4 Best Bird Rescues in Ohio! (2024)

Rescue organizations play a major role in the existence and preservation of parrots and other exotic companion birds.

However, not every rescue is the same, as some are more committed to the course than others. In this guide, we have compiled a list of reputable bird rescues in Ohio that are registered and operate by the rules. 

Read on to see the best places to adopt various bird species in Ohio. 

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The Best Bird Rescues in Ohio

1. Emerald Parrot Rescue


Ohio is known for having many reputable and highly devoted avian rescue organizations, and Emerald Parrot Rescue is one of them. Emerald Parrot Rescue is one of the oldest bird rescue organizations in Ohio.

For many years, this organization has been devoted to the care, rehabilitation, and rescue of parrots and other exotic companion birds. 

EPR also provides various other services, including bird sitting, behavioral training for parrots, and feeding assistance.

This bird rescue is located in Cincinnati but extends its helping hands to other counties and regions in Ohio. Emerald Parrot Rescue is a fully licensed facility, and all the rescued birds are accommodated in the facility. 

The organization is passionate about helping to care for parrots and birds of all species and sizes. They rescue, rehabilitate, care for, train, and place these rescued and owner-surrendered birds in loving forever homes. 

No bird is ignored or turned away for any reason. Whether sick, injured, or neglected, EPR saves them all.

They also save and cater to the needs of birds with behavioral issues. The organization has professional trainers that help with behavior modification and improve the socialization skills of the birds. 

All birds are well-socialized and trained before being placed for adoption. Bird owners also enjoy lots of free services from this organization. You can enjoy free grooming services or resources to teach you how best to care for your pet. 

Emerald Parrot Rescue is a source of information and assistance to new and old bird owners. They provide lifetime support to all adopters, ensuring they get all the support and guidance they need to raise and live with their birds successfully. 

EPR is highly knowledgeable and experienced in caring for all bird species and sizes, especially parrots.

The various free services they offer also encourage more bird owners to hold on and not surrender their birds. Their goal is to help all feathered friends in need, including those that are still with their owners. 

Another reason many people love this organization is that it offers adoption services without long, drawn-out adoption paperwork. This means you do not have to undergo a stressful process to adopt a bird from them. 

Emerald Parrot Rescue Details:

  • Location: 6730 Edenton Pleasant Plain Road, Pleasant Plain, Ohio 45162
  • Phone: 513-625-6119
  • Website: Emerald Parrot Rescue

2. Parrot Hope Rescue


Next up, we have Parrot Hope Rescue – a well-cultured rescue organization that adheres to all government rules while saving and rehoming birds. Parrot Hope Rescue is a non-profit organization based in Mantua, Ohio.

The organization is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating parrots, the plight of which is usually ignored in animal rescue. What separates many rescue organizations is how they rescue and rehabilitate their birds. 

Parrot Hope Rescue is well-invested in the rehabilitation of these rescue birds. The non-profit is committed to alleviating the crisis facing many captive birds who often end up neglected, unwanted, abandoned, and abused by improper homes. 

These lovely creatures need some training and socialization to help them fit properly into our world. Nevertheless, many bird owners tend to ignore that part and misunderstand their birds. 

The intrigue and beauty of companion parrots have made many people buy these birds without adequate knowledge of the long-term considerations of parrot ownership.

Many people do not know how to care for parrots, leading to neglect and abandonment. 

Parrot Hope Rescue is committed to educating prospective and existing bird owners about the unique needs of these creatures and how best to care for them.

They enlighten people on the responsibilities and commitment involved in owning a parrot or other companion birds and how to be responsible pet owners. 

This organization has been functional for some years and has saved over a thousand parrots and other bird species.

They have been assisting in giving birds a temporary home during behavioral and health rehabilitation, ultimately searching for and placing them in loving abodes!

The team is dedicated to the ongoing education and care of all birds in their care. They also organize various events that allow bird owners to bring their birds for grooming and socialization. Here’s a list of services they offer:

  • Free educational seminars 
  • Grooming 
  • Boarding services in a home setting
  • Rehab for optional behavior 
  • Vet medical attention

Parrot Hope Rescue cares about the enrichment of all birds and parrots, so they offer bird-safe play stands, perches, toys, cages, and nutritious, high-quality food.

They also offer education on the behaviors and nutrition of these beloved feathered pets. PHR is committed to offering bird owners ongoing advice and support, whether they adopt from them or elsewhere. 

Parrot Hope Rescue Details:

  • Location: PO Box 642, Mantua, OH 44255 
  • Phone Number: 330-931-7736
  • Website: Parrot Hope Rescue

3. The Charlie Brown Bird Rescue


The Charlie Brown Bird Rescue saves and rehabs hookbill parrots of all kinds.

They take in from the smallest love birds, parrotlet, or cockatiel to the biggest cockatoos and Macaws. Their ultimate mission is to rehabilitate these birds and place them in the best forever homes possible.

TCBBR believes that every pet parrot and exotic bird deserves a loving permanent home.

The organization prides itself on ensuring owner-surrendered parrots and birds are seen by a quality bird vet. All rescued birds are health tested and given appropriate vet care. 

The rescued and surrendered birds are also converted to a healthy diet and are nourished back to health. In addition, the birds are given a lot of attention and love daily. They currently have more than 30 different parrot species awaiting adoption. 

These birds are perfectly healthy and have been trained by professionals. They are also well-socialized, making them suitable for various households. TCBBR is careful about who goes home with their birds. 

To adopt a bird from this rescue, you must meet all their requirements and rules.

The first step is submitting an online application. Once approved, you would be asked to do a video home tour for them to determine if your home is suitable for the bird you want to adopt. 

Next, you must visit the rescue to meet the bird in person. This part is highly essential, as spending time with the bird will determine if you are compatible with the bird and vice versa.

The last step is paying the adoption fee and signing the adoption contract. 

TCBBR does a three-month foster-adopt period to ensure that the bird is a good fit for your home/family. 

The Charlie Brown Bird Rescue Details:

4. Bird in Flight Sanctuary


Bird in Flight Sanctuary is one of the most reputable wildlife sanctuaries in northeast Ohio. This rescue organization is committed to saving various bird species and sizes. They have a large facility where they rescue and care for hundreds of animals in Ohio. 

The organization also has an education center for adults and local school children. At the time of writing this article, the organization has more than 1,000 birds and other wild animals in its care. 

Founded in 1991, this organization’s ultimate mission is to provide rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming services to neglected, abused, and abandoned birds and other wildlife animals.

They also cater to the needs of sick and injured birds that require medical care. 

Orphaned birds are not left out of the group, as Bird in Flight saves all birds and provides them with a safe haven until they find their forever homes.

Through research, public education, and caring treatment, the organization hopes to ensure the birds’ future for years to come. 

Birds in Flight Sanctuary ensures its birds are perfectly healthy before placing them for adoption. The adoption fee varies depending on the bird species, size, and age. 

Bird in Flight Sanctuary Details:

Conclusion For “Best Bird Rescues in Ohio”


Birds are extremely intelligent, emotionally sympathetic, and deeply devoted to those who are kind enough to share their homes and lives with them.

All types of parrots and some exotic birds make especially wonderful companions.

In addition to being colorful and beautiful, they are eager to learn, sociable, charismatic, and musical. Before contacting any of the rescues listed here, ensure you read their adoption requirements and rules.

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