10 Best Horse Rescues in Illinois! (2024)


There is no better feeling than having a ranch full of horses because you wake up to watch these beautiful equines running on your farm.

Unfortunately, not many treat these animals with kindness. Like other animals in Illinois, some horses end up in rescues due to abuse from their previous owners.

As such, horse rescues in Illinois have taken the mantle of caring for neglected horses and nursing them to health. We have a comprehensive list of rescues to help you adopt a horse in Illinois.

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Why Do Horses End Up in Shelters?


Many horses end up in shelters due to various reasons. They include:

  • Cultural changes. People relocate to urban areas
  • Overbreeding
  • Abuse from owners
  • Lack of funds to take care of these animals
  • Some owners do not know how to care for these animals

Top 10 Horse Rescues in Illinois


Finding a good horse adoption center is the first step when looking to adopt horses. Luckily, we have gathered a list of the ten best horse rescues in Illinois to help you with the search.

1. Casey’s Safe Haven


Casey’s Safe Haven is a non-profit organization that relies on donors and fundraisers. The organization began when Sue Balla, the co-founder, bought a horse in an auction. She named the horse Casey and created a rescue home for him and other horses.

Casey’s Safe Haven’s primary mission is to nurse horses back to health through its holistic equine rescue program. For instance, they use essential oils, laser treatment, and offer massage as part of the healing process.

Besides rescuing horses, this rescue center accepts ponies, donkeys, and mules. They also offer adoption services to those interested in horses.

Visit Casey’s Safe Haven to adopt a good and healthy equine pet.

Casey’s Safe Haven Details:

2. Crosswinds Equine Rescue


If you are looking for an equine to adopt, look no further than Crosswinds Equine Rescue. The center’s mission is to rescue, train, and rehabilitate horses.

Mike Cross is the founder of Crosswinds Equine Rescue, which began as a family affair. Mike and his family took in abandoned and sick horses and gave them a place to live before he turned it into a rescue center.

The adoption process at Crosswinds is meticulous because they must ensure every adopted horse gets into good hands. They will retain ownership of the horse for the first six months after the adoption to ensure the new relationship is working.

You can also help this horse rescue center by donating and volunteering.

Crosswinds Equine Rescue Details:

3. Hope 4 Horses


Hope 4 Horses is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to rescue and shelter abused equines. This rescue center also educates the public on equine care and treatment.  

Besides rescuing horses, Hope 4 Horses offers various lessons. You can learn how to saddle, ride, groom, and control a horse. They also provide horse boarding services if you pass through with your horse.

Some of their adoption requirements include the following:

  • Having a compound without barbed wire
  • Having an on-call veterinary
  • Having ample water and food, especially during the winter
  • Having a shelter to store the barn if it rains

This horse rescue center is eager to connect people with equines. Do not be left out!

Hope 4 Horses Details:

4. Society for Hooved Animal Rescue and Emergencies


Society of Hooved Animal Rescue and Emergencies (SHARE) is a non-profit institution that provides housing, care, and training to more than 40 adoptable horses simultaneously. Their horses are healthy and ready for adoption to loving homeowners.

At SHARE, they have two adoption policies. First, they offer adoption services to those willing to commit to the horses long-term. However, SHARE will follow up with the new family for two years to ensure the horses are happy.

Second, they offer fostering services. This is for people who don’t want to adopt long-term but are allowed to stay with the horse for a short time.

You can make a difference at SHARE by donating or volunteering to care for the horses.

SHARE Details:

5. Happy Hooves Equine Rescue


Happy Hooves Equine Rescue is a horse rescue center that provides care and rehabilitation services to abandoned horses. As part of the rescue, this organization offers veterinary and equine dentistry services to all horses.

So, what makes this horse rescue center unique? Happy Hooves Equine Rescue utilizes the rescued horses in various events. For instance, they use them on summer camps and birthdays.

So how can you help? You can volunteer and help in feeding, grooming, and cleaning the horses. You can also sponsor one horse if you do not have the funds to support all the horses.

Happy Hooved Equine Rescue is the right place to visit when adopting horses.

Happy Hooves Equine Rescue Details:

6. Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society


Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society (HARPS) was founded in 2001 by Donna Ewing. Ewing was an animal advocate, and she played an integral role in passing the 1973 Humane Care of Animals Act.

This not-for-profit’s primary mission is to rescue horses that need care, rehabilitation, and training. They also offer adoption services for those with horse ranches or who want trained horses.

Besides volunteering and donating, you can help HARPS by educating people on horse care and maintenance. Join the rescue horse program and be part of the movement.

Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society Details:

7. Equus Rescue


Equus Rescue is the right place to take your horse if it’s injured and cannot race anymore. This not-for-profit organization mainly rehabilitates injured racehorses and retired ones.

Equus Rescue center has an outreach program for youths and veterans. After rescuing and rehabilitating the horses, they are used to help veterans and youths in their rehabilitation.

For example, if you have PTSD, you can visit Equus Rescue and ride one of their horses or groom them as part of your therapy.

You can support this rescue center by donating, participating in fundraisers, and volunteering. Equus Rescue also has an enormous indoor arena if you want a venue to host your event. The rental fees help in supporting this organization.

Equus Rescue Details:

8. Glory Bound Rescue Ranch


Glory Bound Rescue Ranch was founded 20 years ago by Jennifer Fir. Initially, this was a family ranch where Jennifer kept all her horses.

However, everything changed after she rescued a young horse. Today, this ranch has become a safe haven for several farm animals like dogs.

You should consider Bound Rescue Ranch if you want to adopt a horse. However, you must fill in a pre-adoption application form to complete the adoption process.

Besides offering adoption services, this rescue center offers adult riding classes.

Glory Bound Rescue Ranch is a non-profit organization that relies on donations and fundraisers. So, if you have extra cash, do not hesitate to donate and support their noble course.

Glory Bound Rescue Ranch Details:

9. Serenity Horse Rescue


Serenity Horse Rescue is a non-profitable institution that rescues, rehabilitates, and provides a safe haven for unwanted horses.

This rescue center has various programs that help them in raising funds. For example, you can participate in Serenity Sponsorships, where you can sponsor one horse for a month.

You can also adopt one of their horses. At Serenity Horse Rescue, they offer both adoption and foster care services. For adoption, you must:

  • Have sufficient food
  • Have access to veterinary services
  • Have a good horse stable
  • Have enough minerals and other supplements

They also allow people to volunteer and help feed, groom, and handle horses.

Serenity Horse Rescue Details:

10. Hooved Animal Humane Society


Hooved Animal Human Society (HAHS) was founded in 1971, and its primary mission is to take care of hooved animals. This rescue center adopts and nurses injured and unwanted horses back to health.

You can help this rescue center by donating money and volunteering at HAHS.

You can also adopt an equine at HAHS. Their adoption process is scrupulous because they conduct background checks on interested parties. For those who don’t want a long-term engagement, you can foster some of the horses at HAHS.  

Hooved Animal Humane Society Details:

Conclusion For “Best Horse Rescues in Illinois”


The reward for rescuing horses and giving them a good home is priceless. All these horse rescue centers are non-profitable organizations that rely on donations. You can also volunteer if you do not have adequate money to donate.

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