The organization is committed to the return of orphaned and sick birds of all breeds and sizes.

Wildlife rehabilitation is not powered or funded by the government; the entire operating expenses are covered by donations. 

Their mission also includes research and education. They are dedicated to educating prospective and existing bird owners about responsible pet ownership, optimal nutrition for birds, and care tips.

Diane and Marc have also given many presentations and workshops at regional, state, and national conferences. 

Avian Haven Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center Details:

4. Misfits Rehab


The last on our list is Misfits Rehab – a rescue organization dedicated to saving and rehabilitating various animals. They rescue and rehabilitate birds, mammals, and other wildlife pets. The organization accepts sick, injured, and displaced birds. 

Misfits Rehab takes care of orphaned, sick, and injured animals for the purpose of giving them a second chance at being healthy wild animals once again. The organization is not being paid by any government agency. 

They solicit donations and organize fundraisers to raise money to care for the rescued birds and provide required medical care. The rescued birds are vet-checked and treated for any and every known health condition. 

Misfits Rehab is powered by volunteers who are dedicated to helping these pets and giving them a second chance at life. This organization does not adopt their rescue birds. They provide a safe sanctuary for the birds to live out the rest of their lives. 

Misfits Rehab Details:

  • Location: 850 Garfield Road, Auburn, Maine 04210 
  • Phone Number: 207-212-1039
  • Website: Misfits Rehab

Conclusion For “Best Bird Rescues in Maine”


Birds make a great addition to any home. With proper training and socialization, these birds can be friendly and fun to be with.

There are various bird species out there, so you should do your research to find one that best suits your home, personality, and unique needs.

Do not forget to spend quality time with the bird to ensure you are compatible with each other before finalizing the adoption process. 

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