5 Best Horse Rescues in Ohio! (2024)


If you love animals, there’s nothing more rewarding than being part of a horse rescue effort. Ohio is home to some amazing animal rescue centers and initiatives dedicated to saving the lives of troubled horses needing help. If you’re looking for the best horse rescues in Ohio, then look no further.

Whether you’re looking for a new equine friend or want to support animal welfare efforts in your community, Ohio’s horse rescues have something to offer everyone. 

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1. Voices For Horses Rescue Network


The Voice For Horses Rescue Network (VFHRN) is a non-profit humane corporation based in Ohio.

It was founded in November 1999 to provide food, water, shelter, and medical care to horses that are sick, harmed, neglected, mistreated, or whose owners are unwilling to care for them. The volunteers are dedicated to helping any horse in need nationwide. They aim to help as many horses as possible by raising awareness about equestrian cruelty and neglect, yet they are still not overburdened. 

Focused on providing the best support for the horses already under their care, the organization gets no funding from the government, city, or country and completely relies on generous donations.  In addition, they collaborate with local humane organizations, police enforcement, therapeutic riding facilities, horse clubs, and other equine rescues from all 50 states to place horses.

Above all, VFHRN is dedicated to eradicating the causes of suffering through intervention, education, and community awareness, all while promoting humane principles.

All equine adoption fees can range from free to $2,500, with most horses costing less than $1,000. If you want to adopt or rescue a horse or have any questions, here are their details! 

Voice For Horses Rescue Network Details:

2. Angels Haven Horse Rescue 


Angels Haven Horse Rescue is an organization run entirely by volunteers in Grafton. Every day, many horses are starved to death, tortured, abandoned, or even slaughtered and marketed for meat. 

With such dismal situations, the Angels Haven Horse Rescue team comes together. It works with other organizations to make a positive difference in the lives of horses and spare them from suffering.

This organization aims to save as many unfortunate horse victims as possible and find them suitable, loving homes. They also investigate and help people become aware of mistreatment and choose to report it. 

They care for horses that have been tortured, abandoned, ignored, sold, or unwanted and horses that are no longer cared for by their owners for any reason. They may even buy the horses to get them out of danger. Most occurrences of animal abuse and neglect occur when a human cannot care for the animal or does not have the necessary knowledge from the start.

However, this group will avoid criticizing the owner and focuses on assisting all horses rather than wallowing in indignation or anger. 

They also keep the identity of anyone who reports abuse strictly anonymous and collaborates with many organizations.

Such as the Positive Education Program, Girl and Boy Scouts, 4-H Clubs, Indian Guides and Princesses, and many more to increase awareness about good horse care.

They feel that teaching humans proper animal care is the best way to relieve the animal’s suffering. For this reason, they wish to be a center for education in humane horse care, training techniques, alternative therapies, rehab, and rescue.

Angels Haven Horse Rescue Details:

3. Fighting Chance Rescue (FCR)


Fighting Chance Rescue is an equestrian rescue that serves southeastern Ohio. Since its beginning, they have saved over 300 horses from slaughter and cruelty.

Fighting Chance Rescue’s aim is to rescue, treat, and care for horses and prevent neglect and abuse via education, investigation, and rescue operations. They provide a haven for slaughtered, mistreated, and abandoned horses and fight for the rights of equines. 

This group takes abandoned horses or those needing rescue from people or humanitarian societies and law enforcement. These rescued horses are transported, and their dietary, medical, farrier, and rehabilitative requirements are met.

FCR has a critical care facility equipped with a hoist and sling to manually support horses who cannot stand on their own until they recover fully. They accept vulnerable horses that many organizations cannot help and provide 24-hour volunteer monitoring to horses in critical condition.

They primarily rely on foster families to complete the rehabilitation of horses under their care. After recuperation, rescue horses are re-homed based on their screening procedures to guarantee a suitable match between horse and home. 

In addition, FCR frequently attends horse sales and auctions to buy horses that would be killed for meat if not sold.

After rehabilitation, auction-saved horses are re-homed. This initiative is made possible by donations provided specifically for this reason, and help is more than welcome! 

Fighting Chance Rescue Details:

4. Ohio SPCA Equine Rescue Program 


The Ohio SPCA was established in 1983 to promote humane animal ownership. Two schoolteachers started the organization to teach adults and kids the importance of treating all animals with kindness.

The Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals aims to stop animal cruelty in Ohio. The state’s largest animal rescue organization rehabilitates hundreds of pets and farm animals each year.  In addition, the group assists animal owners with temporary financial aid if there is a genuine need to provide food or medical treatment.

Many counties in Ohio experience some instances of horse mistreatment and neglect. Due to a lack of financing and resources, rural humane societies and law enforcement agencies often seek out Ohio SPCA. 

In response, the Ohio SPCA established the Equine Rescue Program to aid county officials in investigating, prosecuting, transporting, and rehabilitating abused horses.

Over the last five years, this program has rehabilitated over 100 horses, projected to rise significantly.

When the horses are rescued, many are so ill or famished that they are immediately hospitalized.

Their path to rehabilitation will be difficult; each month, medical treatment can cost hundreds of dollars a horse. This service is only made possible because of the public donations that run the organization.

Ohio SPCA Equine Rescue Program Details:

5. Wyandot Country Humane Society (WCHS)


The Wyandot Country Humane Society (WCHS) is the region’s sole animal shelter in northwest and northcentral Ohio.

Established in 1985, the group has worked hard to eradicate animal suffering by running a refuge for unwanted and neglected animals.  Because of its volunteers’ committed work, they can also provide this critical medical care to equines in need.

Their shelter is geared to accept any horse in need of assistance and to provide loving new homes for those animals whenever feasible.

WCHS is entirely supported by the fundraising efforts of its committed volunteers. This charity never charges a fee to take an unwanted equine and would never turn away a horse in need. The expense of caring for these creatures is way higher than that of other small animals, so donations are always appreciated! 

In addition, using their lifetime replacement system, they can follow and safeguard the adopted horses for the rest of their lives.

They do not take the risk of trying to find a home for your horse online because this is how many of them wind up at auction and, eventually, slaughtered. The organization requires an annual report, and the horse can always be returned to them.  To address issues with animals in the neighborhood and the surrounding area, WCHS has some fully trained personnel, all essential tools, and several specially constructed vehicles.

Whenever needed, all recommendations, consultations, and services are free. They even have full-time live-in trainers to train and treat a wide range of horses!

Wyandot Country Humane Society (WCHS) Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do horses miss their old owners?

Many experts believe that horses miss their old owners, especially if those owners had a healthy relationship with their animals. It’s important to keep this in mind when rescuing a horse.

Can you keep a horse on one acre of land?

The general rule of thumb for keeping a horse is to have between 1.5 and 2 acres of land per horse. This provides adequate space for the horse to roam and graze.

How much are horse vet bills?

If your horse is generally healthy, you can expect to pay around $1,500 yearly to keep it in good shape. You will also probably have to pay to get your horse shod regularly.

Conclusion For “Best Horse Rescues in Ohio”


We hope this list points you in the right direction to find your new four-legged buddy. All the best in your search! 

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